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  1. BMX

    FSOT Way Huge Green Rhino IV

    Way Huge Green Rhino Mk IV. only played about 5 minutes. Comes with box and box contents, never any velcro. $115 shipped and paypalled to the U.S. Trades considered.
  2. BMX

    Sold Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion

    —-pending sale—- Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion. Pedal is in good shape and includes the box. $125 shipped to Continental U.S.
  3. BMX

    FT Have pedals, need wide 1x12 cab or Quilter, Roland combo or similar

    I have a bunch of pedals I’m not using but need a 1x12 cab or small combo. For cabs prefer ~24” wide and convertible back open/closed but will consider others. For speakers I need a 4 ohm speaker so interested in 4 ohm speakers, unloaded or with a speaker I can change out myself (not soldered...
  4. BMX

    Mojo Hand FX Rook vs EQD Plumes

    I’ve been getting recommendations to replace my old Fulldrive II and found these two pedals. Looking for a single footswitch pedal that does the comp cut thing and has asymmetrical clipping. Need something a little more open than a tube screamer. My first try was a Way Huge Rhino but that...
  5. BMX

    Fulldrive II replacement that has a bass/fat control?

    I'm a long time Fulldrive II player. I'm looking to replace it with a 1 footswitch pedal that also has the ability to control the low end or low mids. Sometimes with the Fulldrive I wish I could decrease how fat it sounds (if that makes sense) especially for solos. I was looking at the J...
  6. BMX

    What needs to happen for us to get a Bukovac signature Nobels ODR-1?

    How much visibility/fame/buzz does Tom Bukovac need to get in order for Nobels to contact him about developing a signature model Nobels ODR-1? This seems like a natural development-he's a well known (most well known?) user of the classic Nobels ODR-1. He's stuck with the vintage pedal even...
  7. BMX

    Gladio SC vs Gtown Holy Grail V2

    Anyone tried the Gladio SC and the Gtown Holy Grail v2? I‘ve got the Holy Grail already and I’m liking it. Just wondering if it would be worth it to try the Gladio or if they’re pretty similar.
  8. BMX

    Taking a break from learning, who’s got some cool fast blues/rock licks?

    I’ve been working on triads a lot lately and want to take a break. Looking to just memorize some stock licks in the Audley Freed, Warren Haynes style. Fast, muscle memory type stuff to incorporate into my actual playing. I’ve never really spent much time just learning licks so thought it...
  9. BMX

    Overdrive/boost similar to full size Spark Booster?

    I’m really liking using the full size Spark Booster for a solo boost. Are there any other similar boost/overdrive pedals? Must have both gain and volume controls. Also must have at least Treble and Bass knobs. (Not interested in pedals with only a tone control).
  10. BMX

    Single pedal size replacement for old Fulldrive II?

    I always seem to come back to my old Fulldrive II when playing a strat. Has anyone had luck replacing it with a single size pedal? Pedals I'm not really interested in (for one reason or another) the Fulldrive 1, standard Boss SD-1 (maybe the waza is worth a try?), Tube Screamers, Klones...
  11. BMX

    Can an MXR Distortion + be run at 18v to give it more volume?

    I’m really digging a stock reissue MXR Distortion + but I wish it had more volume. If I ran it at 18 volts would that give me more volume? Or would it damage the pedal?
  12. BMX

    Any smaller (6,7 pedals) isolated power supplies have variable voltage option?

    I want to play around with under powering overdrive and fuzz pedals. I’m assuming I can do that with 70s/80s style pedals without a problem? I only see the 12 input Trustone model having the ability to lower the power below 9 volts. I don’t really need 12 pedals, 6 or 7 would be enough for...
  13. BMX

    What’s the deal with mA ratings on power supplies?

    I’ve got a pedal that needs 9v and 240 mA. Does that mean I just need to make sure I have a higher number of mA on the power supply channel? The power supply I looked at said 9v 660 mA, I want to make I don’t fry my pedal? I’ve heard of people frying pedals because they connected it to the...
  14. BMX

    Good Overdrive Pedal for Gibson Firebird through Fender amp?

