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    Roseland Ballroom in NYC to close

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    how did this band not sell a gazillion records

    under appreciated.... great songs, great chops, whats not to love.... been a fan since bellybutton was released in 1990. i was 15 when it was released. im 38 now and every 5 years or so i break it out and it never fails to impress. AgdgptaBma8 JkUHKYINc0A R5IMmgxtCYM qQTj_2mMfSA...
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    Cant believe this album is 25 years old...GnR Content

    Great Write up... June 1987 was arguably the first real high water mark for mainstream (or “glam”, or “pop”) metal, with Mötley Crüe’s fourth album Girls, Girls, Girls...
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    Blue Spark Mic - any thoughts or feedback?

    Seems like a good deal at 200 bucks... Anyone have a chance to work with one? Thanks!
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    Nice speech by Vai

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    how to "liven up" eleven rack recorded tracks

    Not sure if all modelers have this challenge... I have started recording some stuff via the eleven rack and was wondering how to get more "air" into the tracks for lack of a better description.... I have not added any post recording effects like verb, compression, etc... I like the tones...
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    More Van Halen... i know.....
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    Old friend on Letterman tonight (John Fogerty content)

    Check out my old friend Bill Mauro playing with John Fogerty on Letterman tonight... He used to be an North Eastern guy but now he resides out in LA (thats where the work is) He was a guitar salesman at Sam Ash here in NJ and I remember buying my 1st "good" guitar and amp from him back in...
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    This is a song about Genital Crabs, that is all.

    Great tones....wish they were still around. B7yHTvrGeCU
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    Eleven Rack expansion...

    Friggen awesome... The Matchless and Bogner models are worth the cost alone. For anyone on the fence..... go get it now! ;)
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    No Sound on Eleven rack usb out...

    Hello.. trying to use eleven rack via logic and a macbook pro... Running OSX 10.6... I installed this driver .... •Eleven Rack Drivers v1.0.4 (Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7) Connected to my macbook pro via the usb port. Opened up a new project in Logic and cant find any sound.... The main...
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    Shimmer setting/preset for 11 Rack?

    I searched the 11 rack presets site for "shimmer" but found nothing... Does anyone have a preset for this or could guide me to one? thanks!
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    11 Rack on the way....

    Ordered today and should deliver tomorrow.... I really would love to wait for the Kemper but that is a little more money than I would like to spend and it looks like for home recording use the 11 rack has had pretty good reviews... Excited....
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    Non Pro-Tools Eleven Rack users - What output?

    I am using a Macbook Pro with Logic... I have a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24DSP firewire interface... What output on the Eleven Rack are you using for recording? Jason
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    Preset question re: 11 Rack

    Can you still download user presets and input them into the 11 rack if you are not using Pro Tools? Thanks!
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    Using Eleven Rack without Pro-Tools

    Thinking about getting one of these.. I am using Logic as my DAW.. I would use the Eleven Rack just for tones...not as a controller, etc... Anyone else doing this? Also, how does the Eleven Rack take pedals? I know that it has an effects loop... and that people say the effects in the...
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    Vocal/Acoustic mic for under $200.00?

    Can someone recommend a mic that can be used for vocals/acoustic guitar for 200 bucks or under? It will be used in a home recording studio... also... if a mic you want to recommend is a little over the price above please feel free to post as well... I would pay a little more if it was really...
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    For you fans of Dinosaur jr / 90's style alternative

    I give you Yuck. Kz7vyrFhFE8
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    How to criticize a guitarist

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    Mxl 603s Vs Mxl 604

    I was told that the MXL 603S is a good entry level mic for use with acoustic guitars... It seems that most big name stores (GC, MF, AMS) do not show them as an inventory item anymore...but they do show the MXL604. Is the 604 just a refresh of the 603S? Thanks!
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    noob question - SM57 related

    Can you use a SM57 to record an acoustic guitar and get a good sound out of it? I know that they are the standard for electric work... thought I would ask... also where would you place it to record an acoustic? thanks
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    REDWIREZ Impulse Responses

    I see that they sell a ton of them... Does anyone have any advise for which ones are the "standard" must haves for recording? Im sure that certain MIC/CABINET/MIC PLACEMENT emulators must be the "go to" vs some of the others... Any help is greatfully appreciated...
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    REDWIREZ Impulse Responses...

    I see that they sell a ton of them... Does anyone have any advise for which ones are the "standard" must haves for recording? Im sure that certain MIC/CABINET/MIC PLACEMENT emulators must be the "go to" vs some of the others... Any help is greatfully appreciated...
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    Studio Monitor and Subwoofer question

    I am putting the finishing touches on my little home recording platform.. MacBook Pro 13" 4 GB RAM Sapphire Pro 24 DSP Firewire interface Logic Express Sennheinser Pro HD380 phones I an thinking of picking up a small pair of near field monitors... Guitar Center is currently running a buy...
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    Peavey Revalver MKIII

    I have just gotten into the home recording thing and have been using Logic Express... It has the amp designer in it..while the clean tones in Logic are usable the mid-high gain sounds were just awful... I have been doing some research on the net for a couple of weeks and the majority...
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