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    Ebo Customs e-verb?

    Hey Matt, First, the Reverberato Vibrato is unlike anything I've ever heard, and is absolutely there's that. As far as the reverb sounds, they're really complimentary and I've been digging using them both in series...though to compare them, I prefer the Victoria for shorter decay...
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    Benson Germanium Boost

    I also came to this conclusion at first...having it around 5.9, felt that was the sweetspot and that it did something nice to the tone...but ultimately after A/Bing a bunch just felt that I preferred the straight into amp tone. Less in the way of the interaction between the guitar's natural...
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    Benson Amps Germanium Boost

    Have a Benson Germanium boost arriving today to pair with my Nathan Junior. For battery users, does the pedal benefit from an non-alkaline 9V battery, or does it prefer a standard 9V?
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    Ebo Customs e-verb?

    Found a Benson Tall Bird on reverb the other day and decided to purchase it since they never really come up for sale. Will compare with the Reverberato...seems they should be quite different as the Reverberato is modeled after a Fender Style Verb and Vibrato, while the Benson is designed to go...
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    Ebo Customs e-verb?

    I own a reverberato and a benson tall bird spring studio rack. Both amazing. The benson is discontinued, so the Ebo looks like an awesome alternative for studio use. Would love to try one out and compare it to the benson and reverberato.
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    Victoria Reverberato/Reverberammo

    Reverberato is one of those pieces of gear that has no rival. Best sounding trem and reverb I’ve ever used.
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    Cali76 Compact Deluxe vs Cali76 Stacked? Who has experiences with both? Is the Stacked version worth it?

    Going to buy a Cali76 CD or Stacked...thinking the CD might be the better choice with primarily Humbucker equipped guitars, since the pickups already have some compression. Thoughts on this? Primarily will be using it as a first gain stage, (clean boostish) before a Klon (low gain) and an 808...
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    Chandler Limited Germanium Drive: what transistor?

    Interesting. I found my Chandler germanium drive needed to be first in line like a fuzz face or treble booster. A buffer before completely changed the sound and not for the better. Was probably my favorite pedal for that purpose, might have to pick up another one
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    Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water - K-Field Modulator

    Loving the Shallow Waters; thoughts on before or after OD?
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    Tape Echos - TTE vs EF-X2

    The TTE is noisy, both mechanically, and adds a fair amount of hiss and noise into the signal path when turning up the Guitar Level (EP preamp)...normally that would bother me, except in this case is sounds so damn good, and it's only really noticeable when things are silent, so it's really a...
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    Echofix Tape Delay

    I only have the TTE so not sure how it compared to the SSTE. The echofix guitar input preamp sound great, though I believe it’s a different preamp circuit from the EP style of the TTE/SSTE. Overall impressions are that the TTE is the perfect guitar effect. The preamp and the delay just fits...
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    Echofix Tape Delay

    I own an Echofix and a TTE and they’re both amazing. The TTE has a lot of mechanical noise from the fan and transport, but the delay sounds so good that it’s worth it. Best slapback sound I’ve ever gotten, and feels like the Echoplex/TTE style was really made for guitar. The Echofix is extremely...
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    Jam Pedals Wahcko

    Don’t recall. Send them an email.
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    Jam Pedals Wahcko

    Wahcko is the best wah I've ever used (CAE, Dunlop, RMC, are the others). Loved it so much I got a custom artwork handwired version. Stunning pedal, along with everything JAM makes.
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    Is there a buffer that doesn't sound like sh.t???

    I also greatly prefer the dynamics and responsiveness of guitar straight into amp - more felt than heard, the way the pickups interact with V1. That being said, if using effects, there's really no way around it...all true bypass, will get some high end roll off...a buffer will keep high end...
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    Tell me about the Victoria Reverberato

    when the level is all the way up, is it 100% wet? or anyway to have a "kill dry" modification if not?
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    Tell me about the Victoria Reverberato

    I was curious to know how it worked in the chain when the verb/trem are bypassed. Any level boost available? I read that having a footswitch connected affects the tone. Any truth to this?
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    Tell me about the Victoria Reverberato

    Anyone have a Reverberato or Reverberammo to sell? PM me!
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    Trey Anastasio Rig Summer 2021

    That Reverberato sounds absolutely amazing. Anyone here own one? Thinking of picking one up.
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    Jam Pedals Wahcko vs Wahcko with point to point wiring.

    I have the PTP wired one, and previously had the standard one. The Wahcko is the best sounding wah I ever used, so I decided to treat myself to a PTP with custom graphics. It sounds amazing. Similar result to putting NOS tubes in an's subtle, but it sounds and feels amazing and I prefer...
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Thanks for all the advice. Decided to just go with a Page V2 for now, see how I like it.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Thanks, I think the standard Page is more up my alley. The minstrel seems cool. Maybe a Jester instead of a Harlot with Fender amp? I assume I'll buy 3, keep my one favorite (or maybe 2) and put the other(s) on the emporium.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    what’s the TS model? Don’t see it on the site
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    I think I'd like to just try a few front of amp type pedals, so a Page V2, Minstrel V3 and Harlot V3 seem like a nice selection to start
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