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    Shure SM57 with extras!

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    Shure SM57 with extras!

    Mic: Shure SM57 with original case Condition: Excellent Extras:Brand new 25 ft Whirlwind Connect XLR cable and brand new On-Stage mic clip Pics: Shipping to lower 48 states only. Prices are firm.
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    FS: Eventide H9

    Bought new from Musicians Friend a little over a year ago. No gigs. In excellent shape. Has 3M Dual Locks on the back of the pedal, will work with velcro. This is the original version NOT THE CORE version, you get many more algorithms out of the box. I can't transfer the algorithms I bought but...
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    FS: ESP Ninja FR-II ***PRICE DROP ***

    ESP Ninja-II FR up for grabs. Hard to find guitar. Last run of Michael Amott's signature before he left ESP. Mahogany body, ebony fretboard, maple neck, quilted maple top, neck thru, Floyd Rose Original, JB/59. Gorgeous guitar in person. Minor surface scratches on the back. Looks, sounds, and...
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    FS: RJM Mini Amp Gizmo

    Bought both new from Sweetwater in June 2014. Mint. Comes with the original power supply, box, manual, and even the sticker. :) RJM Mini Amp Gizmo - $125 Pics Also have a 10 ft RJM 6505+ interface cable - $35
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    Recommend a mic preamp for tracking high gain guitars

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I appreciate it. I actually talked with my singer and when he tracked vocals with Neil Kernon about a year ago or so, they used a Focusrite 110 which I guess he thought was impressive. So, going to pick up a ISA Two which is supposed to be similar.
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    Recommend a mic preamp for tracking high gain guitars

    Thanks. Sorry about that. I edited the original post. I am looking to spend under a 1000, two channels preferably but say it was a 500 dollar single I could get two.
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    Recommend a mic preamp for tracking high gain guitars

    I know mic preamps are a widely discussed topic. I also know mics and mic placement are more of a factor but with so many preamps out there it's hard to really know what would be good for tracking high gain guitars specifically. For example, something very clean or something that adds something...
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    FS: RJM Tone Saver Buffer/Splitter

    It's a buffer but also can be used as a splitter. I used it for long cable runs from my amps effects loop. Based off the Axess buffer. $65 Paypal/shipped
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    FS: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge trembucker

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop RTM bridge pickup trembucker spacing. This is Warren DeMartini's signature pickup. It's essentially a hot rodded JB. Pickup is brand new. Never installed. Decided to keep my Custom Custom in my ESP M-II. Firm $125 Paypal/Shipped. Pics
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