    Wondering what overdrive pedals are good with a Gibson Firebird through a Fender amp? So far my favorite has been an MXR Distortion+. All the rest of my pedals that I use with Fender guitars (ODR-1 style, SD-1 style, Tube Screamer, Barber Gain Changer, Klone, OD-3 etc.) are fine but not great...
  15. BMX

    What do you boost your Wampler Belle/Nobels ODR-1 with?

    Just got a Wampler Belle and digging it. Previously had the Nobels ODR-1 BC and at this point prefer the Belle for the ability to turn down the bass. Wondering what everyone is using to boost their Belle/ODR-1 with? I've tried Klone/808/EQ pedal after the Wampler Belle and they all sounded...
  16. BMX

    Speaker suggestions to replace Eminence Tomo Fujitas (too bright) in Fender combo

    I've been loving my Eminence Tomo Fujitas because they don't fall apart when overdriven, but I'm deciding they are too bright for me. I spend a lot of time on the bridge pickup and I've got the amp treble knob on zero. I can turn the treble down on the guitar but at this point I just want to...
  17. BMX

    Wampler Belle…but bigger?

    I had an odr-1-bc and liked it but sold it for a couple of its quirks. I think the Wampler Belle would solve the issues I had with the Nobels (plus it has the push in compression button I think I’d like) but I don’t like tiny pedals. Is there another option that has a bass knob (that isn’t...
  18. BMX

    I've been using Boss Overdrives wrong (or why isn't there an "always on" Boss overdrive?)

    So I've played a lot of Boss Overdrives over the years trying to get one to work for me-none of them ever have. I've tried most of the mainstream choices- OD-3, Blues Driver, Turbo Overdrive, DS-1, Super Overdrive, I'm sure others. All had a weird compression that stepped on my tone and never...
  19. BMX

    Maxon SD-9 vs MXR 5150 for soaring leads?

    Looking for a High Gain pedal for soaring leads for a cover band. Don’t really need it for rhythm, just leads. I’ve got a rat that works for this when boosted with a tube screamer but would like to find something in a single pedal.
  20. BMX

    My new rhythm and lead guitar sounds take 5 pedals (face palm)

    So like a lot of people I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering, for me trying to come up with new rhythm and lead tones. I’ve been focusing on my strat because that’s what I’m planning on gigging with. For a loooong time I’ve gigged with the same original style fulldrive II with the pull comp cut...
  21. BMX

    Best all around Maxon overdrive (non-ts)

    I’m a longtime Maxon OD808 user. Looking to get another Maxon overdrive that has less mids maybe to stack with the 808. Is there an obvious choice? I did a little search and they have a lot of overdrives and I’m not sure which ones are tube screamer based. I was thinking maybe the SD-9 would...
  22. BMX

    List of overdrives ranked by amount of Mids

    I want to compile a list of overdrives by what has the most mids. You can add pedals and change the order but you have to take the whole list from the previous post. With different settings and low/high mids it’s not going to be a perfect list but still interesting to see what people hear...
  23. BMX

    MusicNomad Peg/String Winder vs. Ernie Ball String Winder? ($15 string winders)

    Just curious if anyone's had a chance to check out both of these. I've always used the cheap ones but just broke my last cheap one and looking to spend more ($15) that will hopefully last longer. I'll probably just flip a coin and pick one of these two but wondering if there's an obvious...
  24. BMX

    Pedal strategy when switching between single coil and humbucker guitars?

    So I've done a lot of gigs but 99% of the time I use the same guitar (usually a tele, sometimes a strat) all night. This habit started because I've mostly done original music so I often have 1 set gigs. When I do cover band gigs I've tried mixing things up and starting the 3rd or 4th set with...
  25. BMX

    Multi-effect pedal that includes a univibe?

    Is there a relatively cheap (~$200 or less) multi-effect pedal that's currently available new that includes a univibe? I've seen some cool multi-effect options but haven't found one that includes a univibe.
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