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  1. walterw

    Game Changer for Prepping Fret Slots Fast and Perfect: Micro End Mills!

    i stumbled onto this idea over on, courtesy of one Mark A. Kane: you can get end mills in super-tiny sizes, like the .021"-.022" of a typical fret slot, for less than $20. they cut straight down with parallel sides and a square bottom and are just long enough to get full depth in a...
  2. walterw

    Hogy's Fantastic Demo: What Seated vs Unseated Frets Sound Like

    forgive me @hogy but i gotta pluck this one from the useless din of "guitars in general" and bring it over here where people will understand and appreciate it :hide2 i actually just went over some random '80s aria bass today with sprung-up frets and yeah, after clamping and wicking in the thin...
  3. walterw

    Top-wrapping Difference Revealed?

    maybe this video is old news but it's my first time seeing it and the results are surprising i already knew that top-wrapping (since it increased the excess string length outside nut and saddle) should result in requiring the string be pushed further across the fretboard to reach the same note...
  4. walterw

    25% Nickel-Silver Fretwire! Titanium Fretwire! Who Knew?

    not me! just stumbled upon this stuff made by sintoms, i didn't know it was a thing "regular" nickel-silver wire but harder than the normal 18% we all use actual titanium wire, advertised as harder than nickel-silver but softer than ss has anybody heard of or tried it?
  5. walterw

    What the Heck is This? New Baggs Anthem Variation?

    watching another terrific youtube vid from one "twoodfrd", an obviously excellent repair guy/luthier from canada, and in the process he whips out this thing for half a second and says almost nothing about it: that's very obviously an LR baggs Anthem but it's not a version i've ever seen...
  6. walterw

    Stainless Fret tang-cutting, Cheap Fast and Easy!

    i loves me some stainless steel frets, to the point where i need to see a good reason not to recommend them! the procedures for installing them are all not so different from regular fretwire, maybe just with a little more elbow grease involved, except for dealing with undercutting the tangs...
  7. walterw

    Well Dang! Line6 Relay G70/75 Wireless Discontinued

    i've been rocking a g75 for a few years now and really like it, both for the performance, the super-fast latency and the use of regular 1/4" cable connections. looks like they've gone away; you can find where some places still have some in stock but that's it. the closest competitor i can see...
  8. walterw

    The Difference Between Genius and Stupidity... that genius has its limits
  9. walterw

    Schaller Redesigns the Straplock!

    looks interesting, and solves the main problem with them, that the nut is just tightened against the soft material of the strap; no matter how hard you crank it it's never truly locked down but always wants to come loose unless you use loc-tite. they're also a good bit taller so as to allow...
  10. walterw

    Brand new Guild...Amazing! A Golden Era (Finally)?

    we just got in one of the long-awaited all-new USA Guild rosewood dreads at the store (not gonna get too specific because i'm not here to shill them) and it's by far the best 6-string guild i've ever heard new or old. i've never cared for guild 6-strings, they've always sounded kind of "heavy"...
  11. walterw

    Fixing that Stupid Tele Switch Tip Once and For All

    i forgot that i had taken some pics of how i do this, so here ya go! first, put some nicks in the blade of the switch for grip: then, you gotta fix the stupid design flaw in the switch tip itself! there's a gap around the switch slot, so the walls have no support and will easily get...
  12. walterw

    First Gig with my Line 6 Relay G75; Very Nice!

    i've been rocking a relay G50 for a few years now and it's been fine, but getting pretty beat up; i'd already replaced the old plastic jack on the beltpack with a custom-rigged up metal one, and i've started noticing issues where the range was just not very good compared to the shure GLX D and...
  13. walterw

    TC's new Acoustic Pedal! hmm...

    copied from the same subject in "effects", it might be more pertinent here: the new TC Bodyrez pedal: my problem is that it looks like TC is playing a little "fast and loose" again! as far as i can tell, the point of the pedal is to use whatever compression (multiband?) and EQ to make...
  14. walterw

    If Bar Bands Had Riders...

    OK, i lifted this from the quagmire of the giant john mayer megathread dump, sysexguy's gag was too good (and has nothing to do with JM); what else?
  15. walterw

    Best Steamer for Steaming Stuff Apart (with Steam)?

    so what are you guys using to actually generate the steam for neck resets and such?
  16. walterw

    Reinvented! Taylor Expression System 2

    i couldn't find mention of this anywhere (including taylor's website), so i'm taking the rare step of starting a thread on it (is this a TGP scoop?): taylor is completely changing the entire idea of the ES system! no more string sensor coil under the neck, no more top sensor coil on the body...
  17. walterw

    Doubling speakers vs. Doubling Watts: What Happens?

    the tail end of another thread morphed into this discussion; anybody else wanna weigh in? supposedly doubling the wattage into a speaker nets you +3dB in volume, as long as that speaker isn't near its limits and eats up the extra power. my understanding is that the same wattage split into two...
  18. walterw

    What do Boss CS-3 knobs ACTUALLY do?

    faintly embarrassed here (both to start a thread and to have failed to find the answer myself), but what do the controls really do in terms of regular compressor adjustments? is the level knob just output volume? i believe the "attack" knob is a normal compressor "attack time" control, with...
  19. walterw

    More Fun With the Belt Sander (Universal Fret Caul)

    i've been wishing for some sort of universal fret caul for years now, for clamping frets on compound radius boards or whatever, but could not figure out how with my minimal machine shop capability. a poster on talkbass offered this, which clicked on a light bulb for me, so i'm re-posting it...
  20. walterw

    1st Gig: Old Pro Reverb w/ Upgraded Output Transformer

    i finally got to use my early '70s pro reverb at a show after doing some mods to it: the switching trem pot mod, dropping the midrange resistor from 6.8kΩ (the same as a blackface-style 10k audio mid knob on like 8 or 9) down to 1.5kΩ (closer to that mid knob on 5 or 6), and most...
  21. walterw

    A Different Way to Compensate Tele Saddles

    here's something i experimented with today that seems to work, and (i think) looks presentable; i took a set of straight brass tele saddles and created a corrected angle for intonation in their tops via grinding. i ground a flat surface onto the top of the saddle, then ground off all of that...
  22. walterw

    At What Point do You Begin to Refer to Yourself in the 3rd Person?

    if you're dick dale, maybe?
  23. walterw

    Relay Users, I Think I've Found Our AAs

    i just acquired a line 6 relay G50, and not wanting to be running out of batteries all the time, i scored this rechargeable AA setup from all i can say is "wow!" the damn things say that they charge up to 1.6V (instead of a regular AA's 1.5V), but i measured them after...
  24. walterw

    now this is interesting! (new Baggs creation)

    lr baggs is coming out with a new pickup that's apparently a bridgeplate microphone, and they're touting it as being balanced and feedback-resistant enough to be a primary pickup source rather than just something blended into a regular pickup for "flavor" like normal internal mics. looks pretty...
  25. walterw

    Perfect Superglue Remover...discontinued!

    stew-mac has been selling a superglue remover for a little while that has been a lifesaver, in that it won't dissolve poly guitar finishes like acetone will. this property makes repairs using superglue fast, easy and clean. so of course they discontinue it. :FM the old stuff was something...
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