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    Good experience in the Gibson Garage, Nashville

    Went to try some new Les Pauls. Courteous, knowledgable sales guy. Demo area that was similar to what I listen to at home: Choice of MESA amp, Cab Clone IR and headphones. After trying 4, found "the" one. Excellent set up tweak and string change while I waited. In and out < 1 hour.
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    Won't Get Fooled Again tone and PT's answers

    I thought this was interesting all around. The sound they got and Pete's answers. Iconic Guitar Tones: Pete Townshend Talks - "Won't Get Fooled Again"... | Sweetwater Few guitar tones are as iconic as Pete Townshend’s sound on the 1971 song “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” We dig into the backstory...
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    Capturing your own IRs? What do you use?

    Is there a stand-alone device or software based thing? I did a few with AxeFX2 but they are in the proprietary format, not exportable AFAIK.
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    Has anyone compared the same IR in different devices?

    Are there any clear "winners"? My chain is amp> MASS load (or Palmer load)> IR box > interface > DAW or headphones. I've loaded some of the same RedWirz and Ownhammer IRs into an Axe-FX II and a Helix, and noticed a bit of difference in the upper mids/ top end. For instance, anybody have...
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    Lute or oud nut finesse?

    As a new owner of an oud, with a pegbox and nut very similar to a lute, are there any special techniques for dealing with the sharp break angle over the nut? The wound strings like to hang up and ping as I tune, making it harder to land on the desired pitch. I have carefully filed the slots a...
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    Master database of all pedals by type and brand ever compiled?

    Just curious. I mean unique examples by model and brand, not total number produced, as in, TS-808 Ibanez =1 example. Working with a bass player friend of mine on a recording session today, and he asked how many different guitar pedals there are. A thousand? I said, probably 5x that. Does anybody...
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    So if the V60LP neck pickup on your Suhr Classic Pro suddenly sounds thin--trouble shooting success

    So if the V60LP neck pickup on your Suhr Classic Pro suddenly sounds thin and the tone control doesn’t affect it like usual, you try some diagnostics. The resistance when read at the output jack varies between 68k and higher while the other two pickups read 6.7k and 7.4k like they should, and...
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    What is the thinking behind leaving off a Strat backplate?

    I see the Eric Johnson Strats intentionally don't have them, and maybe another I saw. For me, it just seems like more ways to get my belt loops hung up in the springs, and if the trem isn't blocked, pulling the guitar out of tune.
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    Another take on Debussy

    This was a labor of love. My dad used to play this on piano at home. I took the piano score and covered all the notes plus a few additions.
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    Cordovox accordion amp

    A friend posted a gut shot of a Cordovox accordion amp on FB from a vintage music shop. Sixty-four tubes, looked like 9-pin *AX7 size. Store owner said one tube per note. Anybody heard of anything like this? Maybe used as oscillators for an electronic organ type sound instead of just amplifying...
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    Just some Nashville cats

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    Marshall 1987 RI recent ugly saturation. Solutions?

    I bought this head new in the early 90's. I replaced filter caps and electrolytic bias and cathode caps a few years back. This week it developed an ugly saturated distortion like a Fender tweed paraphase inverter. Not normal for this amp. Checked bias. Swapped all tubes with known good. All...
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    Making of a McIntosh tube power amp
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    "zingy" B string on acoustic

    Taylors are bright, yes. This is a GSRS, big body, rosewood/ spruce. Bridge and nut professionally re-done by my trusted, long-time repair folks at Glaser Instruments. Nice, even response. Except the B string, especially lowest 3 frets or so, has an especially metallic ring to it. Pick...
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    Smooth trem arm, loose in socket. How to snug up the fit?

    I can post a pic, but I figured most of the experts here wouldn't need it, so I didn't bother yet. It's a J Custom Headless trem bridge. The arm is smooth, slides into the socket and a threaded collar tightens up on the outside of the socket to hold it in. But the arm has *just* enough...
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    Block pearl inlays "sticking" to fingertips...

    When bending strings. Heritage solid body. Frets are SS medium jumbo, good height. Any way to permanently "lube" the surface of the inlays, to make them behave more like the rosewood fingerboard?
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    Origin of fuzz tone, if you hadn't heard yet
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    Orange VT1000 Valve Tester--?

    Looks interesting...
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    Jerry Jones sitar bridge--top E sounds dead

    I have a Jerry Jones sitar (with the sympathetic strings). Probably 15 years old. All the strings have a good sitar-like buzz, except the high E, 1st string. It just sort of goes "plink". Action at 12th fret is about 1/16" for 1st, a little taller for 6th. I put on a fresh set of...
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    NGD Holdsworth Headless Carvin HH2X

    OK, I got to try a friend's first. I wouldn't have guessed from the pics and specs on the site that it would be such a good fit for me. But it's the most ergonomically comfortable electric I've played. It hangs at a perfect angle from a strap for fretting hand access to all positions. 20"...
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    mushy Marshall. Used to be firm. Have changed tubes, re-biased.

    It's a 1987 50w reissue "plexi" from the early 90's. Usually new power tubes will make it tighten up and sing. Not this time. I always re-bias. Tried swapping some known good 12AX7 types in all 3 holes. Filter caps have been replaced. The sound is similar to a fuzz face, actually. Like a...
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    Well thought out, civil response to NPR intern
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    Monkey House "Headquarters" album

    A friend just turned me on to this band. In the style of Steely Dan but the chord changes are a bit more accessible. Great guitar work, grooves, vocals.
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    Andy Timmons does entire Sgt Pepper amazingly well

    I bought this on iTunes yesterday. I never would have thought someone could cover this album with one pass of fairly distorted guitar with bass and drums, but he does a great job of it. Occasionally I miss some harmonic support, (like Joe Pass Virtuoso when he takes single note solos and you...
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    H3000 patches from a master programmer

    I saw a post on hugeracksinc and ended up checking out his sound examples. I have an old H3000 D/SX that I thought I knew, I thought I'd heard everything it was capable of. I got Italo's presets and it's like having a new machine. Reverbs without all the metallic ringing, subtle pitch...
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