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    Using amp footswitch as ABY pedal?

    Save yourself some aggravation and just buy the A/B switch. At minimum, you'll need an SPDT footswitch for A/B switching. Most likely your existing footswitches have SPST switches in them. You'd also need to wire in a pair of 1/4" jacks for the instrument inputs. By the time you pay for the...
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    New Epiphones...reputation?

    I have 3 Epi's - MIK Dot, MIK Joe Pass, and a MIC (2020) 339. All are exceptional guitars. The Dot actually plays better than my Memphis-built Gibson 335, and the 339 has become my main gigging guitar. I got the 339 about 2 months ago. It was unplayed, but the previous owner had been using...
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    Fender Low-Powered Tweed Twin vs Brown Deluxe

    Thanks. Makes sense now. ;) Well, the LPTT is going to be louder than a Brown Deluxe, for sure. But it's still going to have the tweed characteristics. A brownface has a bit more of a "balanced" tone, and is less "splatty" when overdriven. It will have a bit more headroom than a tweed 5e3...
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    Lightweight combo amp with headroom

    My Suhr Hombre only weighs 33 lbs. It's actually lighter than my 68 Custom Princeton.
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    Fender Low-Powered Tweed Twin vs Brown Deluxe

    Sorry, but I've been away from the forum for a while. What's an LPTT??? My main amp is a Suhr Hombre - a '63 brown Deluxe clone. It's a fantastic amp.
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    Peavey Bandit vs Marshall Valvestate 65

    I've had both amps you mentioned. The silver stripe Bandit is the way to go. A red stripe is a good second choice. Both take pedals really well, but I think the silver stripe is a bit more aggressive sounding The VS65R sounds good on its own, but it gets lost in a band mix really (really)...
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    Is it the gear or is my playing getting worse?

    Been there. Can you be more specific about what pedals you're using now, and how they're set? Most specifically your drive pedals. For your type of music, I would ditch the Marshall and the Quilter. The Blues Deluxe should work okay for you. I owned one for a while, and it's also been on a...
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    Lightweight combo amp with headroom

    A little above your price point, but you should consider the Suhr Hombre: Suhr Hombre At 33 lbs it's about the same weight as a Princeton, but slightly taller and wider. It's basically a clone of a 63 brown Deluxe, but the power section has been pushed up to 20 watts. It's the perfect match...
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    Panama Fuego pilot light issue

    Yes, there are short leads from the PCB to the LED/panel. I was measuring about 1.5v on those leads. It seemed low to me, but that was when the light was working. I didn't think to check the dropping resistor. Thanks for the idea! I'll try re-flowing those connections as well. Since the...
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    Panama Fuego pilot light issue

    It's the blue LED next to the standby switch. The red channel and gain lights work 100%. And the amp works 100% as well. It's just the blue LED that is being stubborn...
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    Panama Fuego pilot light issue

    I recently picked up one of these are a good price. The amp sounds great but has an issue with an intermittant pilot light (LED). I had read in some older posts that this was an issue with these amps, but couldn't locate a fix for it. I tried re-flowing the solder joints. That worked for a...
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    I've spent the last few days toying with the VR, with some interesting results. First, I pulled one of the Jensens and stuck it in my 68 Custom Princeton (which is a really bassy amp. The C10Q calmed down the bass, but sounded a little "honky", so out it came. So I went back to work on the...
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    Okay, now I understand ;-) I think you're right. I'm probably going to need to suck it up and deal with a heavier amp. Like I said earlier, I really like the tone of my Princeton, but it just doesn't have enough headroom. In my current situation, micing the amp isn't an option... You...
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand. Both of what? I'm trying to mellow the amp out. After considering all the different speaker choices, I'm back at the place that says maybe this just isn't the amp for me...
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    The top end sizzle is what I'm trying to get rid of. And yes, it's a 5U4..
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    The amp has plenty of "sparkle" on its own. With the Jensens, I run the bass on "8" and the treble on "2". It's still pretty bright. Looks like the Lil Buddy is the winner. When I bought the VR (about 10 years ago), I was really caught up the the Vibrolux "mystique". On paper, it seemed...
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    The Copperhead sounds interesting. I'm wondering how one of those paired with the Ragin' Cajun' would sound...... Both are pretty efficient too, which would give me a bit more clean headroom.
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    SF Vibrolux speaker swap?

    It's a '72 VR that I've owned for about 10 years, but never gigged it that much. It was re-capped and re-tubed when I bought it. It came with Fender Special Design speakers that blew after the first few hours, so I replaced them with Jensen C10Q's. I'm generally okay with Jensens, but they...
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    Epiphone Pickups

    That's a very inexpensive guitar. Truthfully, I wouldn't bother with a swap. Your friend would be better off buying a graphic eq pedal. He can use that to dial in any tone he wants.
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    overdrive pedals for a Princeton Reverb

    I like my old Toadworks Texas Flood with mine. It's an 808 clone with a bit more gain. Sweet pedal if you can find one. My OCD also works pretty well, especially with the gain on the lower side.
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    Blue Jr version IV vs Princeton 68 Custom

    I have a 68 Custom PR, and had a BJr. They're really quite different from one another. While the 68 Princeton breaks up faster than a 65, it's still really loud by the time it gets crunchy. The BJ is much more controllable in that respect. However the BJ's reverb is really weak compared to...
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    MultiFx options while saving up for single pedals.. (Beginner Alert)

    My main gigging board is built around a Boss ME-30. Very cheap on the used market, and sounds pretty good.
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    Battery powered amps for busking; SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

    Bose S-1. A little pricey, but worth it.
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