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  1. Tonekat

    New DL4

    Looks like a worthy update. I have my DL-4 and ML-4 Mk I's, and hauled a very heavy pedalboard for years with both on it. They are now in house effects, but are still remarkable. I do envy the flexibility of the Mk. II DL-4.
  2. Tonekat

    Modeler into FX return of tube amp question

    In the early 90's, I was running an ADA MP-1 with a Midiverb III in it's loop, then into the effects loop of my Marshall Silver Jubilee Combo amp. The keyboard player loved the sound, and was disappointed to learn I sold the rack units 10 years later. It was a portable and very flexible system...
  3. Tonekat

    Should Strymon go all-in with modeling?

    I'd like a modeler with superb, tweakable presets of lots of great amps, but with the option to provide my own effects, rack units, etc..
  4. Tonekat

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!
  5. Tonekat

    Laney LFR-112 powered cab

    Is the Laney LFR-112 a ported cab? I couldn't find the answer on the Laney site.
  6. Tonekat

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    And those who are sick of bending over to adjust settings.
  7. Tonekat

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I like to check in here every 400 pages or so to see if there's any product and impressions yet.
  8. Tonekat

    reactive load/IR for small amps vs. just going the Iridium route

    As a former apartment dweller who would receive letters about the noise once in awhile, I had to keep my speakers up off the floor. Now, that was a super thin floor, you could hear upstairs folks walking around, speaking, etc. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have concrete floors.
  9. Tonekat

    Anyone NOT doing FRFR?

    I enjoy running my AxeFX II XL+ through a Crown D150A and two Marshall 4 x 12's. Or 2 x 12's, or 1 x 12's.
  10. Tonekat

    Fractal Forum is back online!

    Oh man, it works so much better now! It was stuttering the last several times I went there. I go there for info, it doesn't dissolve into "Way! No way!" stuff very much.
  11. Tonekat

    USA C++ Tasting Platter

    I could hear that delay even through my macbookpro speakers, it was 3 Dimensional!!
  12. Tonekat

    What do you gain going from ax II to II+ to III

    I have an Ultra and a IIXL+, and the IIXL+ has the advantage of greater processing power, and lots of room to create and store your own presets while retaining the presets for reference purposes/actual use. To be very broad in my description, it sounds like "more tone" than my Ultra. One thing...
  13. Tonekat

    Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

    As an apartment dweller with acoustically transparent floors that actually amplify sounds, and several Marshall heads on premises, the concept of playing my 1970 SuperTrem at headphone or acceptable levels is very tempting.
  14. Tonekat

    Why do amp models have to keep the unwanted stuff?

    I've seen a recommendation on the Fractal message boards to not try to eliminate all the hiss and noise, otherwise you'll end up with a tone that doesn't cut through the band.
  15. Tonekat

    Any new FRFR's out there?

    I play my AxeFX II though studio monitors in my apt, but loved the sound I got when I had access to a house and ran it through a Crown power amp into my Marshall 4 x 12s.
  16. Tonekat

    DL-4 - The Most Important Guitar Pedal of the Last Twenty Years

    I have had the DL-4 and MM-4 for years, my only complaint is how heavy they are to put on a pedalboard.
  17. Tonekat

    wow fractal is having a sale!! those are good prices...

    My new XL+ will arrive this week. I've had an ULTRA since 2008. I have an MFC-101 Mk I, and now that the sale is extended am seriously thinking of getting a Mk III. Wheeeee!
  18. Tonekat

    Working with an AxeFx Ultra

    I've got the Midisport Uno (the 1 x 1), and while it always worked to update the software (when they were still updating it for the Ultra), I have never gotten it to work with the AxeEdit Software.
  19. Tonekat

    Small Living Room Stereo Rig Advice

    Just get a pair of powered monitors.
  20. Tonekat

    AxeFX Ultra used price? Better amp tones than an Amplifire?

    You connect it with a Midi interface. Theoretically, you should be able to build presets on either PC or Mac, but I have never gotten it to work, and Fractal doesnt support the app for their older products. I think not putting USB on these early devices was a mistake.
  21. Tonekat

    Axe-Fx ..UL-III ..."the force awakens"

    Very nice tones! And an interesting set up to achieve them! With the Laney acting as the load, did you go straight to a DAW or other recorder instead of speakers?
  22. Tonekat

    Video of Live Performance using 2 Kempers

    The audio was actually pretty good on my computer system with a subwoofer. The bass came through. Wow, those Kempers (and the rest of the band) sounded good.
  23. Tonekat

    Can the Axe-FX rival this Kemper tone?

    Very informative, thanks for posting that!
  24. Tonekat

    Can the Axe-FX rival this Kemper tone?

    You made excellent points, that particular sample sounds very responsive to me, the pick attack, the "clunk" of the cabinet, etc.. Hence, it's appeal. Again, great points. A particular concern of mine is that for too long, I have been spending more time tweaking to find satisfaction instead...
  25. Tonekat

    Can the Axe-FX rival this Kemper tone?

    OK, so I guess I can assume from what's been said that the tone in the original video at the start of the thread can be attained by: 1) Kemper 2) AxeFX II I'll assume that as the owner of an Ultra, I don't have the processing power to get that tone.
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