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  1. wallinbb

    Best acoustic with cutaway under $500

    Just picked up a Breedlove Pursuit Burst from Musicians Friend. It sounds fantastic. It's their Concerto size, and MF had it as their Stupid Deal of the Day, $429.
  2. wallinbb

    Fender Super Bullet strings on their Strat?

    Anyone use Fender Super Bullet strings on their Strat? I am a Les Paul guy, and have used D'Addario strings for years. Recently I bought a 2007 Eric Johnson strat, and it was strung with Super Bullets. It's a keeper, so what should I string it with?
  3. wallinbb

    Anyone use 11s on a Strat?

    If I currently have 10-46's on a Roadhouse Strat, can I go up to 11-49's and be ok with the new bone nut I just had installed?
  4. wallinbb

    Favorite OD with AC15

    Klone Maxon OD808 Timmy Lovepedal Jubilee
  5. wallinbb

    Suprised at the cost of fret level/crown. What are prices in your area?

    I just had my Fender Roadhouse Strat worked on (maple neck). This is south metro, Twin Cities MN. Note: This included fixing the saddles. I like his work....
  6. wallinbb

    My first Gretsch is incoming...

    It's coming in Thursday. Can't wait. Thanks all for your insights!
  7. wallinbb

    NGD - Gretsch content!

    Nice! Good score!
  8. wallinbb

    My first Gretsch is incoming...

    My tech will love it when he sees this. Sort of standard operating procedure....
  9. wallinbb

    Help needed in choosing a Les Paul

    Here's 20 or so in the $1500 - $1600 range. Look for the 50's neck and locking tuners. It is NOT chunky, feels perfect....
  10. wallinbb

    My first Gretsch is incoming...

    So, I've been gassing for a Gretsch for awhile. Last week, I found and purchased a used 2013 Gretsch G6131T-TVP Powerjet Firebird via Guitar Center. Are there any issues (structural or intonational) that I should look for when deciding to keep it? Thanks in advance!
  11. wallinbb

    Help needed in choosing a Les Paul

    No, it's a Gibson. Here's another picture. It does use a battery, accessible through a panel in the back.
  12. wallinbb

    Help needed in choosing a Les Paul

    I love my 2013 Les Paul Traditional Pro II. I got it used off Reverb, shipped in from Hawaii. With the ability to split the 'buckers into singles, it can do many styles of music. And the on-board boost saves me a pedal. At 10.6 pounds, I use a wide, padded strap.
  13. wallinbb

    Custom Molded Earbuds

    Alclairs here. Love them. $250 for dual drivers, excellent protection, clarity and quality.
  14. wallinbb

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Jubilee and Zendrive incoming. Hope they sound great in front of my Mesa TA-15.
  15. wallinbb

    How do you get your tones to the Front of House (FOH) at your church?

    My chain is in my sig, but the amp goes into a Mesa Cab Clone into the board. It sounds fine. My experience has been a 11 year struggle to be heard in what a friend of mine calls the "church mix" which = keys, drums, and bass.
  16. wallinbb

    Tube Sound at Bedroom Levels - my experiences

    The Laney IRT Studio head works great for what you want. FX loop, cab sim, headphones out, and USB re-amping capability.
  17. wallinbb

    What is the reason for mid scooping?

    Sig worthy.
  18. wallinbb

    $75 let go purchase upsets applecart.

    I think Obeid Kahn also had a hand in the Crate Palomino, which had some great tones in it.
  19. wallinbb

    Suggestions for 1x12 tube amp, 15-30W, fx loop, under 500 USED

    Laney Studio IRT. Into a cab of your choice or be the friend of the FOH and go direct with its above average built-in speaker emulation.
  20. wallinbb

    To Mic or Not To Mic That Is The Question

    Been playing electric in our church band for 12 years. We went from: live amps on stage to live amps with IEM's into iso cabs backstage to live amps with IEM's into Mesa Cabclones. These Cabclones are really great! Zero stage volume.
  21. wallinbb

    Sold Friedman BE-OD Overdrive

    SOLD: A gently used Friedman BE-OD Overdrive, a fantastic Marshall in a box. sold for $135, PP'd and shipped CONUS. Includes original box.
  22. wallinbb

    What is the most versatile combo amp out there?

    The Marshall DSL 40c with Creamback, on the Lead 1 channel. Great cleans, great crunch with the roll of your volume knob.
  23. wallinbb

    Anyone Using An Isolation Cab?

    I had to build/use an iso cab at our church. Here is a <link> to the iso cab build thread I started. If you have to use an iso cab, use small speakers in a good small cab. Celestion Gold 10's, EVM10, the Fane mentioned above, the Eminence Red Fang, Ramrod or Legend 10, the Weber 10's will all...
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