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    CONFESSION: I've never tried a Rat.

    VFE Vomit Hound/Dragon Hound. It's a Rat-type and a Screamer-type you can blend.
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    Cover Band Self Indulgence...

    So far we've only done Graham Nash's Songs for Beginners.
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    Is there a RAT voiced with lower gain?

    The Basic Audio Shore Bird sounds great in the demos, but I haven't played one personally. You might want to check out the VFE Alpha Dog with "Glass" option. It's supposed to be a smoother low-gain RAT type thing. I haven't found any demos of that option though. VFE's build quality is near...
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    Best Tremolo Pedal

    I'm not exactly sure what particulars you are looking for in a trem, but I bought a Zvex Sonar and have never looked back. It does the softer watery trem and hard chop really well. Goes super fast or slow and built in Machine distortion means it works well in frony of fuzz or dirty amps, as...
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    QUICK! What song is stuck in your head today?

    Charley Patton - A Spoonful Blues
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    yep. A very good, clean boost with some grit type of od. Works very well into a vox also.
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    "Stage Candy"

    Maybe I'm "just sensitive" or something but the whole idea is rather...well, repulsive. I understand the businessman's model and all that I just don't don't think it's a good model. I dunno. If I imagine myself saying it,or posting that advertisement, I feel slightly sick. Just seems...
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    Death Under Rainbows - instrumental feral art rock twang

    Very , Very nicely done. I enjoyed that very much. As someone who sees himself moving more and more into an "electric American Folk-Primitive" sort of direction, I heartily approve. Really. Do more.
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    What non-guitar instrument inspires you?

    All of them. Lately plenty of piano.
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    Delays with FX loops - Which ones and what do you put in the loop?

    I own an EHX Deluxe Memory Boy. It does a good, dark, analog delay that's digitally controlled. It's got tap tempo and subdivisions and modulation which can be dialed in or out. In the loop I've been running some sort of flange or vibrato to get a warbling broken-ish tape echo sound.
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    Which 5 guitarists have had the biggest influence on your sound?

    Rowland S Howard John Fahey Link Wray Son House Charley Patton This was actually a difficult task. I spent some adding names and deleting others while considering who was most influential. I think this is pretty accurate.
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    Most versatile/best bargain overdrive pedal?

    Boss SD-1 cheap, great buffer, etc stock, not horribly versatile but there is a world of mods out there It is a classic for a reason
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    So, it seems my band might have a new female lead singer...

    just for laughs ...Good Girls Don't - The Knack but seriously Strangers - The Kinks
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    The Matter Of Mr Bungle VS The RHCP

    Mike Patton is a more versatile, creative vocalist, songwriter and musician. I much prefer his work with Fantomas or Moonchild Trio to Mr. Bungle. But I still prefer Mr. Bungle to RHCP. As a side note, years ago I first heard Freaky Styley and really enjoyed Hillel Slovak's method of...
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    How many pedals are too much for gigging?

    8 is 1 too many for me, personally. I gig a Pedaltrain Jr w/ 5 normally. I can manage a couple more. After that, they become distracting to me. Of course everybody is different.
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    Black Sabbath - a little analysis?

    Bill was a beast. Criminally overlooked. The 4 members of the band were exactly what that band needed. Black Sabbath was more than the sum of its parts.
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    One Riff, Sixteen Different Drives/Boosts

    1.Elements 2.Lunar module 3. Nothing else was even close
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    Pictures from the Les Paul Estate Auction

    Great pics, thanks.
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    dirt for vox...

    AC30s love Rats. Not very boutique, I know. Every Vox I've played has loved Rat variants. Also, Crowther Hotcake.
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    Seriously, Black Sabbath?

    Exactly right. I can't agree more. Sabbath is finally dead. If there was a weeping emoticon I would use it now.
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    Which Beatle had the best first solo album?

    George. Listening to ATMP as an album from start to finish, it feels complete. Holistic? may be the word I'm looking for, like there's a whole story there or the reflection of a whole human being. I dunno, guess that's kinda goofy.. Even if you count Wonderwall I'd still put it higher than...
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    HEADSTOCK is killing me!!!

    I actually prefer the Parker headstock over almost anything else. Both the old and new version. I didn't think I would, but once I started playing the instrument the whole thing just seemed to melt into my hands like some sort of ergonomically-conforming uh, thing.
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    New Carvin Legacy III coming

    Please report when possible. I loved the first Legacy's cleans.
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    vox and marshall in same amp?

    Morgan 30/800. Formerly known as the MV3.8K. Search the forum and you will find a few dedicated threads. Good luck
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