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  1. aynirar27

    Sold Fryette Deliverance 60II

    Like new D60II head with cord and footswitch. Looking for $2,000 shipped and PayPal Possible trade plus cash deal but I’m not looking for anything in particular and kind of want to get some money back. Ships in original box/packing material Thanks!!
  2. aynirar27

    New Amp Smell. Mmmmm

    It’s probably been 20 or so years since I’ve bought an amp brand new. I made a small hole in the plastic material and took a deep whiff. Mmmmm It actually smells like a guitar store! Which of course makes sense! Not really sure what I was expecting… It’s been years since I’ve been inside an...
  3. aynirar27

    Gretsch Billy Bo/Thunderbird/Jupiter/etc wiring ideas

    So I'm parting together a Billy Bo type guitar and am looking for ideas on how to wire it up. It's drilled for a 3 way switch and 4 pots. Has anyone found having a "master volume" all that useful? I will most likely turn the tone knob on it's head and make it a bass roll-off instead. And then...
  4. aynirar27

    Sold 3 Monkeys Orangutan head

    This amp is bananas! Tough to let go because I’m still on the honeymoon with it, but I will get through this.. Not sure how to really price it, but I’m going to start at $2200 $2,000 shipped/PayPal . Worth every penny but I have no idea what the market will dictate. Excellent shape and sounds...
  5. aynirar27

    Sold MJT aged Strat Neck (USACG)

    Looking for $275 shipped/paypal. absolutely killer neck. I will ship it with a generic plastic nut, but it was never glued in place so it will be up to you to install it or upgrade Brand: USACG Finish: Dark amber with fret ghosting Profile: C (.84 at the 1st fret to .93 at the 12th fret) Fret...
  6. aynirar27

    Sold Loaded MJT aged Surf Green Strat Body

    Looking for 350 fully loaded, or 300 without the pickups and wiring harness. shipped and paypal included. Alder body with nicely aged hardware. Pickups are Manlius Vintage 54 pickups with the controls being master volume, neck tone, and bridge tone. Will also include this hot momma of a...
  7. aynirar27

    Midlife Gear Crisis

    I’m turning 38 soon and it’s had me thinking a lot. My children, my health, mortality… but mostly my gear. The last couple years has been a gear explosion for me. Between the time at home during lockdown, and those sweet pandemic checks, add to that a great new job that pays me well, and it...
  8. aynirar27

    Sold Magnatone Super 59 MKii

    For sale or trade, a Magnatone Super 59mkii head in excellent shape. Comes with slip cover and footswitch to turn on/off tremolo/vibrato. Killer Marshall meets Twees tones. Mostly Marshall, hint of Tweedy attitude. My “I would prefer to trade” price is $2,000 shipped/paypald/insured etc I...
  9. aynirar27

    Simple interface for recording to iPhone

    I have lots of gear that I would love to record clips/videos of, so I’m looking for suggestions for a simple interface that I can use for my iPhone. I will be using the XLR line out of my Torpedo Captor X in to the interface, so I would like it to have an xlr input. I would also most likely use...
  10. aynirar27

    Grill cloth by the roll

    Anyone know a place I can order grill cloth by the roll? Preferably Marshall style check or salt and pepper. I know places that sell it by the yard, but I’m hoping to save some $$ by getting a whole roll. thanks!
  11. aynirar27

    Roomy reverb for headphone playing

    Hello all, I’m enjoying my time with a new to me Fryette GP/DI. It’s sounds great but is extremely dry through headphones. Normally I play my amps through a Captor X and use a tiny bit of built in reverb to give it a little life. With the Fryette though, I would like to use it’s built in...
  12. aynirar27

    Snakehead tele parts

    Does anyone sell control plates for a snakehead tele? Ive parted one together and it sounds killer, I just don’t have anything to mount the controls to. The body came from Guitar Mill so I believe the cutout is to spec Any ideas where to look? thanks!
  13. aynirar27

    Which version do you prefer??

    A or B? A B I’m on the fence
  14. aynirar27

    Wow who knew?

    I was reading a click bait article about household things you may have that are worth a lot of money and apparently vintage guitars from the Fender Telecasting Company are quite desirable
  15. aynirar27

    Which neck for parts build??

    I have a Billy Bo type build in the works and I can’t decide which neck I prefer. It’s between a 3x3 Warmoth neck and a reverse strat neck. I didn’t think I would like the strat as much as I do, but I’m curious ofeveryone else’s opinions. the body is going to be a bourbon burst type finish...
  16. aynirar27

    Pickup for Snakehead Tele Recommendations

    Hey guys, I’m looking to slap together a snakehead tele type build. I’m not trying to necessarily be period correct, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of a broadcaster/nocaster type pickup. What does everyone recommend? My gut instinct is a Manlius Broadcaster pickup because I have...
  17. aynirar27

    Tuners for reverse headstocks

    I have a reverse tele neck en route, so I’m doing some tuner shopping. From research I’ve done, there is no clear consensus on whether a right handed reverse headstock should use left handed tuners or not. Or even what “left handed” is defined as. I’ve put “right handed” tuners on a reverse head...
  18. aynirar27

    Sold Demeter, Bearfoot, Arcane Analog

    It’s Father’s Day, treat yourself. You deserve it!! Open to trade offers but not sure what I really want or need. Prices are shipped and PayPal Demeter Tremulator w Red Knobs, the one you want! Great shape TRADED Bearfoot FX Honey Bee OD great shape but has some dual lock on the back TRADED...
  19. aynirar27

    Sold Analogman, Analog Alien, Arcane Analog, Amptweaker, Cascade…

    Handful of drive pedals up for grabs. Would prefer to sell and I think the prices are fair, but willing to listen to trade offers. Can’t say I have anything in mind I’m looking for though all prices are shipped and paypal Analogman Astrotone like new SOLD Arcane Analog NKT red fuzz face...
  20. aynirar27

    Sold $100 pedal sale!!

    All pedals listed are $100 shipped and paypal. All pedals are 100% functional and in great shape except where noted cmon and get some SOLD. EQD Park Fuzz SOLD! TRADED J Coloccia Horus Overdrive (velcro on back) TRADED J Rockett Blue Note Tour KEEPING IT! MXR Slash Octave Fuzz (like new)...
  21. aynirar27

    Angus Young pickups

    So a video popped up on my Instagram feed for AC/DC live back in 83 and a close up of his guitar caught my eye Is that a blade humbucker in the bridge spot? Does my life even have meaning anymore?? Just goes to show the greats sound like themselves because they are great
  22. aynirar27

    Item not as described. Am I being too fussy??

    So I recently ordered a fuzz pedal off of Reverb. It's a brand new pedal from I'm guessing a brick and motor shop. In the pictures taken for the ad, it shows the the center pot being an "on/off" pot to conserve battery power, as it is a proper fuzz face (no dc jack, no led, etc). There is no...
  23. aynirar27

    Two Notes Cab M+ as "pedal platform"

    Hey pedal people As I find myself mostly playing at home, and late at night through headphones, I've been putting a lot of thought in to revamping my rig. Right now I plug my pedalboard in to a clean amp, and my amp in to a Two Notes captor X. Then the captor in to headphones. I am very pleased...
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