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  1. rhoydotp

    DIY external AUX switch to the ES-5

    Anybody made one for an ES-5 (or ES-8, for that matter)? Looking for some tips on components and wiring ... essentially, tell me how to do it! LOL Thanks for any tips
  2. rhoydotp

    Mini Tuners?

    I didn't think this would be that difficult! LOL I had a Boss TU-2 for a long time but unfortunately wouldn't fit currently on the boar so I am looking for a mini-tuner. I am putting it behind a Boss ES-5, however, I don't want to get stuck with something crappy if I decide to get rid of the...
  3. rhoydotp

    help wiring for DD-500 custom bank up/down

    I want to make a custom bank up/down using a "Momentary (ON)-Off-(ON) Flat Shaft Toggle" switch. I want to assign this for a CTL1 (up) & CTL2 (down). Need help on how I need to wire this to a stereo TRS jack ... or is it even going to work? Thx!
  4. rhoydotp

    Show Your Sans Amp Boards

    An idea that spawned from another thread, so let me start :rimshot Show your sans amp setup!
  5. rhoydotp

    New T-Rex Effects smaller pedals?

    Not sure if this is old news here but haven't seen any chatter about these smaller pedals 22_UDmxQg_o _COG7LbqNl0 looks interesting, to say the least.
  6. rhoydotp

    new Barber pedal teaser

    saw this on their Facebook page and I didn't see a thread here yet from the man himself:
  7. rhoydotp

    Silent Relays for a looper?

    I'm working on a DIY project using Arduino to control an A/B looper and would like to use silent (click-less) relays to engage/disengage the loops. Anybody know where I can get one that can be used to pass audio signal? Thanks in advance!
  8. rhoydotp

    Timeline preset naming methodology?

    yes, another timeline thread! :p here's how I name mine right now so that I still know which "Bank" I am currently on ... I also don't use the scrolling feature and only scroll up to Bank 4. 0A - "0 DMod" 0B - "0 D8th" 1A - "1 BBD2" 1B - "1 TAPE" ... ... 4A - "4 RVRZ" 4B - "4 ICED" how are...
  9. rhoydotp

    Diamond ML Jr's 4th mode

    just creating a separate thread specifically for this ... quotes from another thread
  10. rhoydotp

    Barber 1/2 Gainer alternative (smaller enclosure)

    I love the tones I get from the 1/2 Gainer but I would like to downsize my board so I'm looking for an alternative in a smaller enclosure. any thoughts/suggestions and it doesn't have to have dual channels? please don't respond with "if you love it, live with the size" or something along...
  11. rhoydotp

    Strymon Timeline Limitations/Drawbacks/Issues

    This is not to bash the pedal, more of just a centralized location for people to look at. Please, no trolling for those who doesn't own one or who does not care at all :beer ==> Strymon's FAQ: (check this first) ==> Timeline Firmware Update v1.23...
  12. rhoydotp

    Strymon Timeline Manual?

    don't mean to add another thread but out of the many threads, I didn't see this got asked anybody know when or where the manual is? particularly interested on how deep midi implementation is on this device :drool
  13. rhoydotp

    Deeelay users?

    getting one via trade ... just need it for a short delay time mostly for solos & single-note passages. anybody else own one?
  14. rhoydotp

    identifying seymour duncan hb

    a friend gave me 3 different SD humbuckers but i can't see any markings on the pups that will help me identify the models is there an easier way of telling what did i get? Thanks!
  15. rhoydotp

    zendrive sounded like flute?

    was jamming with a slow song (almost like a dirge) last Sunday using a Tele (neck pups, tone a little down) into the zendrive and the pianist said my tone sounded like a flute ... not sure how to take it, is it good or bad?
  16. rhoydotp

    Empress ParaEQ usage?

    First off, I have tried the search engine and it came up with 2 threads (both from over a year ago): one without any reply, the other has been derailed by other people's favorite EQ pedal/rack ... I bought one on a whim just to play around with and really no ideas on how I'm going to use it...
  17. rhoydotp

    EP-Booster's enclosure part number

    I am trying to find an enclosure as big as an EP-Booster' enclosure especially height-wise ... does anybody know the part number and/or where to get them? Thanks!!!
  18. rhoydotp

    Empress Mystery Pedal for NAMM?

    saw this posted on the builder's forum
  19. rhoydotp

    Newbie attempt @ ambient looping

    not sure if this fits the genre ... it's my first attempt ;) constructive criticism very welcome, of course ...
  20. rhoydotp

    Malekko Phaser internal trimpot

    I just recently purchased one via Emporium and while waiting, I figure I'll start asking questions ... How are you setting your internal trimpot? Tele into a fairly clean 6L6-based amp Thanks!
  21. rhoydotp

    Barber 1/2 Gainer in stock

    just thought I share this bit of info ... not affiliated at all. just loving mine :JAM
  22. rhoydotp

    Diamond Mercury Germanium Booster?

    Facebook's page has this post:!/photo.php?pid=4658192&id=79815757543 anybody else heard/read about this?
  23. rhoydotp

    Strymon Brigadier FAV Switch?

    did anybody got one already? question regarding this line in the manual: "To use a FAVORITE switch with your Strymon pedal, set both toggles to the middle position." Does this have to be done all the time or just once? Thx
  24. rhoydotp

    Diamond Compressor @ 18V?

    got a Diamond Compressor recently and I love it even @ 9V. I am wondering if it will be much difference @ 18V. some replies might say just try it, but, I don't have a Y-cable yet and want to know if it's worth ordering one for this. and if it's worth also using another output from the VL...
  25. rhoydotp

    DLS placement suggestions

    just ordered a DLS today, should be here in 3 days. meanwhile, can you guys suggest some ideas for placement. i already have this: 1/2 Gainer -> Zendrive I use the 1/2 Gainer for boost/low gain to goose up the Zen (also set as low gain). Any suggestions will help! thx
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