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  1. cram

    I want to get better at bending, and Legato. Looking for good excercises!

    it's your ear - not your fingers (as much). hear the pitch match what you're playing against. Play to chords. Use jam tracks or something like this in the background - develop a pattern and pass you'd like to work through. feel and hear how it lands the right note. learn to adjust when...
  2. cram

    To which extent does your first guitar influence your current preferences

    Influenced me to understand I can play anything. It was crap and I managed to deliver with it. Your point of rediscovery is key. I have a variety of guitars and I cannot say which is my favorite. I am playing 335 now, but that one turns to rags in the corner when I pickup my strat or lp...
  3. cram

    who else *really* sounds like GNR and Aerosmith, that *greasy/sleazy* blues rock vibe?

    Learning that slash was hugely influenced by Rory Galagher answered a lot for me. Not truly the dominant factor in that band at all, but I dig them both and see how it fits in my mucked up head.
  4. cram

    Jimmy Page must have liked The Black Crowes.

    Why, I never... thought there was so much strong opinion about a collaboration. I rather liked live at the greek. It revitalized Oh Well for me. One of my favorite concert films is Freak-n-Roll with the black crowes. It was around when I did see them in concert and they killed it. That...
  5. cram

    I love this Gibson SG.

    ask matt.
  6. cram

    Dolly Parton wants to do a rock album and wants the Stones to back her

    More collab. See what happens. That's the point. Too old? Are you listening to someone say that about you? If you do, you will never know what you can do there.
  7. cram

    Neil Diamond isn't terrible..

    70's gold. Yes, you hear it in isle 7 and while hitting the close button after selecting your floor, but it's there because those tunes are embedded in the experience of generations.
  8. cram

    Modeler outside can never replace my 4x12 cab and 100w head

    considering my eq for an amp changes significantly from room to outside, I expect the same for any source. I'm usually dealing with low and and mid freq along with feathering what drive is being used.
  9. cram


    Old thread I had. TGP Research - TubeScreamers | The Gear Page
  10. cram

    What to do when you can't find a Singer?

    I was going to hastily reply - after only seeing the thread title - with, "Sing". Then I saw your aim in one of the most moving vocal tributes. :) Get creative with it and search your region for an act with someone having those chops and range. You may find someone who's willing to fit this...
  11. cram

    Guitarists who play with a smile on their face

    If you appreciate the positivity. If you truly do. Take a look at Joshua Starkman. The first video I saw of him was on FB and he was in the background with an AMAZING vocalist singing a jazz standard. He had a perma-grin going the entire video and I'll admit; I internally mocked it. But...
  12. cram

    What’s the best feeling, most effortless playing Electric you’ve ever played?

    each guitar that I've kept in working order. within that there are subtle factors which can change over time with environment and the instrument which have to be maintained. I have even bonded with a variety of neck profile from thin and flat to deep, but steep round to the board.
  13. cram

    Wound G string on electric guitar

    When playing detuned for a while in the early '00's I had them: the ernie ball not even slinky (green package) I remember 12 to 56 was the gauge. Maybe a wrapped 24 on the G? I then transitioned from a full step down to 1/2 and it was getting hard for my favorite bends on that string closer...
  14. cram

    Jack White tour

    That's actually a funny trick question! No wrist watch and my phone supposedly not on me. :) My text to my kid was during the opener's set at the halfway point around 8:20, the break seemed to be long running, so I'd put the Jack White start time somewhere at 9:30-45.
  15. cram

    Jack White National Anthem

    Go see his tour! I caught them last night and it was a great show. A LOT more raw and badass than with racounters. I dug it.
  16. cram

    Jack White tour

    I caught the 4/17 show. It seems he's doing a job of ensuring nothing is shared/documented about the shows as there is little to nothing on the video sharing sites like youtube or other. At the venue they were handing out packets for people to volunteer their phones to be placed in a locked...
  17. cram

    Audio Myths Roundtable with me, Glenn Fricker, and Ethan Winer

    Thoughts on this - Audio and Visual engineering is fraught with a subjective end. This is why redundancy, statistical output and blind/double-blind testing is used. Forum or any community without proper peer review is a silly platform to entertain or even have quality debate. - I recall a...
  18. cram

    Audio Myths Roundtable with me, Glenn Fricker, and Ethan Winer

    Ethan Winer has taught me so much about managing sound. I got his Audio Expert book way back when I was building my studio and hanging out on johnsayer's forum. I have always been sensitive to sound and thinking through what shapes it. Conceptualizing this for room design was a great experience.
  19. cram

    Better get Russian Baltic birch cabs while u still can!

    hehehe... i have a 5x5 sheet and 2 offshoots. hmm. Just braggin'.
  20. cram

    Fast Rhythm

    Phish before Phish. :)
  21. cram

    Anyone ever use a generator to power your amps?

    a bunch of times without a single issue. 50w amp tube. lights (small amount, led & incadescent) Bass amp PA Sound - We made a sound baffle out of pallets, crappy plywood and it was basically a lean-to which baffled the sound away from our direction. Generac gas generator I think it was...
  22. cram

    Do you have a name for your guitar?

    no. I've been told it's bad luck and could cause my boat to sink.
  23. cram

    Favourite John Paul Jones basslines

    II is a bass clinic. I play along whenever I want a smile. This was the album which firmly taught how bass establishes melody in music. Other than this, I'll choose to call out another tune which is driven by the bass in a different way. Check out the section going A to B to C (always...
  24. cram

    Extreme: Who was the leader of that band? or was it shared?

    Are you talking about artistic output or their whole thing? The songwriting ease between the guitarist and singer was what started the band. Nuno bailed on something he perceived as a big deal to be with Gary because of this. They were like chocolate and panutbutter trying to achieve the...
  25. cram

    Why do harmonica players get such a bad rap?

    easy - it's an easy entry into making it sound passable. You have a lot of people who are playing... not so well and a few that are amazing and incredibly musical.
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