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  1. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    For Pete’s sake! Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.
  2. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    DITCH HIM NOW. No matter how “good” you think he is he not only can’t control his volume, he’s refusing to try. That doubling down on having no consideration for band mates. Plus he’s wearing the bloody earmuffs to insulate him against his own poor conduct. No amount of history or perceived...
  3. kombi1976

    Hey tall guys (over 6"), what are you playing?

    I’m 6’2” and love Rickenbackers but I’d never get a 620. That would be cartoonish.
  4. kombi1976

    Why don't all professional guitarists use a looper/switcher system to avoid losing tone when using many pedals?

    Having set up a full board, first around an ES-8 which needed the main PCB replacing under warranty, and upgrading to a RJM PBC 6X (as I couldn’t trust the ES-8), I’m seriously considering downsizing and either going to mini pedals or to a modeller/multi-fx system. It’s the weight. At 21 you...
  5. kombi1976

    Why don't all professional guitarists use a looper/switcher system to avoid losing tone when using many pedals?

    It depends on which looper you have. Some of the very basic ones may not make much difference. But if you use midi gear, or want to switch pedal order, which I do frequently, or like to program set lists, or have many songs to play, then a looper like the RJM PBC is very valuable. Especially if...
  6. kombi1976

    Surprising affordable Ibanez; RG321MH

    I hadn’t run across these before. They’re an Indonesian-built guitar but they look Japanese with bound headstock and bridge. I’ve started teaching at a new school and it just happened they had one in the rack of their electric guitars. The strings were filthy so I switched them out for a set...
  7. kombi1976

    Why don't all professional guitarists use a looper/switcher system to avoid losing tone when using many pedals?

    Switchers are useful if you have to cover a ton of ground and switch midi and amps as well. I can see that as necessary on some pro gigs but in others I’d say it’s unnecessary. If I built a studio board it’d have a true bypass strip switcher like the Gigrig Quartermaster. Switching through the...
  8. kombi1976

    Hot Take: Strats Are Awful ;)

    I plugged the MIJ Strat we have in this arvo. It’s standard aside of the bridge pickup which is a Kinman noiseless vintage type. Super quiet but weak. My conclusion is that a Strat, properly EQed and at a moderate to high volume does sound good, even great. But as soon as it’s not making the...
  9. kombi1976

    Hot Take: Strats Are Awful ;)

    To the OP, I feel your pain. For me Strats seem completely amp dependent. Without an amp with which you find your best sound they’re extremely frustrating. I also find vintage low power pickups very annoying. Leo Fender had hearing damage and his “high fidelity” tone in my hands sounds weak and...
  10. kombi1976

    Who's more agreeable when it comes to guitar, Scott Grove types or Rick Beato types?

    I have the strong opinion this thread was posted under a bridge as billy goats passed over it. That said, while Beato may be wordy and rant about Don Henley and fair usage now and again, I generally find his stuff pretty interesting. He doesn’t dismiss modern music out of hand, and some of the...
  11. kombi1976

    Did grunge "kill" the cover band scene too?

    I’m sure other people have said this before, but the emergence of Grunge was in many ways no different to the emergence of Punk. In the same way Prog Rock and Classic Rock had become lengthy and self indulgent, 80s Rock and Hair Metal was bombastic, mysoginistic and technically focused and...
  12. kombi1976

    Gear that YOU love, but most seem to hate.

    Is it Vinnie Vincent’s collection?
  13. kombi1976

    Relic'd guitars are "cosplay for hipsters"

    I can think of 6 good reasons to buy a good reliced reissue guitar: You don’t stress about dinging it. It already feels played in. It’s still drastically cheaper than even the worst player grade guitar of which it’s a replica. It was made with new timber, hardware and electronics so it’s...
  14. kombi1976

    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    1600…….. Let’s be honest. Everyone thinks the next generations of music are horrendous. Thankfully social media platforms are giving people the sort of publicity they wouldn’t normally have and they can stream with out record companies stealing their royalties……not that streaming companies are...
  15. kombi1976

    Wife Challenge

    For the record, my wife said “What the bloody hell is that. Sounds like 2 cats on a fence.” All I’m going to say is there’s a reason that woman is lonely.
  16. kombi1976

    Completely Stupid Amp Purchase - Fender Quad Reverb

    Perfect for steel guitar! ;)
  17. kombi1976

    Wife Challenge

    Maybe someone else has already posted this......:(
  18. kombi1976

    Guitars you're fancying, but can't or won't get?.

    Honestly, a Fidelity Guitars instrument. Beautiful things. Quirky and relic'd and wonderful pickups and hardware. But they're made in the UK and the cost here in Oz won't hold value. Those TGP members in England should seriously consider them, though.
  19. kombi1976

    Would You Treat Yourself with a $400 Delay Pedal?

    I say if you bond with it go for it. But there are some great deals on the 2nd hand market.
  20. kombi1976

    Switching bridges on a Tele?

    Cheers, blokes! Gives me a wider scope!:cool:
  21. kombi1976

    Switching bridges on a Tele?

    Nah, it’s the whole base plate I don’t like. Mostly they’re too shiny and I like the 3-sided bridge. Oh, and ashtrays are roughly square but the modern ones are elongated.
  22. kombi1976

    Switching bridges on a Tele?

    I don’t have a Tele yet but I don’t want a modern bridge or a top loader. Sounds like I should just buy one with an ashtray and not plan on swapping.
  23. kombi1976

    Switching bridges on a Tele?

    I prefer ashtray bridges like this one: Is it an easy swap to put an ashtray onto a guitar with a modern bridge like this?
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