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    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    A 65 Strat. All things being equal condition wise for all original. Re Fret and a 5 way are ok for me. It seems 64's are about 3k more due to the pre CBS factor, pickguard, dots and headstock logo. I'm not interested in a Refinished one. Thoughts.
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    Squier '60s Custom Esquire

    Anyone have one? Thoughts?
  3. Nonvintage

    Entertainer or Guitar Player/Musician

    I wish I was both. I sat in last night with an oldies band and they were very entertaining. They called a song last night I'd never played before and they gave me a solo and it was a trainwreck for me. After a few minutes with the changes I thought of some things I could have played but of...
  4. Nonvintage

    Music Zoo CAR 65 Strat

    Is this guitar a good deal? I have an original Sunburst 66 Strat and am considering trading up to "pre-CBS".
  5. Nonvintage

    The Underdog Bar in East Nashville

    Has anyone gone to see Guthrie Trapp there? Also Jack Ruch? It appears they play there pretty regularly.
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    Does Anyone Have A Rixby Amp Stand

    I've seen these on, looks cool for cramped stages.
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    Thank God for the NFL

    For distracting me from the Silver Sky SE.
  8. Nonvintage

    Sterling Cutlass CT 50 vs. Silver Sky SE

    Another Strat variant that sounds good to me.
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    NOPD Mr. Black Deluxe Plus

    I recently did a gig with a 63 Tuxedo Princeton. I'm a reverb junkie so I got the title effect. The range on this pedal is so useful, and the bias tremolo can get real slow. All in all I highly recommend it.
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    64 Fiesta Red Refin

    For sale at Carter Vintage for 17.5K. I'm interested in trading a 66 Strat and a refin 63 Tele. Does that seem fair?
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    In praise of Xotic

    I have an EP, AC, RC & a BB pre. Consistently great trouble free pedals. I tried the Soul Driven but AB'd with the SH RC booster it didn't wow me. I probably needed to spend more time with it.
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    Your #1 Overdrive for a Les Paul for Blues

    Played through vintage Fender Blackface amps? At full volume probably not needed. So please answer for playing with volume on about 3.
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    New on You Tube.

    Joe B. High Class Girl. Can you dig it?
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    1984 Peavey Bandit 65 Needs A Fix

    Last night at a jam my amp went down after a 20 minute set. Took a look at it today. 2 amp 250 volt fuse is toast. I replaced it with a new fuse of same value. Still dead no power. Guess it's time to go to a tech. Circuit board looks good. I'm wondering if the on off switch shorted. Is this...
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    Celestion Blue compared to Eminence GA-SC64

    I've had both. They sound very similar to me in my SF Princeton Reverb Amp. Can't say the Blue is worth $150 more.
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    NGD MIM Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline

    Super light 6lb 2oz. With Lollar Vintage Y neck pickup and Fender '51 Nocaster Bridge with brass saddles. I'd love to post a pic but I'm tech challenged but it is a 3 tone sunburst. FWIW
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    Telecaster Noisless Pickups

    The hum is driving me crazy on my 69 Thinline. I'm trying to find what sounds closest to vintage single coils without noise. I'm strongly leaning to Mojotone's Broadcaster Quiet Coils. Who's using noiseless Tele pickups? Tell me about yours.
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    Norman's 59 ES 335TD now on youtube

    I wish I had the scratch!
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    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    Mainly playing old school Rock/Blues with a Princeton, Deluxe or Super Reverb amp. Clean boost used are EP or RC Boost. What delay pedal will broaden my lead tone and what settings should I try? Thanks.
  20. Nonvintage

    My 1x12 Cabinet needs a Cheap Tube Amp Head

    Recommendations under $250 appreciated. It will be used in a 5 piece Blues Band. It needs to be as loud as a Deluxe reverb amp.
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    3rd Power Clean Sink, Giggable?

    I've had this amp for about 3 months now and it's really growing on me, especially with my R8.
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    Broadcaster 0084 at Norman's

    Thought I'd post this. Saw a video of this guitar which was photographed by Leo and used in the first Broadcaster/Telecaster advertisement. Someone just bought it. I don't know who. It has a very specific grain pattern. Can someone please post the link?
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    Amp Sounds Great

    But will it be compromised? I have a matched set of 6V6GT tubes that were in my 1970 SF Deluxe Reverb Amp. They are one gray smoked bottle RCA 6V6GT and an older EH 6V6GT, they were biased at 417 PV @ both are @ 26ma in my Deluxe. I have a new amp that came with JJ 6V6 tubes that the...
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    Speaker Sensitivity Question

    How much clean headroom would I get going from a 25 watt WGS 12" Green Beret speaker at 99.6 sensitivity to an 50 watt Eminence GB128 speaker with a sensitivity rating of 101.3. Also the Green Beret is too dark sounding. The amps is approx. 22 watts.
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    WGS Green Beret vs. Celestion Ruby, Gold or Cream

    I just bought a 3rd Power Clean Sink. It comes stock with the WGS. I'm wondering how much more clean headroom I'd get with any of these Celestions. I love the Blue in my SF Princeton Reverb amp.
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