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    Yoooooooo I made it into the new issue of Vintage Guitar!

    Wow! Fantastic, and congrats. I read the article when I got the issue. I have never heard of the band, but was immediately curious. Surf rock and horror, combined? I gotta hear it. Gonna click on your links and check it out. Sounds interesting. I have a story I need to send them on my...
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    My Cousin Is Coming Over, He Plays Guitar . . .

    Killer technique. I know some cats who can shred similar to this but can also play within the context of a song. I played in bands for years, haven't gigged in many, but know how to play within a band setting. Yet, I still love testing myself on learning techniques, and shred is one that has...
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    Concerts / shows that changed your life

    1979, Memorial Colosseum, Corpus Christi, Texas, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. I went with my older brother and some of his friends. We all went to see Black Sabbath, had no idea who the opening act really was other than what was printed on the ticket. Van Halen blew everyone's mind! They...
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    Favorite minimalist Guitarist

    I like Yngwie and Al DiMeola... Kidding, of course. The Edge. And whoever plays guitar in The Smiths. And Billy Duffy. Bob
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    Have people forgotten shred guitar?

    I love shred guitar. Two of my biggest idols and influences were Yngwie and Paul Gilbert. I also loved Blackmore and Schenker (Michael), along with Frank Marino. I grew up in the 70's and 80's. I loved what I later learned was Elvis' lead guitar player (Scottie Moore), Chuck Berry, BB King...
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    Just revisted this little gem (IMO)

    When I was in middle school and high school one of my bands played several of their tunes. We played Queen of the Ryche, Take Hold of the Flame, and one other that the name escapes me. I was a big fan of them back in the day. I am gonna take out an few CD's and put 'em in my truck. Thanks...
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    Ted Nugent or Gary Moore?

    Why choose? I like both. Some days one, other days, the other. Bob
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    Van Halen - Complete Zero Demo - 1976 (Unreleased)

    Great, new idea for Christmas gift pour moi. Gotta tell the wife. Never heard of it before. Bob
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    Help finding a video...

    I watched a Tom Bukovac video where he goes over a chord progression, I think from the Faces, but not sure. The last 3 chords are a Bb, Bb with a D as the root, and then F. Anyone know which video it is? Has a nice melody with the chords. Can't find it or remember the progression...
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    Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out

    Yngwie, Eddie, Randy, Schenker, and Blackmore shaped my playing as a youth. They all shook the guitar world. His impact is immeasurable. I loved Marching Out. Killer riffs, good songs, incredible playing. I still try to learn some of his stuff. Bob
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    Cory Wong & Dirty Loops - UNREAL!

    The drums and bass were killer! Bob
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    Tell me a song that perfectly exemplifies the artist's vision, style and talent

    Far Beyond the Sun or Blackstar, Yngwie. The entire Tones or Ah Via Musicom records by Eric Johnson. YYZ, Rush. Beautiful Girls or Hot for Teacher, VH with Roth, or 5150, VH with Hagar. Rock Candy, Ronnie Montrose. Spank It, Greg Koch Whole Lotta Rosie, AC/DC. Voodoo Child, or Foxy...
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    Fanny - check out the guitarist

    Dig it! Bob
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    Keb Mo fans?

    He's a treasure and I've been fan for over a decade. Bob
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    Can anyone confirm (by first hand experience) that the Eagles...

    Seen 'em twice on Hell Freezes Over tour. They were the two best concerts I've ever been to. They were consummate professionals and nailed their music. It was pretty close to note-for-note, but not exactly, expecially Joe Walsh on his section of the show playing the tunes he was the major...
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    The day a critic was born... Bob
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    Those of us who learn solos note for note......and those of us who purposely do not ?

    Understood. It was a goal for me to have maximum dexterity, and I loved fast guitar and technical ability. It moves me, but not everyone. For some, it's feel, others, techincal brilliance, and I like a balance. But, if you want to be a great lead player, I recommend finding challenging...
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    Those of us who learn solos note for note......and those of us who purposely do not ?

    I try to learn a solo note-for-note. I learned the old-fashioned way, scratching my brother's records. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what they played, and it forces me to learn new licks, fingerings, patterns, and breaks me out of what I normally do due to muscle memory. Also, some...
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    What’s Your White Whale Of Gear…

    Close, but a few numbers off. Very, very close, but no cigar. I bought mine of 02Singlecut, who got it from Zilmo, who is no longer a member here but started Vintage Rocker forums. It's my understanding Zilmo got it off an artist in Nashville who was the original owner. Bob
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    What’s Your White Whale Of Gear…

    I have 2: a 1956 strat, and the uber, uber rare PRS McCarty Soapbar with a trem. That guitar was never a production guitar. Rumor is only 13 were ever made, all special orders. 3rd PRS from the left, best pic I got right now: Bob
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    Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin

    I prefer the music and songs of Deep Purple, at least up until Perfect Strangers. I haven't really listened to them since. Led Zep is one of the greatest of all time, too. I refuse to pick one over the other. They are equally great. Forced to listen to the greatest hits of one or the other...
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    RIP Dusty Hill

    Very sad news. The music world has lost a solid piece of its history. Rock on, Dusty. The heavens must be rocking soon, with a killer shuffle. Bob
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    Alright....let's critique Yngwie ;)

    I have always loved this tune and solo. His rhythm tone is killer, and his touch and technique are killer. This harkens back to his stuff with Alcatrazz. I love when he plays in the context of a song. Of course, the instrumentals are unrivaled in intensity. One of my favorite guitarists. Bob
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    C.C. Deville

    I went to see show in Corpus Christi, where I live. Poison opened. I liked some of their stuff, catchy, poppy with an edge. I was really into Blackmore, Schenker, Yngwie, and Gilbert, and harder stuff like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They opened for Ratt, who I was interested in seeing...
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    Diver Down is a pretty good album.

    It's a great album. Lots of good songs on there, and killer tones. They were just so good at that time. Bob
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