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    Would you go around with your 20k guitar?

    Get a PRS SE Hollowbody II. It's similar to what you have. You could take that anywhere you don't feel comfortable taking your 20K guitars.
  2. Nonvintage

    NGD: K-Line Springfield

    Hey duaneallen, nice review.
  3. Nonvintage

    NGD: K-Line Springfield

    5 to 6 months.
  4. Nonvintage

    NGD: K-Line Springfield

    Congrats on the beautiful guitar. I'm in line for my first K-Line Springfield. It's going to be a long wait. But I am amped up. Chris has been great to talk to.
  5. Nonvintage

    Which Strat?

    Flip a Coin ;^)
  6. Nonvintage

    Consolidating guitars into a vintage instrument

    Let's say you have $25K in trade value and you want a vintage Strat. You don't put on the whammy bar on your Strat generally. If you could negotiate reasonably with the dealer, would you go for a 60 hardtail or a really clean 64, both all original/original owner guitars? The 60 is $2500 more...
  7. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    A vintage dealer in the 80's told me, "hardtail hard sale". Robert Cray changed that for me.
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    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    How much less, all things would equivalent year Strats be. If one was a hardtail vs Whammy Strat? My guess would be a couple thousand.
  9. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    This is the type of post above, that respects the original question. Thank you.
  10. Nonvintage

    2022 Dallas International Guitar Festival

    Guess you bought it.
  11. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    I hope to change "Nonvintage" status.
  12. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    Transition logo, green guard, pearl fret dots and side dots are cool with me. FWIW, I hate clay side dots..
  13. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    I have a 66 and want pre-cbs. I can't see getting a 65 the difference in price vs. value is too much. I know my 66 is a good one.
  14. Nonvintage

    Are 64 Stratocaster's Worth More Than

    A 65 Strat. All things being equal condition wise for all original. Re Fret and a 5 way are ok for me. It seems 64's are about 3k more due to the pre CBS factor, pickguard, dots and headstock logo. I'm not interested in a Refinished one. Thoughts.
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    Yay or Nay on orig. case

    Original - Yes. Refin - No. IMHO
  16. Nonvintage

    What is the greatest guitar you've ever had the honor of playing?

    Friends 58 and 59 Bursts, and several pre CBS Strats. The one I liked best of all was a slab board 59 Strat.
  17. Nonvintage

    1960 Strat restoration

    Dakota Red.
  18. Nonvintage

    A guitar that i built. Is it a design worth building more of?

    I think a Mandolin type scroll on the upper bout would be cool.
  19. Nonvintage

    Vintage guitar appraisal in/around NYC?

    How much did Tom Wittrock's Sandy go for?
  20. Nonvintage

    Do people "really" come up to you at gigs and compliment you on your tone?

    No, but they put money in the top jar.
  21. Nonvintage

    Daves Guitar 62 Reissue Strat?

    I have the Blond/Tort one. Love it. 7lb 2oz. of tone.
  22. Nonvintage

    In search of a player grade Tele

    Like my Refin 63.
  23. Nonvintage

    Opinions on these for sale pre-CBS strats

    The dots on that look like clay as opposed to the other 65 he has.
  24. Nonvintage

    Squier '60s Custom Esquire

    Me too. I played a Sunburst one today. I like the Black one.
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