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  1. kombi1976

    Surprising affordable Ibanez; RG321MH

    I hadn’t run across these before. They’re an Indonesian-built guitar but they look Japanese with bound headstock and bridge. I’ve started teaching at a new school and it just happened they had one in the rack of their electric guitars. The strings were filthy so I switched them out for a set...
  2. kombi1976

    Switching bridges on a Tele?

    I prefer ashtray bridges like this one: Is it an easy swap to put an ashtray onto a guitar with a modern bridge like this?
  3. kombi1976

    Surprisingly useful cheap practice amps

    A few years back I bought my son this Vox Pathfinder 10 transistor amp, complete with cream tolex and Union Jack grill cloth. I never expected it to sound much good or be very loud. It’s certainly not very loud, but it’s become my go to for worship music. Our drummer isn’t loud and I stand...
  4. kombi1976

    How can I use a BOSS DD-500 as a midi controller?

    I have a DD500 and I want to send MIDI signals from it to control a Line 6 M5 and a G-Lab 4x Looper. Can I only control one device or both? What settings do I need to enter into the DD500 so I can switch presets & loops on the other 2 devices when I change presets on the DD500? There’s a vid on...
  5. kombi1976

    Great players who’s technique transformed bad tone?

    We spend tons of time, effort and expense on the pursuit of “good tone”. It means so many different things to so many different people and yet, we all agree that for most amazing guitarists the tone is “in the fingers”. One thing is for sure, we can all define “bad tone” when we hear it. So, in...
  6. kombi1976

    Creating parallel signal paths on an ES8?

    I have an ES8 and after stripping off the last board which was too big I'm downsizing to a smaller footprint. I'm (once me crazy:confused:) considering running a stereo dual amp rig. I currently have a Laney IRT Studio head and a G12H 1x12" and I'd eventually like to pair it with...
  7. kombi1976

    Rickenbacker buying pitfalls?

    I’m toying with the idea of buying a Ric at present. Marty Willson-Piper, formerly of The Church, was one of my earliest influences and I’ve always liked the sounds bands like Midnight Oil have pulled out of them. I’m pretty unsure which model, 6 or 12 string, but it’ll be something reasonably...
  8. kombi1976

    You’re fave non-Chinese mini pedals?

    I’m about to downsize my board by ditching my RV500 and MD500, going for a smaller board and getting some mini pedals. Like TC Electronic, Ibanez, One Control and some of the more kooky stuff. I want to give Mooer and other mini Chinese stuff a miss because, let’s face it, they’re all copies...
  9. kombi1976

    Squealing issues with a MIM Fender Cabronita Thinline?

    When we had a bit of money in the budget a few years back I bought a MIM Fender Cabronita Thinline for our school and it's a really nice guitar. It comes with those Fidel'tron Gretsch-style pickups and although it's a bit neck heavy you can get some nice tones out of it. Looks the same as this...
  10. kombi1976

    Gold foil replica pickups - explanations and reviews?

    I'm looking at getting some gold foils for a project sometime in the near future and I'm going to be honest, I am a cheapskate. There some to be a wide range of pickups available out there. There are the relatively cheap ones available on Amazon and eBay like this: Guitar Fetish does a whole...
  11. kombi1976

    Pics of your fave original guitar designs

    There's been lots of arguments over S type "copies" and John Mayer and the like, etc. So how about we leave that all behind and post a pic or 2 of guitars we own that are original designs from the company that builds them. They can be vintage designs if you like but that show a clear departure...
  12. kombi1976

    Locking tuners with a Gibson vintage footprint?

    I'm looking for a set to put on a guitar with a Bigsby. The originals non-locking tuners are bent and need replacing. The Sperzels don't have the same footprint nor do others. Can someone recommend some?
  13. kombi1976

    Which MIDI reverb pedal?

