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  1. Sprinter

    Entering the PRS goodness

    Enjoy it! It took me a long time to warm up to PRS guitars, but I'm sure glad that I did. I really like the 25" scale length. I currently own a McCarty and a Standard 24 Semi-hollow.
  2. Sprinter

    Who makes USA Strat/Tele type guitars better than Fender?

    +1 G&L, builds great guitars and they're very reasonably priced in the used market.
  3. Sprinter

    335 owners what amp?

    I play my Heritage H535 through a '71 Fender, Princeton with a Bogner, Metropolis 1x12" cabinet under it. The combination of the 10" and 12" speakers together works well for me. My ultimate amp with an ES-335 style guitar is a tweed Fender, Bandmaster or a good clone of that amp. The tweed...
  4. Sprinter

    PRS DGT, CU22 or McCarty.. Which one would you suggest?

    I don't have any experience with the DGT model. I absolutely love my two McCarty's! The McCarty, has become my favorite guitar.
  5. Sprinter

    What guitar sits between a Les Paul and a Telecaster?

    +1 The McCarty, is a great guitar! :dude
  6. Sprinter

    G&L Legacy inbound...

    The early Legacy's have Seymour Duncan SSL pickups. Somewhere around 1995 G&L quit using the Duncan pickups and started building their own pickups for the Legacy and Fullerton models. I prefer the early models too. I have a '93 Legacy.
  7. Sprinter

    NGD - PRS CE22!

    Nice! :dude
  8. Sprinter

    I want to circuit mod my Peavey Classic 30

    I agree! I have the Delta Blues version of this amp and it's great.
  9. Sprinter

    Vintage Princeton Reverb case you are considering one

    I run my '71 Princeton Reverb with a Bogner 1x12" cabinet under it. The Princeton's stock 10" speaker paired with the 12" Celestion G12H in the Bogner cabinet sounds great!
  10. Sprinter

    Best Chorus Pedal

    I recently bought a Sioux Guitars, K-D Chorus pedal and I like it a lot!
  11. Sprinter

    Show me your combos!

    Left to right: '56 Princeton, '71 Princeton Reverb with Bogner 1x12" cabinet, '97 Top Hat Club Royale, Peavey Delta Blues 1x15"
  12. Sprinter

    Want a classic Fender Champ. Black or Silverface?

    I've owned both silver and black face Champs. The best sounding one I had was a '78 silver face! I regret selling it.:jo
  13. Sprinter

    Lets talk HAMER

    I had three 90's era Hamer guitars. All three were great guitars, but they had thin necks. I never could get used to the little necks.
  14. Sprinter

    My favorite amp might not be enough anymore (Princeton content)

    I run my '71 Princeton Reverb with a Bogner 1x12" cabinet under it. The combination of the Princeton's 10" speaker and the 12" in the Bogner cabinet sounds great!
  15. Sprinter

    Heritage vs Eastman

    Another vote for Heritage! I have a Heritage H535 and it's a great guitar! I've never tried an Eastman.
  16. Sprinter

    What is your lowest wattage amp? What is your highest?

    Lowest: '56 Fender, Princeton / 4 watts Highest: '97 Top Hat, Club Royale / 20 watts
  17. Sprinter

    Recommend me a good first acoustic for an experienced player

    A used Larrivee D-03 is a great guitar at a reasonable price!
  18. Sprinter

    Cheapest way to mail a guitar?

    USPS, is the cheapest way to go. If you're concerned about tracking, then UPS is the way to go. Both USPS & FedEx have terrible tracking systems.
  19. Sprinter

    Help me decide on a Collings

    I bought my Collings 001mhsb used and it's been problem free! In my opinion, used is the only way to buy a guitar. With used guitars the original owner takes the initial hit in depreciation and the guitar will be a bit broken in.
  20. Sprinter

    New Collings CW Indian- strings

    Congratulations on your new Collings! I play an '08 Collings 001mhsb and I use Ernie Ball, Earthwood 11-52 strings. I know they're a bit light for a short scale acoustic but they work for me. As others have stated, strings are cheap and don't be afraid to experiment.
  21. Sprinter

    The PRS Mira as a heavy rock/punk guitar.

    The Mira is a great guitar and it's very versatile!
  22. Sprinter

    This Is My Tele

    Very nice! :aok
  23. Sprinter

    Vintage guitar shops with best selection?

    Willies American Guitars in St. Paul, Minnesota. Willies is a great store with a good staff.
  24. Sprinter

    Gibson LP Junior or Fender Esquire - Your Vote

    I prefer this guitar. It's an '82 G&L, SC-1.
  25. Sprinter

    Kudos to Bentley Guitars in Parkville, MO

    Bentley Guitars is a great store! I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Sprinter
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