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  1. calieng

    Help Finding Brazilian Board '65 Strat Neck

    Has anyone seen a Brazilian rosewood '65 Strat neck out there for sale? Preferably a lower cost reproduction but posibly an original depending on cost. Does anyone know of a luthier who could build one? It does not seem Warmoth etc have Brazilian boards anymore.... Is it possible to replace...
  2. calieng

    Help Need - Email Gibson Today - Boycott Gibson

    For those of you not aware there is a developing issue that the finish on the Murphy Lab Gibson guitars is defective and starting to flake off. This is not just a mild effect but will eventually cause large areas of the finish to come off. Gibson dealers have been quietly taking these guitars...
  3. calieng

    Murphy Lab Finish Issues

    Just wanted to check in here with anyone who has purchased a Murphy Lab guitar. Has your finish started flaking off? I am now on the third one that needs to be returned due to the finish lifting up and flaking off.
  4. calieng

    Advice on 24 Fret Trem Guitar with Mojo!

    I have a few 24 fret guitars including PRS Custom 24 with trem and Floyd and Ibanez. Have had Suhr Modern in the past. Does anyone have a recomendation on one with a lot of mojo and tone. Don't get me wrong the ones I mentioned are great but they do not have the same mojo for me as a good Les...
  5. calieng

    Dr. Z Maz Jr II Speaker Upgrade

    Just received a new Maz Jr and really like the amp although still a bit bright for my ears. I happened to have some extra Avatar Fane M65s so I tried one out in it and man does it ever sound great! Tames the harsh high end without loosing the treble sparkle. Just a perfect speaker in this amp...
  6. calieng

    Orange VT-1000 Valve Tester - Snake Oil

    Had two EL34s on the left side of a quad redplate and one flashed and took out the HT and power line fuses on my BE100 before I had a chance to turn it off. Was an open box unit from a dealer that I just received. I had a replacement set of tubes so I tried them out in the amp and they worked...
  7. calieng

    I am Done with Reverb.Com

    I just got another email from Reverb accusing me of selling a guitar off site and not paying their fees based on their reading of my messages. They said they warned me several times and next time my account would be suspended. I showed them it sold on eBay and the only thing in the messages...
  8. calieng

    Need Advice on Les Paul

    Just got this 2015 True Historic HS9 Stinger in. Need some advice. It sounds really good with the Burstbuckers (came that way stock). But I really think zebras would look good. I've got a set of Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Zebras. Should I got for it? Also - pick guard install or no? Props to the...
  9. calieng

    Sold Blowing Out Some Gear - Tone King, Carol Ann, PRS Dallas, Fender Hand Wired Twin

    Not much is selling quickly these days so I put a few of the nice ones up for auction with no reserve. Check it out - you may get a good deal.
  10. calieng

    Sold Fender Hand Wired '57 Tweed Twin

    I have a Fender hand wired Tweed Twin up for sale. These were a Custom Shop run a few years back. No longer being made as far as I know. This one has the hang tags, papers, spare handle, and spare tube. $1650 shipped or trade for other amps or Fender Custom Shop Strat or Tele...
  11. calieng = Big Brother

    Just a heads up that if you are on everything you message is being read by their staff. I just got an email accusing me selling a guitar off their site without paying fees. When I pointed out that the guitar in question was still for sale on Reverb and also on eBay the customer...
  12. calieng

    Murphy Aged Finish Up-charge

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity for a nice '59 True Historic Les Paul with an aged Murphy finish. I know it is well below what they usually would sell for but just curious what you think the Murphy finish is usually worth as an up-charge and what you think the fair cost of the guitar should be...
  13. calieng

    Sold The $100k Sale - Suhr, Anderson, Fender, Gibson, B3, Bad Cat

    I have a big chunk of my gear up for sale right now as I downsize my collection. Feel free to PM me if you want to purchase directly for a better price. Thanks!
  14. calieng

    Shipping Guitars Safe to Hong Kong?

    I just sold one of my Les Paul Historics on eBay for $5,495 to a guy in Hong Kong with only 5 feedback. Paypal is currently reviewing the payment before they clear it but if that goes well should I have any concerns about sending this guitar there? I know if it was China mainland I don't think I...
  15. calieng

    Sold Redplate Small Combo cabinet $100

    I have a 1X12" combo cabinet in good condition that fits the small chassis Redplate slant front panel amps. I think this one had a Tweedyverb in it originally. $100 shipped in lower 48 states.
  16. calieng

    Show Your True Historic Les Paul

    My first True Historic Lester purchased today from the Great Great House of Guitars! Thanks again Curt! More info once it arrives. Please share your pics if you have one. Would love to see some others.
  17. calieng

    Your thoughts about Small Boutique Stores

    /rant on I just had another experience with a boutique guitar store that kind of put me off them again. I have had such good luck with some other small stores but in this recent case I received a high end amp from a well respected builder that is discussed on here a lot and unfortunately found...
  18. calieng

    Nice '59 Les Paul 2014 VOS

    Hi Guys, Check out this nice Lester I just ordered from the House of Guitars.... I have owned a few '59s but the top on this one was exactly what I have been looking for. Can't wait to get it. I hope it sounds as great as it looks. Some good deals on 2014 models right now!
  19. calieng

    Humbucker Music Bad Customer Experience

    Got a Bad Cat 30R head from these guys this week. It was supposed to be new but it arrived in a Black Cat 30 box with smudges all over it and with the wrong color knobs. So I try it out anyway only to find it is making a buzzing noise when played. I call the custom service and their solution...
  20. calieng

    Budda Shrunken Head Cabinet

    A few years back Budda was looking at building smaller head cabinets. I guess it never happened but can anyone recommend a builder who could make one for me? I've got an early (#22) Superdrive combo I want to convert to head format. Here's a pic borrowed from an older (2009) thread....
  21. calieng

    '65 Fender American Vintage Strat Tuners?

    I received one of the sunburst Fender American '65 Strat reissues recently and was fixing it up to be a little more true to the original. I replaced the neck plate with a reproduction and was about to replace the tuners with some Klusons. I see Fender used single row lettering on their...
  22. calieng

    Schroeder Edge

    Just came across a listing on eBay for a Schroeder Edge on sale from a dealer clearing them out. I assume it is one that Jason did not build but still looks nicely finished. Looked like a nice guitar so I thought I would give it a try. Anyone else have one of these? How do you like it?
  23. calieng

    Nolatone - Nicely Done

    Just wanted to give a quick thumbs up to Nolatone. I saw one of their Rotten Johnny amps on eBay recently going for a good price. The amp looked interesting but I did not know too much about it. After reading a few posts I decided to take a chance. This 1X12 combo amp is a nice grab and go...
  24. calieng

    PRS - I give up...

    I am sad to say that I have finally given up on PRS guitars. I have owned many of the nice ones over the past few years including a Private Stock, Signature LTD, Artist V, and ME Quatro....I just can't bond with any of them. I really want to but it just isn't there. They are some of the nicest...
  25. calieng

    Suhr SSC is Amazing

    I know this has been talked about in the past but I just got my first Suhr with the SSC system recently from a fellow forum member and all I can say is WOW. I love single coil tones but have mostly bought humbucker guitars because I cannot stand the hum and have not really loved any of the...
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