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  1. BMX

    FSOT Way Huge Green Rhino IV

    Way Huge Green Rhino Mk IV. only played about 5 minutes. Comes with box and box contents, never any velcro. $115 shipped and paypalled to the U.S. Trades considered.
  2. BMX

    Tom Bukovac’s Homeskoolin’ series = best thing on YouTube, sharing Guitar Wisdom

    Oh that BC Rich is rad…man he’s got the best gear
  3. BMX

    The Ultimate Boost Pedal Thread

    Yeah this has been something I‘ve been working on a lot the last couple of years- trying to find the perfect solo boost pedal. For me where I’ve landed is that I like the first stage to be a light to medium overdrive (odr-1/Wampler belle) that doesn’t add a lot of compression or mids. Then I...
  4. BMX

    Country players! Share your CLEAN tone secrets

    I like the Nobels odr-1 (I use a Wampler Belle) where you can get away with adding overdrive but it sounds clean to the listener.
  5. BMX

    Let me see your favorite Guitar + favorite Amp

    This is my kind of rig. Different than everyone else color choice on the guitar, small wattage head with bigger cab (big sound but overdrives at reasonable volume), custom neck so it’s it’s exactly what you want. Good for almost any gig, not so precious you lose sleep gigging with it- well done!
  6. BMX

    What's your favorite non-transparent, non-TS overdrive?

    My favorite overdrives are MXR Distortion+ based pedals especially ones that have more volume available than the current reissue so I can run it cleaner when needed. Great for 60s and 70s rock stuff, and roots rock stuff like Tom Petty and alt-country. I usually use it through a fender amp.
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    I‘m a drummer- to me it’s all about the groove. Some drummers just have a great groove and a musical way they play. Ringo is one of these people, Steve Jordan, Levon Helm, etc. are similar. They seem to be playing the same thing any other drummer would play but it grooves better and elevates...
  8. BMX

    My Cousin Is Coming Over, He Plays Guitar . . .

    I’d rather listen to this guy than a guy playing the same lame version of SRV licks over and over while complaining how they can‘t find a good drummer…
  9. BMX

    Dave Grohl Has Been Reading Lips for 20 Years

    I always recommend custom ear plugs. I think a lot of the problem is that the first time most musicians try ear plugs they try those foam plugs that muffle everything. Custom plugs allow a more even reduction. Worth the money.
  10. BMX

    Cut ONE track from a classic album to make it a better album

    Tom Petty Wildflowers- I’d remove “Honey Bee” Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road- I’d remove “Joy”
  11. BMX

    Top 5 Overdrive pedals

    1. Fulldrive II 2. Maxon OD-808 3. Wampler Belle 4. KO Amps D+ (mxr distortion + with more volume available and a tone control) 5. RYRA Klone
  12. BMX

    Totally out of my element gain OD.

    I’ve tried most of the pedals you listed or were mentioned in the thread. The key is how much mids and compression the pedal adds. For an always on low-mid gainer (imo) you don’t want much of either of these (it’s better to add those in the next stage as a solo boost). I‘d recommend the...
  13. BMX

    9s (standard) vs 10s (E flat) on a Strat?

    I don’t know if this helps but I like 9.5 boomers on a strat. The round core that boomers use give a more bendable feel.
  14. BMX

    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    For me it was when I learned that you need mids for fuzz to work with a live band (at least how I use it). So something like a Fulltone 70 that adds mids.
  15. BMX

    Sold Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

    Yeah, I’m not sure on describing feel, I remember it being on the brighter end so I kept the tone low. Seemed more of a fusion sounding pedal, didn’t sound like a tube screamer/fulldrive which is probably my go to sound with my rig. For trades I might be interested in Ross, Boss, whirlwind...
  16. BMX

    Sold Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

    —-pending sale—- Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion. Pedal is in good shape and includes the box. $125 shipped to Continental U.S.
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