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    UPDATED WITH A SOUND DEMO - NGD - Fender American Ultra SSS in Texas Tea

    Here is a demo song I made just to show off the tones a little bit. Starts with RAWK and then some clean at the end. Hey guys. It is so rare that I am able to buy a new guitar that I just had to make a thread. Let alone a pretty expensive guitar as a "luxury purchase." I am pretty giddy over...
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    NGD: 1992 Yamaha Superstrat. Have I been missing out for all these years?

    So, I have been wanting to try a modern shred style guitar after playing mostly Gibson's for the last 25 years. I got an early 90's made in Taiwan Yamaha RGX321 for 100 bucks. Alder body, shredders contoured heel, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, Floyd rose trem. Absolutely immaculate fret work...
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    Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd gen audio issues

    Hi guys. I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve the experience I'm having with this device. My bands drummer purchased it and we are using it to record an ep right now. Most of the record is already finished and I've just been dealing with the issues as best as I can. Computer specs: i7...
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    **UPDATE: ep drops today.**Drums recording advice

    ******** UPDATE: Anyone who was interested in this thread. Finally, we are releasing the album this weekend. Mixed by @jmoose and mastered by @Sunbreak Music. All recorded by the band with consumer grade gear. Both of those guys were great to work with and come highly recommended by me. :)...
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    3 Sigma Audio "electric guitar impulses"

    Anyone else tried these? I was skeptical so I bought the strat and the PRS. I play an SG with P90's. It kind of sounds in between humbuckers and strat singles. So. You plug these IR's into a loader before your amp sim and it makes your guitar sound like the guitar from the IR. I have the say...
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    Excellent customer service experience-Sonoma Wire Works

    Hey everyone. I wanted to recommend Sonoma Wire Works products based on the exceptional support that I have received from the company. I purchased their guitarjack STAGE pedal/interface/MIDI switcher a few months ago to use with BIAS FX on Windows 10. It's a great sounding product. I had Major...
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    Anyone used a Sonoma Guitarjack Stage in a live setting with laptop?

    Hey everyone. Looking for any real world experiences with this product: It looks like exactly what I may need after I move next year but I can't find any real world reviews. I need to piece together a tiny rig and I already have Bias and Bias...
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    VST plugin error. Ilok issue?

    Last week I decided I wanted to try the demo versions of Steven slate new virtual preamp collection. I got the authorization codes from Slate but my PACE software was too old to run. I had to update to the latest version to get it to work. My music computer doesn't really ever go on the internet...
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    Research paper ideas- chitlin circuit

    Hey guys. Calling upon the expertise of the TGP brethren here. I have to do a 12 page research paper for school on a topic of my choosing. I hate writing papers but if i pick music related topics its pretty enjoyable. I thought the chitlin circuit would be an interesting topic. Soooo. I need...
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    NAD Peavey Classic 20 MH-video now up

    image free hosting I could barely find any info on this little gem so i thought i would make a quick thread for anyone to ask any questions or anything. Its 14 inches wide and weighs about 15 pounds. Clean and drive channels each with a footswitchable boost. Clean channel is great. Just has...
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    Recommendations for a cheap soft-synth that can do orchestral sounds

    Hey guys. I am doing a project for school and I need to be able to produce cello/violin/viola/percussion etc from MIDI. I have a midi controller already. I got a "freeware" orchestral softsyth but it sounds a 20$ casio Anyone know of something around 50...
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    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

    PSA for those like me who have not heard this band: Saw them last night at red rocks. Blew the roof off the place(well...there is no roof but you get the idea)! I was not familiar with them, but I am a fan now as was most of the audience. They completely won over a sellout crowd, playing a...
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    Rival Sons - saw em last night

    Not sure how I missed this band, but I just discovered them last week. Lucky for me they were in Denver last night! Great band! Great performance, great songs, that singer put on a clinic.....that dude can wail. The guitarist's playing and tone are almost as impressive as his epic mustache...
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    New EP. Loud melodic rock.

    Listen if you get a chance.
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    New band's New album free streaming plus charity opportunity

    Hey everyone. My new band, "The Mighty Fire," has just released our first album called "everything and nothing." It is streaming for free below. If you like it, please consider purchasing a copy from iTunes or Google Play(all proceeds going to charity). Links provided below. FREE...
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    Diezel VH4....looking for advice

    This week I will have a chance to track guitars with a Diezel VH4. I've never played one of these before. There will be other options, too....pretty standard stuff that I'm very familiar and vintage marshalls, mesa's, orange, VOX....etc. Any advice or favorite settings/tricks on...
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    Mesa Quad preamp users: HELP

    A studio I record out of has a Mesa Quad preamp. I was super excited to plug it in and give it a go, but NO SOUND! I'm pretty good with techie things so I took it home. I have a couple of 12ax7's on order so I'll troubleshoot the tubes, jacks, pots, switches....basically all the simple stuff...
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    Soundgarden-Tonight at Red Rocks

    Anyone else going? Can't wait to see this band I've been listening to for so many years!
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    Album release: Advice needed

    Hey folks. I wanted to get the "brain trust" opinion on my upcoming CD release. One of my college buds and myself decided to put out a record together since we hadn't done any music together in 5 years or so. He lives in Dallas, and I live in Denver. We e-mailed/file shared/snail mailed to get...
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    Saints at Sundown album teasers

    Hey folks, my newest project is called Saints at Sundown. It's rock. It's loud. Guitar/bass are scratch, but these are the final takes on drums with rough mixes by me. Tones are all through amplitube/guitar rig. Finals will be done with my Dr z Z-28. Check out the roughs here...
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    Complete solo record. Free download.

    Rock and roll. I like classic and modern rock sounds, and I think that shows. I made this record a couple of years ago when I was between bands. Completely recorded/mixed/mastered at home, for better or
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    Dallas Area Peeps-need the 411

    SO, I have a new record I'm starting with an old friend. I'm in Denver, and he is in Dallas. He is a drummer(a very good one), and I am doing everything else. SO, we are sharing song files back and forth, and when the time comes I was thinking of booking a day at a local studio there in dallas...
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    WGS green beret review

    Hi folks, in searching for a new speaker it was a bit of effort to find reviews, so hopefully this will help out anyone in the same situation. I tested with a dr z z-28, and a warmoth strat with single coils and humbuckers...variety of pedals. I just got a used WGS green beret 8 Ohm to replace...
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    Researching OD pedals....opinions wanted!

    I've been scouring these pages the last few nights for recommendations and reviews on a good low to mid gain OD pedal. I've been using a tube screamer, but i'm looking for something a bit different....more full range with a sweeter top end, and less mid hump....more amp like. I have it narrowed...
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    Hello from Colorado

    New guy here living in Denver, CO. It's nice to see your smiling faces.
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