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  1. aynirar27

    Boutique Amps...

    That’s because it’s a vertical input model
  2. aynirar27

    Gibson CS Noel Gallagher signature ES-355 just announced

    Why no “guy from the Cranberries” Sig guitar?
  3. aynirar27

    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I think it just means old, you don’t have to necessarily procreate.
  4. aynirar27

    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I reckon epiphone largely keeps Gibson afloat. Their historic lines my dry up when people aren’t trying to to relive their heydays, but by then I’ll be old and jonesing for an $10,000 84 Les Paul reissue. Nostalgia isn’t going away
  5. aynirar27

    Tube amp cooling

    That how it forms a Chrystal lattice
  6. aynirar27

    Retraction about Suhr guitars

    I mean, strings really shouldn’t buzz though
  7. aynirar27

    Better than V30

    What did you not like about the v30?
  8. aynirar27

    Do you keep your guitar collection in their cases?

    I like to keep the 2 separate though. Lindsay wanted to spend some time with me in my new music room after I rehabbed it but I didn’t want to taint it
  9. aynirar27

    Do you keep your guitar collection in their cases?

    I keep my dozen or so favorites hanging on the wall, the others are just kinda leaning up against eachother in a corner. I do run a dehumidifier in the summer though
  10. aynirar27

    Tube amp cooling

    Tubes work by literally “boiling off electrons” so they are pretty capable of surviving without air conditioning. Ventilation is a must though for the rest of your amp though
  11. aynirar27

    The often asked humbucker question :)

    Of the sets mentioned, and the artists mentioned, I would go with the antiquities. My personal favorites are Wolfetone legends for the “PAF” thing. While I agree with others saying that adjusting the pickup heights might be all you need, I also think swapping pickups is a lot of fun and a great...
  12. aynirar27

    It is 2022 and this still has not been solved?!

    That narrows it down…
  13. aynirar27

    Buying someone's "failed" 5e3 build = Good idea?

    I think it could be a fun project for sure
  14. aynirar27

    Amp power cable question

    I like the red ones from mercury magnetics
  15. aynirar27

    I hear voices

    perhaps a Spanish AM radio station?
  16. aynirar27

    Neil Diamond isn't terrible..

    You’ll definitely dig it then. It’s like the missing link between high fidelity and shallow Hal for Jack Black’s road to leading roles
  17. aynirar27

    Neil Diamond isn't terrible..

    Now you have to go watch “saving Silverman”
  18. aynirar27

    Boutique 'buckers worth the bucks?

    490s are my favorite Gibson buckers for sure. If there is an exact sound you are after, boutique may be the way to go, but they aren’t always “better sounding” They aren’t always more expensive either. Companies like Manlius put out wonderful pickups for “non boutique” prices
  19. aynirar27

    PSA- Tube depot has JJ

  20. aynirar27

    Gibson Dave Mustaine V review.

    I completely see guitars, and amps, as tools. I'm a tradesman in real life. I don't care if the rubber dipping on my hammer is crooked, or if my 6in1 has a spot of rust on it inside the package. I care if it performs the function it is intended for. The boutique market has made people think...
  21. aynirar27

    Gibson Dave Mustaine V review.

    Careful, someone will call you a “Gibson apologist” for focusing on the hundreds of thousands of wonderful instruments they put out
  22. aynirar27

    Gibson Dave Mustaine V review.

    It's really something, isn't it? lol
  23. aynirar27

    Did some horse trading for a M2M Gibson and this is what I get....

    To be fair @rhinocaster , you did pay for it with horses
  24. aynirar27

    Marshall Guys - Post Your Top Three Favorite Boutique Amplifiers

    Reason SM50 Khan Pak Magnatone Super 59
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