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  1. Johnny Moondog

    Two of the same OCD sound way different.

    I had the same experience with the one I bought during that time period. Got it new / direct from Fulltone. Muddy , dull , uninspiring - even with the treble cranked. Disappointing for sure. I ended up using an EHX Glove, which also cost me 50% less than the OCD.
  2. Johnny Moondog

    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    Years ago, I remember trying all sorts of distortion, overdrive, etc. I could never get that sound out of my head and into my amp. Then my brother says "try this" and gives me a Black Russian Muff, in a wooden box. It was like a crack in the ground had opened up, and pure heat was pouring out...
  3. Johnny Moondog

    If you could only keep one Lovepedal

    I had a half dozen Lovepedals in the past few years. But the one I liked best was the Monkey Fist Fuzz.
  4. Johnny Moondog

    Chorus… Genuinely useful or just genuine nostalgia?

    I own 18 Chorus pedals ( used to be more ). It's an essential item for me, both for nostalgia and creativity. I second the recommendation of the Seymour Duncan Catalina. It really is a cut above the crowd.
  5. Johnny Moondog

    Let's see your single row pedalboards...

    Hmm..I may use that idea. Set up a Nano Max with modulations, delay, & reverb. Then, use a Nano as an ever changing OD & Fuzz section, to be added at the front.
  6. Johnny Moondog

    Let's see your single row pedalboards...

    I configured many multi row pedalboards, and had the layout & wiring headaches to go with them. Then I tried a single row Pedlatrain Nano Max. I have three of them now, and will probably never go back to the multi row boards.
  7. Johnny Moondog

    Why do I own all these guitars??

    Heck, I have probably misplaced more guitars than that.
  8. Johnny Moondog

    Lessons Learned: 2021 Edition

    1. "Trying" to make cool gear work for you, is a waste of time/distraction. Use whatever sounds good to you. 2. I own a lot of guitars ("need to have one of everything"). Yet I grab my old, worn in Tele nearly every time. 3. I was routinely underwhelmed by overdrives, until I cranked up the...
  9. Johnny Moondog

    The 'Spend a $1000 (a Day?!?) on Pedals by 2022' Challenge

    Probably. Appliances these days are way too high tech. I remember the simpler times...
  10. Johnny Moondog

    The 'Spend a $1000 (a Day?!?) on Pedals by 2022' Challenge

    Can't - got to buy a new washing machine. Dammit...:(
  11. Johnny Moondog

    Let’s see your battery powered pedalboard

    Did this recently. Quiet & simple.
  12. Johnny Moondog

    If you had to limit yourself to a 3 pedal board

    Made this one recently, just to get a certain sound I was after.
  13. Johnny Moondog

    Anyone ever seen the feet on a pedal melt?

    Had that happen to unused work boots. It was a spare pair, in the top of a closet. Forgot about them, for years and years. Pulled them out one day, to have a look. Still like new..except the rubber soles had turned into a tacky pile of brown rubber clumps.
  14. Johnny Moondog

    Which BOSS OD pedal for Tele into a clean amp?

    A Tele into a clean amp, is a common core setup for me. I regularly use an SD-1. I also like the OD-1X, OD-3 and FBM-1. For what you are describing, the OD-1X or FBM-1 might do the trick.
  15. Johnny Moondog

    Fun times! Joyo R Series Atmosphere!

    All my mother-in-law ever "gives" me, is a hard time. :rimshot
  16. Johnny Moondog

    Boss Pedal Aficionados - Which dirt pedals are getting the most playing time in your rig? - Except for SD-1's

    OD-1X, DS-1X, DA-2, MD-2, OD-3, ODB-3 All have been on my boards in recent years. About a year ago, I took my basically unused DS-1X for a test spin, to see if I should keep it or sell it. I was a bit stunned as to how good it sounded.
  17. Johnny Moondog

    Anyone ever..consider giving up playing?

    I have taken time off, at different periods in my adult life. From playing in bands as a young adult, to not playing at all (for several years) in my late 20's/ early 30's (career took over). These days I sometimes go a month or more, without playing , mostly just from being busy with other...
  18. Johnny Moondog

    Tube screamer vs boss SD 1

    I think the SD-1 sounds better for stacking with other drives & fuzz pedals.
  19. Johnny Moondog

    Whats your favorite guitar and why?

    Simple, versatile , indestructible , cool, comfortable...
  20. Johnny Moondog

    Broken Carbon Copy Advice

    I contacted Dunlop customer service a few months ago. I have a Way Huge Swollen Pickle, with a broken power supply input. They basically told me to pound sand. Was not impressed.
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