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  1. johann

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    What??? You have an Atlas Comp already? Great, how is it? Great board, I'm building a SA board right now
  2. johann

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Very nice pedal, mid gain with lot of volume
  3. johann

    Your Latest Overdrive

    MXR Raw Dawg (Eric Gales signature) MXR Sugar drive
  4. johann

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    It reminds me of Lindsey Buckingham's board
  5. johann

    Help me find a digital delay.

    Source Audio Nemesis.
  6. johann

    What midi switcher should I get?

    Morningstar MC6/MC8
  7. johann

    Tribute and Cover Bands: How important is "correct-looking" gear?

    Do you have Facebook page of your FM Tribute??
  8. johann

    Atomic amplification

    With all respect, what do you expect from a new firmware from Atomic?
  9. johann

    Decision Time: abandon ship? cross-fingers and hope for the best? build a new rig in 3 days?

    I'd get an used Line 6 HX Stomp. And keep it as a backup.
  10. johann

    Atomic amplification

    It's a shame, great-sounding units, but the brand seems dead
  11. johann

    New Tech 21 Flyrigs

    Would you share a pic of your pedalboard please?? I'm still using my FR5V2 on a lot of small gigs
  12. johann

    Would you go with the Pod Go or the Pedalboard Rig?

    I'd go with: Belle, Ego, tuner nd instead of reverb, maybe another drive
  13. johann

    Would you go with the Pod Go or the Pedalboard Rig?

    Yes, that's what I did
  14. johann

    Would you go with the Pod Go or the Pedalboard Rig?

    Voted on the Pod. But I really recommend the HX Stomp, PLUS some analog pedals. In my case, I use external tuner, comp and wah. The tuner frees one footswitch, and the wah and comp frees two blocks. Very happy with the HX Stomp.
  15. johann

    Would you go with the Pod Go or the Pedalboard Rig?

    "Too big for the Metro 16"?? How so, there are some guys using the HX Stomp on Pedaltrain nanos! Are you planning to use just 1 overdrive on the Option #2??
  16. johann

    Do you still use OD pedals with your digital rig?

    Only a wah and an SP Comp before my HX Stomp, just to free some blocks
  17. johann

    Line 6 HX Stomp Pedalboard Setups

    Comp (Xotic SP), and Dunlop Mini Wah, just to free some blocks. TC Polytune to free a switch Also a Morning Star MC6 Midi Pedal, and a Dunlop Mini volume
  18. johann

    Touch of Grey cover by Doom Flamingo

    wow! Nice version
  19. johann

    What can the Hx Stomp *not* do well? What do you supplement?

    I use a tuner, wah, compressor, and tube screamer with the HX Stomp. Also a Tech 21 Midi Mongoose pedal to change presets
  20. johann

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    More versatile for me? the TS mini. I use the Nobels very "clean", while the ts has more gain
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