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    Jimmy Page - struggling through Stairway to Heaven

    This is WAY better than the 1985 Live Aid performance. I thought for sure he was gonna puke on stage during the solo.
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    Tokai Love Rock (MIK) Vs. Dean Cadillac select

    Get a Les Paul Studio. I've seen them used between 400-600 in my area
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    Got a new camera...gave it a trial run with my es335 as the test subject....why not?

    You realize you don't have to use an excuse like getting a new camera to justify posting sweet pics of your sweet guitar around here!
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    The 2013 is the first Gibson USA model to not have any weight reduction of any sort since the early 80's. The 2012's apparently had 2 piece layered fretboards. Some of the the 2013's might still. Other upgrades are Sprague Orange drop capacitors, and Tone Pro's /Kluson Deluxe tuners, which they...
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    My Pic doesn't do it justice, here's the much nicer Sweetwater pic
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    Gibson Luther Dickinson ES-335

    Finally someone deserving of a signature model, and a truly unique one as well! It kinda annoys me when you see a sig guitar, and all it is a production model with a Seymour Duncan pickup and a flat finish or something along those lines
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Funny you say that, cuz these new 2013 LP's smell like vanilla. One of the techs in SF told me that Gibson started making them smell like that, because it hides the true smell of the laquer. I don't mind either way, there's nothing like new guitar smell!
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    If you are buying online, and want a heavy one make sure to buy it from a site that posts the weight, like Sweetwater and Wildwood. I've seen some of these new Trads coming in at as light 8 lbs 6oz. That's great for those who like them lighter but you might be disappointed if you like em' beefy.
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    I got mine from Sweetwater around 4 months ago. Had a great and very unique top. Everything about it was great except it had a defect in the binding where the high E string kept sliding off and getting snagged into a small groove. I took it to my local authorized Gibson repairman in San...
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    Ideas for painting the grill of a guitar amp?

    DO you like camo? Rust Oleum makes a series of flat Camouflage spray cans. It'll definitely take the shine out of the grill.
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    What string gauge for Les Paul do you use?

    I use Ernie Ball Slinky 11's on all my LP's. Works awesome for me
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    Help ID Guitar Santana is Playing

    Cool thanks guys, Pretty cool inlay work on the top.
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    Help ID Guitar Santana is Playing

    Anyone know? Kinda think it's an 70's Ibanez or Yamaha
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    What pickups for my LP standard?

    If you want high output and don't to deal with active electronics check out the Iron Man set
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    What pickups for my LP standard?

    You should check out WCR, they are running a sale in the Emporium too.
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    Les Paul for jazz or $1000 archtop

    Agree, but I'll also throw in the Reverend Manta Ray
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    Best Guitar/Rock n Roll Movie???

    Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with Peter Frampton
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    Ernie Ball Auction..........

    I wish they made that guitar without the pizza slice down the middle. I'd get one if so.
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    Billy Gibbons Plays .007 Gauge Strings!

    Apparently they are available now. This is the interview I was talking about. Jump to 4:30 Strings:
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    Billy Gibbons Plays .007 Gauge Strings!

    I saw an interview with him, where he said after several tries Jim Dunlop was able to successfully pull a 7 for him. I think they are going into production soon.
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    Ozzy, not even close to singing in the same key

    ^ I made a statement not an excuse. Younger generations have had the internet to their disposal to witness greatness of the past. I know many young kids, that wish they could have seen a lot of the bands that have come and gone.
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    Ozzy, not even close to singing in the same key

    We're actually lucky to still have Ozzy with us. None of these guys will be with us much longer. They are at least giving younger generations a glimpse of rock n roll greatness. I don't know many 60+ plus year olds who are willing to stay up late and stand in front of massive stacks of high...
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