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    Where do you like your univibe?

    Do you prefer your univibe before or after your fuzz? Or ever later on your chain?
  2. pulse.

    Another speaker question - High wattage G12M 25

    My question is pretty simple. I love the sound of my Chinese reissues G12M 25 watts. A while ago I bought a 1959HW that my tech modded to superbass specs. My cab is a 2061cx with two G12M speakers rating 50 watts and I always use a Fryette Power Station. Which is the closest sounding speaker to...
  3. pulse.

    Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere

    I found a great deal yesterday on reverb and I pulled the trigger. How do you power yours?
  4. pulse.

    Merren transformers

    Does anyone know if they are still in business? I tried through their FB page and their email with no luck.
  5. pulse.

    School me on Blankenship Variplex

    Happy new year everyone! I recently sold my Jrt9/15 to finance a marshall flavoured head. I'm located in europe, where I can get a 1959hw for 1550€, which for now is my no1 candidate. There's also a used Blankenship Variplex on reverb for 2090€. I cannot find clips for low-mid gain sounds, it...
  6. pulse.

    Germino club 40 cheaper alternative

    I would love to get a club 40, but here in EU they're pretty rear to find them used and new are about $3300. Is there anything else in the vein of the 1986 super bass model available but a little cheaper?
  7. pulse.

    Abr1 question

    Hello guys and gals, just a quick question. Does anyone make a wraparound bridge that would be a retrofit to a abr1 bridge? I have a SG with maestro trem system and I'm curious on the feel differences between the trem and wraparound bridges.
  8. pulse.

    Amp handle help

    Hello there, I want to change the amp handle on my divided by 13 amp but I cannot find them anywhere. I asked Freddy where I can find one but they have stopped using them 5 years ago. Can anyone help me?
  9. pulse.

    From maestro to stoptail.

    Has anyone here converted his SG that had maestro tailpiece to a stoptail? I'm curious on the sound difference, not tuning stability.
  10. pulse.

    Magnatone in a box? Hell yeah!

    New pedal by Crazy Tube Circuits, the Killer V. Sounds awesome on this demo by Shawn Tubbs. It supposed to be like a magnatone in a box, and it surely sounds like one. I'm very curious to try one, I had a 62 Magnatone that I sold almost a year ago and I would like to have that flavor on my...
  11. pulse.

    Sold Guyatone Wr2

    Selling this little funky box, I haven't use it for a decade or more so it goes for sale. I don't have the original box. $100 shipped WW, plus paypal fees.
  12. pulse.

    Sold Pigdog Driver MkII $340 shipped

    Sadly I have to sell my beloved Pigdog Driver from 2014, the Fernando Alonso, the best treble booster I've ever played, thick and juicy. Trades: Fuzzes, Octavias, Timmy, Cali76, Unit67 + - cash where needed From the Pigdog site: For 2014, I am releasing 22 Driver pedals. Driver is...
  13. pulse.

    Sold NOS Tesla Ecc803s pair $120

    I'm selling a pair of NOS Tesla Ecc803s tubes, excellent tubes. I bought a quartet of those years ago from KCA, I have the one pair on my Hiwatt so these are for sale. They came with generic white boxes. I'll pack them as good as possible. $120 plus $10 for worldwide shipping
  14. pulse.

    Sold Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers

    I have a pair of antiquities for sale but I 'm open to trades with pedals
  15. pulse.

    Sold Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers

    Hello there, I'm selling a pair of Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers with aged nickel covers. The bridge cover was once removed but installed again. The wires are 36cm for the neck and 21cm for the bridge pickup. I do not have their boxes but I'll pack them as good as I can. Price is...
  16. pulse.

    Jerry McPherson at truetone lounge

    Excellent interview as always, but after 1:40:00 it gets pretty geeky amp-wise with a pretty brilliant idea for studio guys.
  17. pulse.

    Small size compressor for slide

    I'm looking for a small size comp (mxr and smaller) for slide playing. FET preferably, what's your choice?
  18. pulse.

    Sold Pair of Tesla Ecc803s

    As the title says I'm selling a pair of NOS Tesla's Ecc803s. These are great and really rear to find ecc803s tubes. I don't have the original boxes, bought them this way from kca if I remember correctly. $170 shipped
  19. pulse.

    Sold Prescription Electronics Overdriver $200

    A sonic recreation of the famous Coloursound Overdriver, the pedal that Jeff Beck used on the Blow by Blow and Rough & Ready period. It's also similar to the Coloursound Power boost that David Gilmour uses. It can go from clean boost to almost fuzz. There are some scars on the silkscreen print...
  20. pulse.

    Sold Nos Mullard & Rft Ef86

    I selling a couple of NOS Ef86's. I had a VOX Ac30 with an Ef86 channel, loved the clean and overdriven sounds. From my experience Mullards and RFTs are two of the best sounding Ef86s out there. Mullard - $60 shipped plus paypal fees RFT - $30 shipped plus paypal fees SOLD
  21. pulse.

    Sold Gigrig power adaptors

    Hi there, I'm selling some gigrig adaptors that I don't use anymore. Prices are shipped but you should add the paypal fees. 3 x Isolators 50€ each Distributor 30€ Aca Aok 9-12V 40€
  22. pulse.

    T-tops vs Antiquities

    Hello everybody, I have a 14 VOS Sg that now has a pair of SD Antiquities. A friend of mine sold me today a pair of late 70's T-tops, that I won't be able to try for at least a couple of weeks. How they compare to the antiquities? Anyone has experience to share?
  23. pulse.

    Lovepedal believe in mini format

    Hi there, is there an alternative to Lovepedal's Believe in a mini enclosure?
  24. pulse.

    Sold VFE Standout

    Hi there, I'm selling a mint VFE standout, brand new. $80 shipped plus paypal fees
  25. pulse.

    Insane patch cable comparison

    This is definitely the most in depth patch cable comparison I've ever seen. Good job Max Solo, thumbs up
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