    I've initially between aiming for the entire BOSS 500 series trilogy, but I tried out the RV-500 yesterday and I didn't bond with it. It was a bit, well, meh? Is there something I've missed? Was it that I just didn't have enough time or should've been looking at some different presets? And if...
  14. kombi1976

    Tips on a portable, good electronic drum kit?

    Here's the situation. My son has been playing drums for about 5 or 6 years now and he's very good. He can sight read straight through most stuff and is playing for musicals here in town. However, acoustic drums are difficult for music theatre. They're too loud and it's problematic to drag them...
  15. kombi1976

    MXR Joe Bonamassa FET Driver - anyone else liking these?

    I've been looking out for an overdrive that actually sounds good into a clean amp. So many seem weak and hollow and require an amp to be gritty to "work their magic" i.e. they sound anaemic and hollow into a clean amp. The "transparent overdrive" hype is a lot of rubbish IMO with some...
  16. kombi1976

    Footswitch toppers.......Anyone else make em?

    I know Barefoot Buttons and Mooer make footswitch toppers but I was wondering if anyone else did.
  17. kombi1976

    Is BOSS developing a new big reverb pedal to accompany the DD500 Delay?

    A guy who works at the store I shop at most said that BOSS is pretty cagey about their R&D and there are whisperings that they might be making more gear to compete with Strymon and Eventide. Is anyone close enough to Roland or BOSS to indicate if they're doing a new, big midi reverb pedal in the...
  18. kombi1976

    Used Art Sound Artavia - Aussie true bypass hand wired Octavia clone - demo

    Being Australian, wanting to support the local product and (hoping I might pay a little less than an import!) I was after an Aussie made Octavia. I had a look on Aussie eBay and found Used Art Sounds' gear so I ordered one of those. The pic online looked like this..... Which to be honest I...
  19. kombi1976

    Setting up a stereo programmable switching board?

    I'm in the process of working out how to use a MIDI programmable switcher for my board. There are a range of really interesting units from the very affordable Joyo PXL Live to the BOSS ES-8 and the professional level GigRig G2. The issue I keep coming across is that even the fanciest loopers...
  20. kombi1976

    Can TC Electronic Tone Print pedals be controlled real time by a USB Midi interface?

    I've got HOF with a USB tone print input. I'm wondering if I could control it via midi using a USB interface to convert the midi signal to work with the micro USB input. If I could do this I'd also look at getting a Dream Scape.
  21. kombi1976

    Small MIDI controllable Chorus units?

    I'm after a regular sized chorus pedal, preferably true stereo, that is MIDI controllable. I've found the Source Audio Gemini Chorus which seems good but it uses an odd sort of input and a hub to control it. I'd prefer something with a standard MIDI plug that could be linked to my DD-500 and...
  22. kombi1976

    Keith McMillan 12 Step MIDI Foot Controller - anyone use one?

    I'm about to start providing worship music for a service and we only have a 3 piece - guitar, drums and bass. So I'm on the look out for an affordable foot controller that can provide full chords, not just bass lines. I've looked at this on the website and a couple of reviews and it measures up...
  23. kombi1976

    Show me your double necks.....what do you use them for?

    I'm seriously considering getting a 6/12 double neck as my next guitar. It would allow me to switch between sounds when covering artists like Zeppelin, America, The Church, Crowded House and The Eagles and I'd also be able to utilise different textures in worship music. I'm not interested in...
  24. kombi1976

    Peavey Classic 30, Delta Blues, Laney VC-30 or ??? for church?

    I'm about to buy a 2 channel smallish combo amp to leave at church and I'm tossing up between these amps. My requirements are the following: Good clean channel Good overdrive channel with higher gain feel Spring reverb FX loop I'm currently using a Laney AOR30 1x12 combo and while it's a...
  25. kombi1976

    Pics of guitar designs that are orthodox but remain really individual?

    I've looked at a lot of "custom" guitars recently and I can't fault the finish of these instruments. I'm certain they play beautifully and they certainly look good but what they really build is "S", "T", "LP", "SG", "Exp" or "V" guitars, particularly the first 2, and some virtually identical to...
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