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  1. donbarzini

    NPD: PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe

    I set the preamp high, true bypass when not using chorus so I don't have the preamp running all the time.
  2. donbarzini

    NPD: PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe

    Best CE-1 on the market IMO. I use that exclusively along with an old CE-2, really don't need anything else (except an old DC-2 from time to time).
  3. donbarzini

    *NAD* DR.Dan/Tramble VH1 Plexi**Clip 15**

    Damn that sounds great!
  4. donbarzini

    I saw Judas Priest tonight.

    I wish Rob would shave the beard.
  5. donbarzini

    EP101, EP-Pre, or Secret Preamp?

    Used the Chase Tone a bunch last night on the brightest setting, Tele straight in, nothing else, very cool...
  6. donbarzini

    EP101, EP-Pre, or Secret Preamp?

    I think I've owned every single EP-3 preamp pedal at least once and none of them were like a real EP-3 preamp. If there is a new one on the horizon, I'll be sure to try it as well. I also had the DTS SDD-3K Preamp Pedal, one of the first ones that came with a limited edition Edge DTS SDD-3K...
  7. donbarzini

    Who are "the cabinet guys" these days? (Stateside)

    Peter is a nice man.
  8. donbarzini

    Led Zep - "When the Levee Breaks" deep dive

    I remember trying to play “Midnight Moonlight” back when I had no clue about alternate tunings. Same with “Start Me Up”. Now I’m the best…
  9. donbarzini

    Sold Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS

    Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS, bought new about 10 years ago, never used. SOLD
  10. donbarzini

    Bill Landry does it again…. New Lexi Model

    He seems like a nice man.
  11. donbarzini

    NEW Tears For Fears Song….

    I could dance to that.
  12. donbarzini

    Is Eventide Pitchfactor still the "King" ???

    Interesting. I don't use the MicroPitch for much but I have had several Pitchfactors and Timefactors and always thought those digitized my tone way too much. I wish the Micropitch had a few more options so I was considering trying the Pitchfactor one more time so I can resell it once again.
  13. donbarzini

    Wizard MCII

    I can tell the TS808 in the first clip isn't hardwired though.
  14. donbarzini

    Wizard MCII

    Does this Wizard guy have the Snapchat or the FaceTime? Will he do any other form of communication on the line?
  15. donbarzini

    Trainwreck express Owners and clone owners.

    Are there any express clones or circuits close enough out there that you can recommend to a male who would like to experience this phenomenon? Asking for a friend. PM if you wish.
  16. donbarzini

    Who is building today Marshall-type

    That is a lot of men.
  17. donbarzini

    EVH 5150 Iconic

    Great beard.
  18. donbarzini

    JCM800 got “modded” today

    Tried one in my ‘79 2203, preferred an old SD-1 in front instead.
  19. donbarzini

    Bruce Springsteen Is America’s Greatest Musical Entertainer

    I’d donate front row center tickets to charity before I’d ever go see the guy.
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