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  1. johann

    John McLaughlin's You Know You Know, sheet music, any help?

    Does anyone has the sheet music for that song??
  2. johann

    E.L.P. Karn Evil 9 Transcription (anyone has it, and willing to share?)

    Need a transcription to Karn Evil 9 by ELP.
  3. johann

    Best Song/Worst Song: Queen

    Best: Don't stop me now Worst: Cool cat.
  4. johann

    Best Song/Worst Song: Pink Floyd

    Best: Time Worst: Bike
  5. johann

    HELP! Need an app for my lyrics/fake charts/chord diagrams

    I used an old binderwith round 300 songs... well... it got stolen last sunday on a gig (who steals a binder with lyrics?) I have a tablet (Android). Anyone can recommend an app for this?? Thanks guys!
  6. johann

    Post your most simple but versatile and effective rig. (No processors or Modelers)

    Please post your most simple, but effective rig. Please NO processors or modeler units.
  7. johann

    Pedalboard riser. Please help!

    I need a couple of risers for my board (a flat one) I need to put a couple of Pedal Power 2 under them, an put some pedals over them. Is there something like that on the market?? If you built something like that, can you put some pics to see it? Thanks guys
  8. johann

    Disaster Area DPC-8EZ users... help!!!

    I just got a DPC-8EZ from DA, I want to use an external MIDI pedal to call presets, and the DPC for instant access to loops. Does anyone know if I can use DA's DMC-4,6 or 8. And use all its buttons for presets? I know in DMC-8 you have a "Favorite" and "tap Tempo" Switch, I don´t need them, I...
  9. johann

    Need a one-channel (clean) preamp, any recommendation??

    I'm using a pair of Tech 21 Power Engine 60 amps, I have my boards complete, I'm just looking for a clean preamp, I want something Fender-ish, anything you can recommend me??
  10. johann

    Gigbag/accessories bag - What's on them? What do you use?

    What do you carry and what do you use as a gigbag/accessories bag? If you can post pics, better!
  11. johann

    Fly Rig 5 users, what are you using to amplify it?

    You read the title... what are you using with your FR5?
  12. johann

    Fly Rig 5 users, what are you using to amplify it?

    You read the title... what are you using with your FR5???
  13. johann

    What do you think of this? (Metasonix content)

    He´s mocking about using dead artists in some products.
  14. johann

    Show your rehoused pedals!!

    I want to rehouse a couple of pedals, and want to get some ideas. Come on! Show your rehoused pedals
  15. johann

    Show me your small and compact yet versatile rig!

    My band is about to start working in a chain of restaurants, 4 days a week, thing is, the corner left for the band to setup is really small, the drummer is going to use a smaller kit, bass player bought a tech 21 Fly rig for bass and a small amp, keyboard player will use 1 keyboard instead of...
  16. johann

    DIY pedal risers.

    I need to make some risers for a couple pedals on my board. Anyone here built their own risers?? Please show them!
  17. johann

    Kenny Burrel - Chitlins con carne sheet music.

    Does anyone have it? Can you share it with me please??
  18. johann

    Instrumental covers of vocal songs, like this...

    There's "A day in the life" by Jeff Beck, also with Jimmy Herring. There's this version of "Within you, without you" from the Beatles, with Herring. Which other covers like these do you like??
  19. johann

    Vibe, compressor, fuzz, wah order. Help!

    How would you put them on a signal chain??
  20. johann

    3 classic gain pedals... help me choose

    I'm planning on build a pedal myself. I want to do a 3 in one enclosure pedal. And want some classic pedals on it, I already have a Boost and fuzz. I'm thinking on putting some classic pedals, these are the ones I have on list: Rat Expandora TS808 Ibanez SD9 Roger Mayer Voodoo 1 Which ones...
  21. johann

    List the mods available for RAT

    I want to know of all the mods available for Rats pedals, can you help?
  22. johann

    HELP! Songs for instrumental trio!

    I've been asked to play in a wedding, they want some "sort rock/Jazz/blues instrumental thing that plays well known songs" (that's exactly how they asked for the music! Can you tell me songs that could be suited well for this event. I have in mind some Beatles, Elton John, Stevie Wonder songs...
  23. johann

    Please help me find this pedal...

    I need a small footprint pedal that boost my signal a bit but also give me a slight of gain, just a little bit. What's out there that I can buy?
  24. johann

    RIP James Horner

    Sad news...
  25. johann

    Boss DM2 problem... help!

    In my dm2 the repeat knob doesn't seem to do anything from 0 to almost half way up, then you hear a little crack and then the effect works, what could be the problem?
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