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    Dr. Z Jetta vs. Maz 18

    What other amp would you compare the Jetta to? The circuit is advertised as being based on a Tweed Deluxe which is actually what I’m after. I’m currently using a 15 watt Trinity Tweed for a basic clean tone and get overdrive from pedals. I really like the sound I get from this setup, I just need...
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    Dr. Z Jetta vs. Maz 18

    Who has both and how do they compare? Aside from the obvious differences in wattage and EQ, which would be a better choice for a clean, edge of breakup pedal platform?
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    Tyler 20/20 or Tungsten Oxnard?

    I'm currently using a Trinity Tweed Deluxe, but looking for another Deluxe inspired amp with a little more clean headroom before breakup than the 15 watt Trinity can offer. The Tyler and Tungsten at 20 and 25 watts look like they might fit the bill and work well as a solid pedal platform. Anyone...
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    Tele PAF options?

    I recently picked up a 2011 Road Worn Player Tele with the Tex-Mex in the bridge and Seymour Duncan 59 PAF in the neck position. The PAF seems a little muddy to my ears, so I'm trying to find a way to brighten it up without affecting the tone of the bridge pup. Volume pot is currently 375k. Any...
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    Favorite live Les Paul tone?

    Fandango era Billy Gibbons.
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    Rock Memoirs

    This^^. It's pretty much a 500 page love letter to himself.
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    Who's had a wrist injury?

    I took a bad fall about a month ago and was pretty sure I'd broken my left wrist. ER doc couldn't see a break and told me to follow up with an ortho doctor. Ortho did an X-ray 2 weeks later and said he was 95 percent sure there were no breaks. Four weeks after the injury I'm able to play at...
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    Atomic Amplifire Users Thread

    I just got a bunch of presets for my AA12 from Fremen and Michael Britt. Is there any way to audition these without overwriting existing presets in the unit?
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    Paul Stanley... "The KISS Farewell Tour could last 3 years."

    $300 for average seats, or $1000 for front row in Memphis. You could always spring for the meet and greet where you get to stand onstage and hold Paul's guitar for a mere $6500. I was front row the first time I saw them for $18.50 and everyone was still at the top of their game. Godspeed boys.
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    Anyone See The 1988 Monsters Of Rock Tour?

    JFK stadium in Philadelphia for me. So hot that people were stumbling out of the crowd to puke or pass out trying to get to the water hoses set up on the sides of the field. I was sitting just high enough to see over the wall to the right of the stage. Two limos pull up behind the wall, the...
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    Funniest moment you've witnessed at a live show.

    Journey playing Z-Fest in Jackson, Ms. late 90s. Neal Schon steps up to the mic and says "Its great to be here in Jacksonville."
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    Weird Al covering Rebel Yell

    Too bad we'll never get to hear all the Prince songs he recorded. The Purple One had steadfastly refused to allow Al to release them before his death.
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    Deodorizing a guitar?

    Specifically cigarette smoke. I'm selling a Les Paul for a friend, and the guitar and case both reek like a dirty ashtray. How do I get rid of it?
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    Chris Robinson - As The Crow Flies Tour

    Agreed. I heard him on Stern a while back, talking about how happy he was to NOT have to sing BC songs anymore.
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    Favorite Neal Schon riffs/licks/solo and why...

    I always loved the intro on this one.
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    Recommend me some good The Darkness songs.

    Someone posted the link for Bald, which I've now got in heavy rotation. I'm not worthy of its awesomeness.
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    Recommend me some good The Darkness songs.

    I've really only heard A Thing Called Love, and didn't realize they had such a large catalog to choose from. What are some of the best?
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    Friedman Runt 20 vs. Runt 50

    I'm looking at both of these amps in head form. For those who have had a chance to play both, how do the clean channels compare? I really like the clips I've heard of the 20, but can't really tell how much headroom there is on the clean side. I don't need a ton of volume, as I'm currently...
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    Pat Travers Band

    Saw him open for Boston on Thursday night and he was awesome. You could probably fit all of their gear into a minivan. Great tone from a really simple setup. Boston on the other hand, must have six guys and a tractor trailer dedicated to Tom Scholz's gear alone.
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    Best Queen song NOT featuring Freddie on lead vox?

    Hands down...
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    Howard interviewed Mellencamp!

    +1000. I started listening to Stern around 1990. Moved out of the market in 2002, and finally picked him up again on satellite in 2012. He was still doing the same interview. A few questions from the artists Wikipedia page, followed by "How's your sex life?" and "Does your wife/girlfriend do...
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    Old school Mule

    My favorite Mule cover.
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    So what is the consensus on the V.2 THR update?

    Does anyone know if the standard THR10 being sold today is the upgraded version?
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    It's good to be Sting

    Yikes! From the article... In an April 2000 interview that featured all three Police members, "Every Breath You Take" was discussed and it was clear that emotions were still unresolved: Summers: At that point we were in a really gnarly state as a trio. We had sort of reached the end of...
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