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  1. Udonitron

    Say you have 5K to spend on a killer 335 , what do you buy?

    Get a late 70s early to mid 80s MIJ 335, trust me. You will get a 335 that looks and feels like a 50s model on the cheap.
  2. Udonitron

    The Death Of A Burst: New Refinish Day

    Cheers! Yeah I refinished both...used to do a lot refins but haven't in a year or so....too much on the go but I need to get back to it.
  3. Udonitron

    The Death Of A Burst: New Refinish Day

    Love it! I refinished one of mine in a Fiesta Red. The classic GM Fender colours go well on LP's IMO. I refinished a JM in a custom green, sort of similar to yours as well. Love that green.
  4. Udonitron

    1953/59 Les Paul Conversion - The Best Ever?

    Nice, Yuuki! Reminds me of my Nav's top to a certain degree. You need to reply to some of the questions here however lol. You posted and then vanished for the past month.
  5. Udonitron

    Catalinbread Valcoder (2015 Version)

    Now delayed due to Supro having a fit over them using the lighting bolt on the pedal. :Spank They are now redesigning the logo....dammit it all.
  6. Udonitron

    How does B Hefner compare to USACG?

    Good info. Do they use 1 piece maple for maple necks?
  7. Udonitron

    How does B Hefner compare to USACG?

    Necro bump...why because it is better than making a new thread :) So I just got my Hefner neck after ordering it back in April. The contours coming off the back flat bolt on section of the neck to the carved area are totally different on each side. There are also a few divots in the back that...
  8. Udonitron

    High-end Tokai LPs - differentiating factors?

    Unlike this 1985 (mislabeled?) LS50 with FEB and a solid birds eye/blister top :banana Yeah mid 80's with the economic crisis forced Tokai to toss out mixed items to stay afloat I suspect. Hence the limited run Grandy's as well. Sarcasm FTW! :D
  9. Udonitron

    High-end Tokai LPs - differentiating factors?

    Haha totally...:peenut
  10. Udonitron

    Anyone got info on this amp: Echo Twin Amp 45?

    I have one of these an am almost done rebuilding it. I LOVE this sounds and is essentially a Tremolux clone. I have recapped it and am waiting on tubes but the vibrato will not work for me so not sure what is up with it. Gonna swap out the pots on it this weekend and see if it fixes it.
  11. Udonitron

    Navigator Guitars

    Agree 100% Navi's are incredible! :D Sorry about the necro-post!
  12. Udonitron

    who makes a decent Korina 58 V repro?

    Bacchus BFV-2010K (Korina Natural) all the way 100% Nothing else touches them, not even a Gibby IMO :D
  13. Udonitron

    Celestion "Greenback" ID thread, pics, descriptions, etc.

    Haha OK thanks man. LOL thought so! I am thinking I will keep and use this cab with my Egnater Rebel 30 now but it is just so damn big! :p
  14. Udonitron

    Celestion "Greenback" ID thread, pics, descriptions, etc.

    A year ago I picked up an old tolex-less 4x10 Marshall cab and opened her up and found plain Greenbacks inside. I decided to refinish the cab in a antique oak stain but I am curious as to what model Celestion's they are. Any ideas Scumbag? Cheers man OK....wait a second...devnulljp's pics...
  15. Udonitron

    surprise NGD!!! 1966 CAR content.

    Wow...that is one fine guitar man!
  16. Udonitron

    Craigs List Steals!

    Early 70's Marshall 4x10 cab with Celestion Greenbacks in it for $125 :D The tolex was thrashed so I refinished the wood and stained it antique oak, looks amazing now and those Celestion's sound heavenly.
  17. Udonitron

    Anyone into the MIJ vintage re-issue Strats & Teles?

    I dig my 96 Fender Nashville Tele made at Fujigen. That is what got me into the whole MIJ gear initially...9 LP's later and I have never looked back since.
  18. Udonitron

    Good P90s on a budget

    I second that!!
  19. Udonitron

    Gibson Jimmy Page #2

    God I love JP so much. He is an utter class act gentleman and all he cares about is the music and playing it. He is so anti-rock persona it's beautiful and after seeing him in "It Might Get Loud" I just gained so much more love and respect for him. Thanks Jimmy, for everything you have brought...
  20. Udonitron

    P-90 Dilemma

    My Burny 56 Gold Top has no stand offs in the pup cavity and the P90's are screwed directly into the body. I used a block of wood and screwed small screws into the pup cavity and then screwed the P90's into that to raise them. You could do something similar via using some double sided sticky...
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