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  15. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    I think you are having an uphill battle because the way you have handled this is wrong. You do not go on a public forum and completely trash a person who is very unlikely to even see your posts so he can defend himself. Especially someone who was gravely ill and trying to recover. This may be...
  16. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    The first time I contacted Steve I had his email and was refered by another forum member at My Les Paul site. He replied with his phone number that same day. When I called him he answered right away and we talkd for over an hour. I actually had a hard time getting off the phone as he enjoyed...
  17. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    I sent him a text to let him know it was being discussed on here. What he decides to do about it is up to him. It is not my busines to get in the middle of this any more than I already have. Something has happened in between the final assembly pics and the ones now posted. My guitar arrived...
  18. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    Thanks for your replies. I am contacting Steve to find out more.
  19. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    Who relic'd it? And you are saying it had a fret job after you got it? Thanks.
  20. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    Please post a pic of the top of this middle guitar. The details are not the same. It had fret nibs and different wear. Unless someone else tried to age the guitar after Steve built it and completely messed it up? Steve's pic: You pic:
  21. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    Let's see the full front pic of the guitar. I have most of Steve's recent build pics as I was selecting mine and getting progress updates. Also PM me your contact method with Steve. And I will will verify if you are really dealing with him or someone else.
  22. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    There is a market for historically accurate reproductions of famous guitars. FACT. These builders are marking them more accurate and with better quality woods than the original company. Should they be allowed to compete directly with a current model from the original company by using their...
  23. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    I can ask him about it later on. I don't want to bother him right now. He is just getting back on his feet after some tough times. But I do have pics of most of his recent builds and was just texting with him a few days ago. Maybe the OP will post a full shot of the guitar so I can compare to...
  24. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    I think the scammer idea makes some sense. Steve freely gives his phone number to customers. That is how we keep in touch. First time we talked for over an hour and regular text messages from him on his mobile number. OP said "I can’t call no number . As far as concerns shared we’ve argued...
  25. calieng

    Steve Hague guitars

    Pic of the recent build. Everything lined up perfectly...neck angle, neck alignment. Heck even check out the saddles. Bridge is perfectly centered. Even Gibson does not always get it this right.
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