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  1. seward

    Have you ever bought a beautiful guitar but felt it wasn't very good?

    I had beautiful guitars that I didn't know how to use, but that's not the same thing.
  2. seward

    It is 2022 and this still has not been solved?!

    I was surprised, too. I think I've had my most positive split-coil experiences with high-output pickups (as has been noted), and also, neckthrough guitars. A bunch of ESP E-II/LTD guitars gave me pretty good split coils. I've never had a use for whatever Gibson is doing on the LP Studio (I...
  3. seward

    RIP Bowie and Iggy Pop guitarist Ricky Gardiner

    Thanks for posting this. Mr. Gardiner played what is possibly the greatest rhythm guitar riff, ever.
  4. seward

    So, you're a rich famous guitarist touring the world, do you...

    I'd like to own at least an S2 some day, hopefully some day soon.
  5. seward

    So, you're a rich famous guitarist touring the world, do you...

    It occurs to me that the effect could be enhanced with visual cues; e.g. Epiphone and Squier logos in glow-in-dark material, or illuminated from behind w/ LED lights in headstock (very do-able) etc. And the LEDs could be touch-sensitive, so they get brighter when you play faster, or when the...
  6. seward

    What guitar equipment made the greatest impact on your playing journey? What style of music were you using it for?

    Moving from Stratocasters to Les Pauls, and buying a tube amplifier.
  7. seward

    Gries 5

    That's the one I want. Princeton with a Master Volume.
  8. seward

    Sleeper amp?

    I don't know if it's a sleeper anymore, but the Gries 5 combo would have been a steal at twice the price.
  9. seward

    Gries 5

    I bought my Gries 5 combo back in 2015, before I was able to appreciate what I'd just bought. The amplifier has a brilliant, punchy Champ tone, and the right-hand input lowers the decibels slightly and takes some of the treble off (I think that might not be clear from the manual, I believe that...
  10. seward

    “Chasing Tone”...anyone else not get it?

    On one hand, I get it. On the other hand, when I used to do it (when I was younger), part of the fun was figuring out the pedals and such on my own - or not even bothering, and just using what you have to get what you want. I can get a Fripp sound from a DS-1, a Strat and a Gorilla 20-watt. I...
  11. seward

    So, you're a rich famous guitarist touring the world, do you...

    Chances are, the sound of me playing my #1 got me there, so if I'm not using it onstage, I'm using something that sounds and feels very similar. Or I'm using an HX Stomp and a ukelele.
  12. seward

    Godin, G&L and Yamaha

    I love my Godin Kingpin II hollowbody with humbuckers, and I've been thinking about the solid-body Godin Radium for a while. The green matte version is just never available when I'm ready to buy...
  13. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Thanks very much for all comments - it makes getting the guitar even funner! I'm wondering if anyone has put a Bigsby, or any other kind of tremolo system on one of these. Good times? Cautions? I want to put a Bigsby on one of my solid-bodies. This, or the Epi 59 LP, or my Studio...probably...
  14. seward

    Boutique 'buckers worth the bucks?

    I love 490s in the neck position. I bought a Gibson LP Studio to get a 498 in the bridge. 490 is great with lo/mid-gain; 498 is great with lo/mid/high-gain, and has more of a punch. The Gibson 498 is the only pickup I've "replaced" a 490 with.
  15. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    That's very interesting to hear, about swapping the Gibson p90s in. That's the only thing I was thinking about doing to the guitar. Speaking of Tributes, which I love, I gotta say again: this Special, and the 59 LP Standard, have better intonation than my Tributes did. I think that playing up...
  16. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Controls are great on this guitar, which matters for p90s. It's a subject in itself...these do the thing where you turn the gain way up on your amp or pedal, and then dial back the volume on the guitar and voila. And single-coils and humbuckers don't do that. And that's just one little thing...
  17. seward

    Which of these two ESP Custom Shops would be best?

    I prefer the look of the camo, but I prefer the specs of the demonology. I like wide necks. Is there a downside to scalloping? Because that's cool too. ESP Custom/E-II make better-than-flawless guitars.
  18. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    The Epi 59 LP Standard gives me just enough of that Gibson clean tone. Again, I can't define it, but a bystander would be able to see the difference in my playing style, and time spent with the guitar, etc. It doesn't sound as good as my 2022 Gibson Studio; that guitar is a brilliant...
  19. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    I think of the SG as Gibson's Strat, too! This guitar is definitely not in the Les Paul weight range. I think it's just under 8 lbs., which is hefty for a Special, but not for an LP. I also think it can be gigged...that's one of the intangible, no-definition-but-I-know-it-when-I-hear-it...
  20. seward

    I can't deal with these skinny necks - Looking for a modern(ish) HH superstrat(ish) guitar with wider spacing and bigger neck

    They've gotten a little more expensive, but a couple of years ago, Charvel Pro DK24s had necks that looked big on paper (12", maybe 12"-16"), but felt very easy to get your hands around, with baked maple necks that had rounded shoulders (and frets that would often sprout). I was really able to...
  21. seward

    Haven't Really Touched My Strat...

    I started playing in my teens, with a Squier Strat, and I played similar guitars through solid-state amplifiers for over a decade. Then I stopped playing. A decade later, I started playing again, with humbuckers and Les Pauls, and the distorted tones that I'd struggled to get out of cheap...
  22. seward

    NGD: 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    I just got a new 2022 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow, and it's been a very positive experience. This is my second p90 guitar; the first one was a Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute, which I bought last Summer. It's also my second Epiphone. I recently bought an Epiphone 59 Les Paul Standard...
  23. seward

    Guitars made overseas are killing it right now...

    I'm about to do an NGD for this guitar, and I'm gonna talk about how it plays vs the other guitars I've played, mostly $1K-$2K. A lot of folks have said a lot of positive things about it, and I agree.
  24. seward

    Album of the Year… so far

    Guitar+. New CD Stareside came out a month ago.
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