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    Fender Landau deville effectloop hum?

    Hi, I have this great amp that I really like, but I have hum as solon as I use the loop, I only have a tc Flashback delay and HOF reverb.If I twist and turn the cables running from the send/return the hum disapears or gets worse. I have tried different cables with same results? Any idea?
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    NGD, Lentz!

    Hi! Just wanted to share some pics of my new (used) Lentz strat. I´ve been using mostly just Tyler guitars for many years, but wanted something more traditional and vintage, so I got this sonic blue Lentz strat, Brazilian rosewood, alder body, 9.5 radius ,6100 frets, 7.1 Pounds. Love it, don´t...
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    Super reverb , hissy reverb?

    Hi! Just got this 66 Super reverb, I´m new to vintage amps. When the reverb is on, and gets to about 3 it starts to hiss and gets more the higher you turn the reverb.Above 5 it´s so much that you can´tuse it. I switched positions on the preamp tubes but that does´nt make any difference. Is this...
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    Bogner Goldfinger reverb question!

    Hi! I recently got a Bogner Goldfinger that I really love. I have a question regarding the reverb circuit, when I turn up the reverb it get a little bit hissy, not much. Is the reverb tube driven or solid state? I´m not sure if it´s in the nature of reverbs to hiss a little bit. When I turn it...
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    I just bought a Budda Stringmaster head!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a Budda Stringmaster head without never ever heard one!! I´m looking for a amp with great clean tones that works well with pedals, and a lead sound that´s fat , sustaining and clean and feels muscular in lack for better words. I´ve gone through a few amps these...
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