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    Song ideas for a female fronted Americana/jam hippy vibe band

    If you can find a copy of the Norah Jones & the Handsome Band dvd, you can copy off their paper. But really, in my experience this is one of those “anything you can do I can do better” things in the sense that many many many more covers work better with a female lead singer, even if it was...
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    Who plays a sunburst Gibson 3X5?

    Pretty sure Grant Green’s ES-330 was sunburst, too.
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    Who plays a sunburst Gibson 3X5?

    Adam Levy has a nice one (‘64 I think) that he plays out. Vince Gill played a sunburst 335 on the television thing he did with Sting. I think Clapton played one on the jazz-ish record with Marsalis. The Luther Dickinson sig 335 is a sunburst, as is the Bonamassa sig 335 Scofield’s is an...
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    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    Once I got my first plexi, fuzz faces and tonebenders suddenly made sense. Before that, I was an all BF/SF Fender, all the time kind of guy, and I really didn’t enjoy the way those fuzzes worked in that context. But strat or 335 > fuzz > big old Super Bass was smiles all around.
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    Overdrives, Distortions, Fuzzes with the most ...

    The Colorsound Overdriver and it’s subsequent copies/adaptations - everything from a clean eq to huge volume boost to very fuzzed-out drive.
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    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2W custom mode

    Since you’re using humbuckers and a BF style amp, I’d strongly recommend the OD-3 for your purposes - it tends to feel and sound more natural than the BD-2, in any mode for that sort of thing, and doesn’t fizz the way a BD-2 can.
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    The Leslie gap

    Have you tried the Leslie G27? They are discontinued, but occasionally pop up on the market.
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    What should I know before buying my first Gibson Firebird?

    Real talk? Make sure it fits in your vehicle. Some of the cases for these are quite large, more like a bass case than a guitar case - longer, wider, thicker than the usual strat/tele cases, significantly taller than an LP or 335 case. The first firebird I bought in the late 90’s did not fit...
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    Matchless HC30. Underwhelmed and suprised.

    That’s a bummer - it’s never fun to plug into an iconic amp and discover it’s not the right thing for you and your tastes. In my experience, you’ve got three options - (1) move it on to the next guy (b/c it might be perfect for him, (2) take it to the tech if you think it’s malfunctioning, or...
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    Is it dangerous to use a power supply with a vintage big muff?

    In my experience, the main thing to be sure about when using a power supply to power a vintage effect via a power input jack is polarity - there are a lot of old effects out there without effective reverse polarity protection built in (and aftermarket mods adding a jack to vintage boxes can vary...
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    Which guitar carrying case brand can endure checked in flights?

    Calton has never let me down, and have a strong reputation in this space. I know folks who trust Calton cases with high end archtops, acoustics, cellos, and other instrument I’d consider as more fragile/sensitive than the stuff I throw around. The Pelican rec is a good one as well - I...
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    Tonemaster vs the real thing

    For folks who tend to blend amps together (i.e., dual-mono), do these Fender ToneMasters maintain a similar phase angle to their vintage/tube counterparts? For example, if you put a BF Super next to a 5f6a Bassman, the way they impact the phase angle of the guitar signal as it passes through...
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    You get a Les Paul, Princeton Reverb, and 3 pedals: What do you choose?

    - Maxon CP101 optical compressor (which is a great clean boost with humbuckers) - Maxon OD-880 or OOD-9 (not 808 or 820, though the 820 would be cool, but different) - Maxon AD-900.
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    King of the Strat colors.

    I’ve always been partial to Dakota Red, but if I were going to spec one out, I’d go Marina Blue like Neil Armstrong’s Corvette, with a matching headstock and rosewood fretboard. Space age color for the space age guitar.
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    Best straps for a bad back?

    Your back is likely different from mine (everyone’s got their own thing) but when I was recovering from a back injury and related muscle weakness in my core (got hit/semi-run over by a car) the best approach I found was by using a back brace under my suit to handle the back support, and raising...
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    Any non shredders using jazz picks?

    I like them, and play a lot of soul jazz, Stax-type stuff, etc. I’ve almost entirely switched over to Jazz iii’s if I’m not just using my fingers. Still prefer a standard shaped pick for acoustic strumming.
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    Do you have any 'pajama only' guitars?

    I don’t really edit my wardrobe with my own guitars, but I’m also approaching middle age and have never been one for really pointy or scratchy clothes - and most of my stage wear has been suits, jeans & T’s, or guayaberas w/pants. Never really had to dress like an old-school Raiders fan or a...
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    anyone actually gig with the Milkman 50?

    I just recently got the Amp 100, so still figuring out the “best” way to use it. I run mine into an 8 ohm, 4x10 open back cab with DT-10 speakers, so it’s a warm, smooth clean, perfect for the soul jazz / jazz adjacent stuff I do. Extremely easy to set up and tailor to the room. I’ve yet to...
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    Why are old Marshalls considered “unforgiving”?

    So, in my experience, a lot of folks go through an adjustment period the first few times they play an actual, loud amp, and an additional adjustment period the first few times they play a loud NMV amp at volume. Apart from the “oh ****, that’s loud” part, and the adjustments to handling a high...
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    An iPod that includes tubes?

    Check out the old Zvex ImpAmp. 1-watt per side tube hi-fi power amp that worked great with iPods. I used to have one, and it was nice.
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    Organic sounding Compressor (again)

    For one, these old CP-101’s are the ones I have, so there’s the whole bird/hand/bush thing. What I like about the CP-101’s is that whatever formula they’ve baked in with respect to attack/release/bandwidth just works for me across a wide variety of pickups (PAFs, gold foils, lap steel, etc.)...
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    Organic sounding Compressor (again)

    Nice to see that I’m not alone on the Maxon tip. The now discontinued Strymon OB.1 with the built in boost was also nice for a natural feeling compression/sustain/mild eq shift.
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    Milkman Amp 100 with 10” Speakers - initial thoughts

    I love it when a plan (finally) comes together. I took delivery yesterday of a Milkman Amp 100 as the last part of rethinking a rig I can use for at least 99% of the things I do. So far, I think I did good. I spend most of my time in cleanish and lower gain neighborhoods with some ventures...
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    I don't understand why people use UPS and FedEx

    I’ve had better luck with UPS than the others for amps, guitars, and pedals, especially with accuracy on the tracking. The few times I’ve had an issue or dispute, UPS has been the easiest to work with. It’s probably just one dude in my local FedEx chain, but the past three times I’ve gotten a...
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