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    Re-amping and amp/cab impedance mismatch

    Recently picked up a Jule-modded Night Train 15w v1, which sounds great on its own, but even better into my 100w Fryette Power Station to a Glaswerks 112TH cab with a EVM-12L clone. Thing is, considerable A-B testing so far has led me to believe that the Vox sounds better using the 16ohm tap...
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    Rewiring 4th position on a Strat to N/M series instead of parallel

    Anybody have a wiring diagram on how to do this? Would I have to replace or install any parts if I'm fine losing the n/m parallel sound? Id rather have a beefy neck humbucker-ish lead tone (but don't want to get rid of my single coil straight neck and middle tones) than the 4th position quack...
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    Anybody got a Villex strat passive boost they will sell me?

    Name your price. Thanks.
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    2 7/32" (11.3mm) saddles on a 2 1/8" (10.8mm) Gotoh 510 bridge plate?

    Will this work? I prefer the vintage spacing and dont want to replace the bridge wholesale nor do I think I can without drilling, which I definitely don't want to do.
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    Fryette PS-100 Availability

    Musician's Friend keeps pushing back the ship date by 2 weeks like clockwork for months now. When is Fryette gonna take these to market?
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    Thoughts on this wood/pickup combo?

    Spec'ing a new build, Jazzmaster shape solidbody w/ 22 frets -- Black limba body Rosewood neck (oil finished) Ebony board p90 neck and middle, humbucker bridge that splits to parallel, 5 way switch Alternatively, I'm considering: black limba body maple top rosewood neck and fingerboard same...
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    Suhr neck profile most similar to Modern Elliptical .800-.850?

    Even C RB? Even C Slim? The Modern Elliptical is my favorite neck carve of all time. Trying to get something as close as possible to it for an upcoming custom Classic JM order.
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    Roasted Maple vs Pau Ferro neck/fingerboard with Black Limba Body

    Spec'ing out a Suhr Classic JM. Will have two S90s, Gotoh 510, black limba body and oil finished one piece neck and fingerboard- either roasted maple or pau ferro. Which would work better here? Thanks.
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    Tell me about Roger Giffin guitars

    How do they compare against Suhr in terms of build quality, feel and sound? Looking at something like this
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    Suhr Classic JM Pro: TP6 vs Gotoh 510

    Gassing for the dual p90 JM but can't decide on the bridge. I have a Gotoh 510 in my Modern, so I know how that feels. How will the tune-a-matic feel on the Suhr? Is it stiffer? I like strings to have a decent amount of slack/little resistance when bending. Tone-wise, is the Gotoh brighter...
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    What single instructional video/lesson had the most transformative impact on your playing?

    either from insights gained or material practiced. Question is limited to publicly available lessons. Mine is Kenny Werner's 4 Steps.
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    Amps that come with a tone stack bypass switch

    a la the TR Classic Reverb. What other amps have this feature stock? tyia
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    Sold Fender Custom Shop 50s Telecaster Relic

    Fender Custom Shop 50s Telecaster. Super comfy '57 soft V neck carve. Fiesta Red. Quartersawn maple neck. Solid swamp ash body. 6105 frets. 9.5" radius. ~7.2lbs. Very light relic as pictured. All original except I replaced the saddles with graphite saddles. The graphite saddles make the tone a...
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    That feeling when you're captive at a pointless desk job and you get that UPS delivery alert

    That box sitting there on your front porch, just waiting to be opened.
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    How many days after a Reverb purchase is it reasonable to ask for a shipping update?

    Bought something 3 days ago. Radio silence, no tracking number uploaded. Not trying to be a pushy dick or anything but I want my pedal dammit!
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    Buffalo FX Patriot vs M-1

    Anybody compare these two pedals in terms of sustain? I want liquidy gobs of dripping sustain.
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    NPD: Analogman Envelope Filter

    Just got this last night along with the AM Mini Chorus. I have a Tru-Tron 3x but it's finnicky and absolutely needs to be number 1 in the signal chain in order to do its thing properly, and the Sarno Black Box gets that spot in my rig. I fully expected to love the Mini Chorus and be...
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    Muff style fuzz with bass cut

    Any good ones?
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    Bluesbreaker semi-open back cab vs D-style oval ported back

    How much impact on tone, particularly low end, will these two 2x12 cabs have using the same speakers and signal chain? I play a TR Custom Reverb into a 2x12 Bluesbreaker-style cab with one of the horizontal slots open across the back, loaded with ASW KT-70s. Love the speakers when I'm standing...
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    Bob Burt AH-1 vs Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

    How do these two pedals compare in terms of smoothness (emphasized mids and rolled off top end), presence, touch responsiveness and available gain?
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    Analogman Mini Chorus - depth toggle?

    Plan on pulling the trigger today- need one with top loading jacks, so I'll be buying new. I'm set on getting the external mix knob but is the depth toggle worth it? Does it increase the useable, musical range of the pedal or the extra depth for really far out seasick settings only?
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    Accurate mini tuner with horizontal display

    Anyone know of one? I don't think the Polytune 2 mini or the Turbo Tuner mini have a horizontal display and I don't want to crook my neck adjusting my line of sight. Does the Korg Pitchblack mini have a horizontal display?
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    Dumblelator/Loop-a-lator in Two Rock Classic Reverb fx loop with no effects

    the CR is a passive or a half-buffered loop (I forget). I don't use any effects in the amp's loop and don't plan to, but am wondering if using a dumblelator will increase the amp's overall '3Dness'. Pretty happy with my guitar, amp, cab, and the board in front of the amp so this is next...
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    Humbucker vs single coil neck pickup for a 24 fret guitar?

    Spec'ing out a Suhr T 24 with a classic T bridge and V60lp middle pickup. The neck pickup is pushed right up against the end of the fingerboard. Can't decide if I should go for a Thornbucker with a push/pull split or another v60lp for the neck. Would the SSCII work with the classic...
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    Customizing a neck vs replacing it altogether (Fender CS)

    I have a Fender CS tele that I love the sound of in every position. It's just a phenomenal sounding guitar in every respect. Unfortunately the neck doesn't play as fast as I'd like. It has a gloss finish, thin nickel frets and roundish radius. I can deal with all of these things, but I'd...
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