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    Why does my Amp buzz with a Helix?

    Isolation transformers in a buffered line do not affect the tone drastically in my experience. I have to use one with my Helix in 4CM with one of my amp heads. Really not a problem. Just insert one in the path from Helix to amp input fixed my hum. I happen to use a Suhr Iso Boost, but that's not...
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    New Suhr Dead Spot

    I've had two guitars with annoyingly dead notes at the 12th fret 3rd string. Both with 24-fret necks and deep cutaways. First was a Gibson L6-S in 1976, which I eventually sold. The second is a Suhr Modern Satin in 2020. At a local music store I found a Fender Fat Finger to clamp to the...
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    so Im selling my LP custom? protocol for stranger danger

    When I was young and didn't think anything bad would happen to *me*, I had buyers come to the house. No big deal. And sometimes had a nice conversation. With age and experience, I got more cautious. Now I'd rather just consign gear to a store and let them deal with everybody and make their %.
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    Weber Mass 100 Load Detached from Chassis (glue melted/damaged)

    I used to get good advice and customer support from them. Ask here?
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    Please Rate My Wiring Diagram (3 Pickup Jazzmaster)

    I can see the usefulness. I have done guitars with quite a few options before, though I have gone simpler in recent years. Have fun with it!
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    The OTHER Frankenstein - Steve Morse Telecaster

    First time I saw the Dregs in 1975, I thought, cool, man after my own heart. His playing was far beyond anything I'd done, but the guitar modding was familiar territory. My first electric was a Vox Bulldog, 3 pickups that were kind of weak, and came with 3 DPDT switches for on, off, reverse...
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    Super Reverb speaker swap... how basic??

    If the new speakers are same impedance and at least as much power handling, can't think of any other issues.
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    Russia bans exporting tubes per EH/Mike Matthews

    Could be, especially if tube prices rise. A modeler and a backup modeler could be a cost-effective solution, compared to tube replacement across several amps. Of course, replace only when necessary, not just "because it's time". I still much prefer my tube amps, when I can use them. I also have...
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    UPDATE: Reveal posted! Axe Fx III vs Helix (High-Gain BLIND TEST!)

    So my old ears told me the truth? Wow. I didn't vote earlier, but I thought B was Fractal. What I heard was the upper mids being edgier, and that is what Fractal's signature sound is, to me. Really pretty close, though. Don't want to argue about anything. I still have Axe FXII for effects, and I...
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    NGD: Heritage Custom Core H-150

    Congrats! I have a Heritage H535 and an arch top. Both fine guitars.
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    50s super trebly guitar tone questions

    Yeah, in the 70's the "sound" was Marshall cranked way up, so the bright cap on Ch 1 wasn't doing as much. But that was loud, 50 or 100 watts. Often turned the cabs around facing backwards in small rooms, sometimes with heavy packing blankets over them and mic'd through the PA. Another thing I...
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    50s super trebly guitar tone questions

    But how they used it, into an already cranked amp, the treble boost became more of a gain boost, and gave more clarity with the added distortion. It works really well when I've tried it. Like treble boost into the normal channel of a Marshall 4-input or Brite channel volume 7 or higher, or...
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    Suhr PT15IR with HX Effects - 4CM question - ground hum?

    In some cases that does work. I've simply lifted the shield on one end of a TS cable from an amp's load box going to a line mixer in my rack rig. No more ground loop. I'll do that instead of the much less safe 3-to-2 prong AC plug adaptors. I don't recall it working from a device to an amp's...
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    Suhr PT15IR with HX Effects - 4CM question - ground hum?

    The big thing about using the EbTech before guitar-level amp input is you really need a buffer before it. Even a BOSS pedal in "bypass" does the job. I've used those to solve ground loops in several rigs. Now, with some of the newer solutions that have built in buffers it's a bit easier, and...
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    Suhr PT15IR with HX Effects - 4CM question - ground hum?

    Same experience here. I don't need to iso with every head, but with the ones that I do, only one, from the Helix to the amp input. I use a Suhr Iso Boost or Suhr buffer, iso out, but there are several good options.
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    I cold called a famous producer to mix my debut album, and it worked! (Skynyrd/Journey producer)

    Really fine work all around! Great story. Sometimes you can get to the right people if you try.
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    P90's, Volume, Tone, Switches

    I had been playing for decades before I really started using the guitar controls to good advantage. Sometimes just going from 10 to 9 makes a really useful difference, a little less edge. And it works for any passive pickups, not just P-90s.
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    Allen Amps is For Sale

    Dave Allen was/is such a good guy to deal with. Still using my Encore head when I need that flavor. So well-built. Hope retirement brings him a lot of joy and relaxation!
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    Muddy Les Paul neck pickup. What cap can I put in series to the vol. pot to help this?

    Try different values until you like it. One answer posted here says .047 or .022
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    “You’re so talented I knew I didn’t need to prepare anything for you ahead of time!”

    Not exactly that, but similar situations, with similar charts. At least these were usually recordings, so you get more than one shot at it. I get that it takes time to write parts, but even reducing it to a rhythm chart is better than piano/ vocal scores.
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    Guilty conscience for simplifying chords

    The Freddie Green thing is totally fine in a band context. Maybe 3 notes (with one that you really hear, as stated above). Catch the 3 and 7 to define the harmony, altered 5 if you need it.
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    Mesa V:25 vs. Fillmore 25 (or 50)?

    I ended up with one of each and have kept them, so I can't help you decide :) The Fillmore seems looser and easier to get the edge-of-breakup thing, but the MK 5 25 has the crunch mode that's really nice, and the lead tones have the extra EQ that I sometimes miss with the Fillmore. MK 5 clean...
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    And while we're in the Jazz thing...Lenny Breau..

    I used to see him at a little club on Church Street in Nashville. Amazing. Helped me decide not to pursue jazz as a career. (That's fine, I liked too many other styles and ended up getting to play them and learned to like some more.)
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    Tips for playing fast with articulation?

    probably repeating what others are saying above, but in different words: Find a slower tempo that allows you to play the solo with clean articulation. Set a click/ metronome/ drum loop. Increase the tempo a little each day. I'm not a naturally fast shredder, either, but doing this has gotten me...
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    Jing Chi

    The live album is pretty great. Really like the whole band.
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