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  1. wraub

    Wiring question

    I have a 4-wire Duncan Designed Detonator pickup that I want to wire parallel, on a single pickup, single volume guitar. Trying for more of a PAF sound - I know it won't be exact, but at least hoping for more usable sounds from the guitar. All the wiring diagrams I've found seem to involve...
  2. wraub

    The Police- Live Set Practice Recording-2/18/1984

    The Police- Tour Live Set Practice from Chicago on 2/18/1984 at Universal Recording Corporation "The Police went into Universal Recording Corporation (studio A) in Chicago and recorded their live set. Jeff Seitz remembers: "I recall that on a day off during the Synchronicity tour, we loaded in...
  3. wraub

    Having gear to play...

    vs having gear to have- I've come to realize that I have some pieces of gear simply because the prices were good and I wanted to have them, but I don't really need them. I don't even play some of them regularly, they sit in cases or on stands. I keep them because replacing them would cost more...
  4. wraub

    What would you do?

    Returned some pedals to a reverb seller for warranty exchange, long chain of messages through reverb regarding details of the issues, even bought a power supply suggested by the seller to remove issues with no luck. Seller offered return address for warranty and authorization, sent pedals...
  5. wraub

    I need a new tuner

    Still using my trusty old TU-2, but I know I need more accuracy. I don't think I need a strobe-type tuner, prefer a floor tuner to a clip-on. Suggestions?
  6. wraub

    Flat frets

    Acquired a Strat a while back that has flat frets. Like, really low, really flat frets. Tbh, I kinda like the feel, but I can imagine intonation issues. Questions? How flat is "too flat"? When they can't be crowned? What should a full re-fret cost for a Strat?
  7. wraub

    Pointy Jackson peghead neck-Rehab or sell? (edit-pics added)

    A while back I received a Jackson factory replacement neck made in 1991. Pointy peghead, thick slab rosewood board, well made. Unfinished (or barely so), and has the Jackson logo branded in the heel, which I've been told dates it to the Ontario era. However, the frets definitely show 30-plus...
  8. wraub

    NGD- Squier Vintage Modified

    Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster, acquired for a really good price because the seller listed it with an intermittent pickup. I was hoping it'd be a loose solder joint or similar easy fix- Turned out to just need all the pots rolled back and forth and the 5 way switch moved back and forth a...
  9. wraub

    Have a Firefly Guitar?

    What's the truss rod nut size? I didn't get a wrench with mine, and I can't figure it out. I have an FFLP. Thanks. :)
  10. wraub

    Old(er) pickup, dumb question

    Recently acquired a mid-to-late 80s SD Invader pickup. I know pickup materials can change with age, but the 80s wasn't really all that long ago. Any reason to expect this pickup to sound any differently from a current Invader? Thanks.
  11. wraub

    Epi LP Question

    I saw this pic in an ad on the bay recently, and it prompted a question- "Why is that there?" Any idea why there's a screw in that area? No repairs or other issues disclosed in the ad.
  12. wraub

    Hi-A Guitar Pickups

    I acquired a Strat model a while back, and info is hard to come by. I contacted Bartolini, which began with Hi-A pickups, and they could only say "That's a real old one, maybe '75-76". I see solo pickups and sets listed for sale occasionally, but most only say things like "clear" and "quiet" and...
  13. wraub

    Talk to me about 2 humbucker Strats

    Looking to put one together, please share your experience and advice... pics too, of course.
  14. wraub

    My new project guitar- Two humbucker Strat

    Black Strat body, Ontario-era Jackson 22 fret neck with slab RW board, purple pickguard, going to be a 2 humbucker guitar. I have a couple of pickup options on hand but not opposed to buying the right ones. The neck currently has cold war Schallers, but they're gold and might not look right...
  15. wraub

    Did ya ever buy a used partscaster...

    and find it was perfectly specced out for you? I recently got a used partscaster that is great as is, and wondered if it was common or if I got lucky. Ever happen to you?
  16. wraub

    Selling a neck- Questions

    I have a guitar neck I'm thinking about selling, as I've come to realize that the shape and radius are not for me. I've been looking for similar examples online, and there's really nothing exactly right that I can find. The neck is a Jackson neck, dated early 90s. It is a replacement neck, of...
  17. wraub

    I don't use a Strat vibrato...

    ...but I love what the springs add to the sound. Played a hardtail Strat for years, recently went full Strat boogie and realized how much of the Strat sound comes from the springs. I don't use the bar, but I really like what the springs add. Anybody else like this? Or am I the only one with a...
  18. wraub

    Strat neck, 4 bolt, 70s peghead, bullet russ rod, rosewood 'board, no skunk stripe-

    When did Fender (or anyone) make such a thing? Picked up a Strat with such a neck, wondering who may have made it. Thanks
  19. wraub

    USB Mic Recommendations, Please

    Looking for a decent quality USB mic to use for streaming, videos, etc. Price range around $150 or so. Looking for best quality of sound and ease of use. Any suggestions? Thanks. :)
  20. wraub

    Brass Fender Vintage 6 Screw Vibrato

    Not just a brass block, but an entire brass vibrato unit, block and all. Recently acquired a guitar with one, and I'm finding limited info online... Anybody here have info re production dates or backstory on this? I found the Gold Strats, but their hardware was different. Thanks. :)
  21. wraub

    NGD! (again)

    After recently going Strat shopping looking for a fun and functional model for modding, I picked up this- And it's good, a 2019 Squier Stratocaster. Cheap good fun, sounds good and plays well, nice and light. But, it's fine as is, and basically new, so I'm hesitant to mod it up. This led me...
  22. wraub


    The serial number dates to 2019, according to info online. It's my first "real" Strat in quite a while, as I've been playing a Delonge Strat for years, but I wanted the real thing again. This one fits the bill perfectly. It has a one-piece maple neck w/ a skunk stripe, and it's my first maple...
  23. wraub

    PAF Chirp

    I have seen some references to good PAFs and repros having a "chirp" sound or quality at times, but I'm looking for examples and not finding many I'd call representative. Anybody here have some examples of this, or is it just one of those internet things? Audio/video clips appreciated.
  24. wraub

    Artec Platinum pickups

    Anyone here have experience with these? Recently picked up a set in a deal and was curious for info. I did find this- Alnico 5 magnet, 50 N, 52 B mm string spacing, 8.5k N, 17k B Output, Nickel Silver Base Plate, 4 wire + Bare for coil tapping, Double Fillister Bobbins. Mine are like this but...
  25. wraub

    From Grovers to Klusons...

    ...sorta. Stock tuners are decent modern unbranded Grover/Schaller M6 style, possible replacements are Gotoh Locking Vintage style like these- gotoh tuners Anyone here done similar? If so, any change besides weight and function? Differences in tone, balance, feel, etc? Thanks. :)
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