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    Shure SM57 with extras!

    Mic: Shure SM57 with original case Condition: Excellent Extras:Brand new 25 ft Whirlwind Connect XLR cable and brand new On-Stage mic clip Pics: Shipping to lower 48 states only. Prices are firm.
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    FS: Eventide H9

    Bought new from Musicians Friend a little over a year ago. No gigs. In excellent shape. Has 3M Dual Locks on the back of the pedal, will work with velcro. This is the original version NOT THE CORE version, you get many more algorithms out of the box. I can't transfer the algorithms I bought but...
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    FS: ESP Ninja FR-II ***PRICE DROP ***

    ESP Ninja-II FR up for grabs. Hard to find guitar. Last run of Michael Amott's signature before he left ESP. Mahogany body, ebony fretboard, maple neck, quilted maple top, neck thru, Floyd Rose Original, JB/59. Gorgeous guitar in person. Minor surface scratches on the back. Looks, sounds, and...
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    FS: RJM Mini Amp Gizmo

    Bought both new from Sweetwater in June 2014. Mint. Comes with the original power supply, box, manual, and even the sticker. :) RJM Mini Amp Gizmo - $125 Pics Also have a 10 ft RJM 6505+ interface cable - $35
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    Recommend a mic preamp for tracking high gain guitars

    I know mic preamps are a widely discussed topic. I also know mics and mic placement are more of a factor but with so many preamps out there it's hard to really know what would be good for tracking high gain guitars specifically. For example, something very clean or something that adds something...
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    FS: RJM Tone Saver Buffer/Splitter

    It's a buffer but also can be used as a splitter. I used it for long cable runs from my amps effects loop. Based off the Axess buffer. $65 Paypal/shipped
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    FS: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge trembucker

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge pickup trembucker spacing. This is Warren DeMartini's signature pickup. It's essentially a hot rodded JB. Pickup is brand new. Never installed. Decided to keep my Custom Custom in my ESP M-II. Firm $125 Paypal/Shipped. Pics
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    FS: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge humbucker

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge pickup humbucker spacing. This is Warren DeMartini's signature pickup. It's essentially a hot rodded JB. Pickup is brand new. Never installed. I accidentally ordered humbucker spacing instead of trembucker and having a very difficult time exchanging it...
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    FS: Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah, Startouch a/b switch, MXR 10 band EQ

    All pedal work perfectly and in excellent condition. Prices are Paypal/Shipped (lower 48 states) Fulltone Clyde Standard Wah - Comes with original box. Sold. Startouch a/b switch - Will remove 3M dual locks on back by request. $70 MXR 10 band eq - Comes with power supply and original box. Sold.
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    Our new single featuring Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall!

    Hey guys and gals, Please check out our new single for only .99 cents! Featuring the explosive drumming of Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall! Available at iTunes and Amazon! Also mastered by Brad Blackwood who has worked with Lamb of God, All That Remains, Korn, and many more...
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    Eventide H9 - need more!

    I have been looking for a manual online but can't find anything. Does anyone know more details about it? What are the power requirements? How does the preset navigation work? Is it true bypass or buffered? What are the cost of algorithms? I am guessing it's similar to the other Eventide...
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    Finally! My pedalboard is finished! Thank you Jerry!

    Over two years in the making. A lot of trying, returning, and selling to get to this pedalboard. I just got pics from Jerry, or around here known as jnepo1. I want to say that he has been AMAZING working with. I can't recommend him enough. If you are looking to get an incredible board put...
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    T-Rex pedals not popular. Why?

    When I look at the pedalboard threads I never see a T-Rex pedal. Why is that? Overpriced? Gimmicky? Not that good? I have only tried the Roommate II and thought it was a good pedal although I will admit it did seem overpriced but I can't imagine all their pedals are.
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    EVH 4x12 cab - thoughts?

    I have decided my next head is going to be a 5150 III 100 watt. But I am debating on what cab to use with it. I have a Mesa Recto 4x12 and I am sure it will sound great with it. But from the clips I have heard, the EVH cab sounds pretty good and I think I need a change from my Mesa. Anyone do a...
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    Maxon Compact Series

    New pedals from Maxon.
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    Multiple power supplies under pedalboard

    I have a PT-Pro and I haven't mounted my power supplies but I have three of them, two VL PP2+ and one VL Digital. For those who have multiple, do you just run each power cable out from the board, so in my case there would be three or do you route it to say a powerstrip under the board and run...
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    NPD: Empress Tremolo and MXR Micro Flanger

    Haven't tried them yet but hearing great things about the Empress and I already have a MXR M117r so I am sure the Micro Flanger will be great too. Will report back my findings. :dude
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    Boutique has really lost it's meaning.

    Go to Musicians Friend and browse effects pedals. Notice anything? My personal favorite is that Electro-Harmonix pedals are considered boutique. I am kind of glad. I am getting tired of hearing the word and soon it will be cool not to have boutique stuff. Thanks Musicians Friend! But being...
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    VHT/Fryette CL 50 vs CL 100

    Borrowed a VHT CL 50 from a friend of mine and man, this head is screaming! I have heard the following: "Doesn't sound good with v30s" "Doesn't have a good lead tone" Are these people high? It sounds great with my Mesa cab loaded with v30s and I am getting some wicked lead tone out of it...
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    Who runs a digital and analog delay?

    I have been working on finishing my board and I am really thinking about adding an analog delay to go with my Timefactor. I know for live use the Timefactor will be used the most but I do miss the warmth of a true analog delay pedal at home. Anyone running digital and analog delays same board...
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    preamp tube recommendations for Bogner Uberschall

    Hey everyone. I am not a big fan of JJ's and I would like to smooth out the "ice picky" high end and tame some of the gain. Does anyone have preamp tubes they could recommend and what positions?
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    Line 6 G50 first impressions

    Got my Line 6 G50 today and brought it to band practice tonight. Been hearing great things about this unit so I figured I would give a quick review. First, it does NOT sound the same as being plugged in with a cable. Despite all the reviews that say it does, it doesn't. I a/b them and there is...
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    Help me pick the last pedal!

    Ok, I was close to pulling the trigger on a Eventide Modfactor during a sale but backed out last second. The only effects I am interested in are flanger and tremolo. I had an Orbit and thought it was awesome but sold it like an idiot. Now the Flint is out and that thing sounds great too. These...
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    How hard is to change the led's in a Lehle switcher

    I don't have the pedal with me but would it be hard to switch the leds for a different color?
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    Should I get the Line G50?

    My band has a big gig coming up and I always liked the idea of having a wireless but everyone I tried years ago was crap. I have been reading great things about the Line 6 G50 but can't tell if it's hype or real. Does it mess with your tone or is there finally a good wireless system? I am...
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