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  1. ak301

    TC Zeus Drive

  2. ak301

    FM3 Cygnus Beta now out Beta version of the amazing Cygnus just released for the FM3
  3. ak301

    Cesar Diaz - The Ultimate Guitar Tech

    Stumbled across this on YouTube Production isn't great - it's awful - but he certainly knows his stuff
  4. ak301

    Don't update your FM3 to firmware 2................

    As they've only gone and introduced a newer one!! Release Notes: • Amp modeling updated to match Axe-Fx III firmware 15.01. o Improved Power Amp Modeling. The new algorithm yields accurate dynamic frequency response which...
  5. ak301

    New Plini release Impulse Voices

  6. ak301

    Holy Diver Epiphone

    Vivian Campbells one of my top 3 players and influences, and being primarily a strat guy I've been after a LP of sort for some time, so I'm quite interested in this: Just wondering what the...
  7. ak301

    Live Lynch Mob

    Really like Lynch's tone, he plays the same ESP all night and has his pedals by the drum riser - appears to be an MXR Phaser, silver Klon and some sort of Tubescreamer (there's a few clear shorts towards the end), amp wise there's a Park and a rack with, i think, Roland delays, and power amps...
  8. ak301

    HSH Wiring query

    I'm wanting to revamp my HSH partscaster's switching It has, Bridge: Bare Knuckle Mule, Middle Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk, Neck Bare Knuckle Emerald Is the following do-able? Bridge - Push/Push, Series/Parallel on lowest tone knob Middle - Tone on middle knob Neck - Push/push,Coil split and...
  9. ak301

    Most useful HSH wiring options

    I've just finished a partscaster with a loaded scratchplate I got off of eBay It's come with some wiring I'm not really bonding with so am looking round for some suggestions on HSH users have found to be the most useful wiring options to have - I realise ultimately this is subjective but it's...
  10. ak301

    David Gilmour's selling the Black Strat It always surprises me when famous folks sell the guitars they've used for a long time. I figured he wasn't...
  11. ak301

    Billy F Gibbons The Big Bad Blues

    Listening now on Spotify whilst Amazon ship my CD It's what you'd expect from the Rev doin' the blues, love it.....!!!!
  12. ak301

    Strat pics request

    Anyone got a natural strat with black hardware, especially rosewood fretboard and 70's headstock Building a partscaster and wondering what they'd look like Unless there's anything handy online where I could spec the guitar up and see what it looks like. I 've used the Warmoth builder but that...
  13. ak301

    Two post Strat bridge

    I'm building a partscaster and deciding what hardware to go in it. I'm a big user of my bar (!?!) so want a great one. My other strats have the normal Fender two post, which set up right has always been fine to me. But seeing as it's been a while since I built a guitar I'm wondering what's the...
  14. ak301

    Quick Strat wiring mod query

    I've got a Strat with the bridge pickup on the bottom tone pot, it currently has a push-push pot where with the push extended it bypasses the tone on the bridge pickup. It was an experiment that I've never used much. Can it be re-wired so instead of the tone bypass it adds in the neck pickup...
  15. ak301

    Steve Farris interview

    Stumbled across this today, interview with one of my all time favourites ex-Mr Mister guitarist
  16. ak301

    Amplifire or Ampli-firebox

    So I'm after something as a backup to my Ax8 for a number of reasons, in case of emergency, or when I'm playing somewhere I don't want the Fractal sat on the floor and having something small and versatile in my gigbag etc So, the Atomic stuff is the clear choice for my purposes but I'm unsure...
  17. ak301

    Anyone got a natural ash strat.............(pics request)

    So I'm building a partscaster from an ash body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, large headstock and a black scratchplate Just wondering if anyone has any similar spec guitars they could post a few pics of as I'm not sure what sort of hardwear to go for
  18. ak301

    Partscaster in need of pickup suggestions

    I'm putting together a partscaster out of a swamp ash body with a rosewood neck. I've got two other HB strats both with Van Zandt Humbuckers in, pickups I've always been really happy with. As its been a while since I've done any pickup buying there's such a huge choice nowadays so I could do...
  19. ak301

    Anyone playing Ash strats with humbuckers?

    Toying with a partscaster project and wondering if there's anyone with ash bodied strats fitted with humbuckers, and how they get on with them I tend towards the classic rock type of sounds and already have a couple of humbucker strats of different woods and wondering about ash for something...
  20. ak301

    Can anyone ID this guitar, might be a Cort

    I'm really digging Tony Clarkin's tone on this video, I can see in some shots he's playing through a pair of Marshall stacks which I'd guess are 800's. But I'm curious what the guitar is he's playing Can anyone ID it?
  21. ak301

    Question for the Les Paul/SG folks

    So as a primarily a Strat player for the past 26 years I'm quite fancying having a Les Paul or an SG. Lots of my fav players (The Rev, Andy Latmier, Bill Nelson, Zal Cleminson) have always got their best tones on a Gibson but I've always been more at home on a Strat But having a new car and...
  22. ak301

    New John Sykes music........maybe

    Apparently he's releasing new music this year
  23. ak301

    The tapping section on Get the Funk Out

    Anyone got any tips on mastering it? I'm doing the usual breaking it down into sections and learning it piecemeal but whenever I try to actually play it my brain goes blurrgh and my fingers forget how to guitar Other Than Jump I've never played song in a band with a tapping section in so I...
  24. ak301

    New TC doubler pedal announced
  25. ak301

    New amp time, toying with a Marshall JVM

    So, I'm toying with getting a new amp. I currently use an Engl Thunder 50 as my gigging amp. I just find it a bit uninspiring now and have gone off its tones The clean channel is nice and last night at a gig I used my Wampler Plexi drive deluxe and got a superb sound. However the GAS is...
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