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  1. wraub

    Import vs. US guitars

    I bought an import LP copy, changed the cheap hardware to Gotoh stuff, swapped pickups, and that is a killer guitar that stands on its own against more expensive guitars, and even after hardware changes was crazy inexpensive. I don't have a big budget for gear, so any guitar that gets me 85-90%...
  2. wraub

    Why Do You Still Buy Guitars?

    I'm pretty sure I'm done buying guitars.
  3. wraub

    Darken a rosewood fingerboard, no petroleum products

    On things I touch for hours at a time, I prefer to not be exposed to toxins. Just a personal thing.
  4. wraub

    Darken a rosewood fingerboard, no petroleum products

    Thanks, all. I had heard somewhere that Fret Doctor contained mineral oil, but their site seems to say otherwise. I appreciate the suggestions.
  5. wraub

    Help deciding

    Looking at GC used listings, five piece sets, in the stated budget- Yamaha Rydeen, Gretsch Energy, Pearl Export, Tama Rockstar, Tama Imperialstar, Yamaha Stage Custom, Mapex Mars, and others, with the Yamaha Rydeen the least expensive at under $300. Of course, all would need cymbals, stands...
  6. wraub

    Help deciding

    Good cymbals are definitely the most expensive part of a good set up. I got around that to a large extent by going used, and (again) patiently going to pawn shops, cl, and thrift stores. My cymbals are Zildjian A (with one A Custom), 6 cymbals plus 3 high hats (a set and an extra bottom) and all...
  7. wraub

    Feelings for guitars coming and going...

    I have my #1 and #2 guitars, and my #1 bass all sorted out, all the others are just ones I like enough to have kept. Although one is for sale locally atm :D.
  8. wraub

    Decorative studs for Gibson bridges?

    Besides those kinda tacky decorative tailpieces, it seems like an open market. Seems limited by possibly needing a screwdriver slot, but I can imagine a few possibilities.
  9. wraub

    Help deciding

    Pork Pie does make good drums but, they do have product levels, as with most companies. As far as a basic set for general use, there's some consensus that a cheaper set with good heads and decent tuning can get you pretty close. My first "real" kit was a...
  10. wraub

    Help deciding

    Unfortunate, to be sure. I got my drums by having funds ready and looking at the same ads a couple of times daily for a while until drums I wanted and could afford came up. Took a minute, but it paid off. Of course, I've since spent much more to add cymbals, etc that I like (also found new...
  11. wraub

    Help deciding

    Not a bad suggestion, if you can find one with a feel you like. I've played a few and definitely prefer mesh heads, but those can cost more. It's usually a more cost-effective option, being typically all-inclusive.
  12. wraub

    Help deciding

    A quick look at CL in my area finds basic stuff like a PDP starter set, 5 piece, for $100. A couple (Mapex, Pearl midlevel) complete with everything (stands, throne, cymbals, one even included a cowbell) for $400-500, so there's options there, look on your local CL or equivalent. Agreed with...
  13. wraub

    Help deciding

    Have you considered used? Are you budgeting for hardware and cymbals?
  14. wraub

    Darken a rosewood fingerboard, no petroleum products

    Are there any products for this without some petroleum products in them? Are skin oils (eew o_O) the best option here? Suggestions, please?
  15. wraub

    Show us your favourite pickguard swaps (Explorer content)

    Nothing wrong with the black, and I've seen others with gold, cream, mint and all looked okay imo. Certainly nothing wrong with those options. This combo is unique, and kinds polarizing apparently- comments both favorable and opposed have been offered. I like it despite that, it's just works...
  16. wraub

    Wax on screw threads

    Soap can have water, lye, and/or other chemicals that can cause issues. I use candle wax or scented wax chunks. Those are great when you want a guitar to smell like sandalwood or raspberries. :D
  17. wraub

    Cheapest way to get a good les paul?

    The cheapest way is to not get a Gibson. That aside, pay constant attention to listings and have funds ready for the purchase.
  18. wraub

    So apparently Spinal Tap 2 is happening.

    I like Spinal Tap and Best in Show just fine, but no love here for Waiting For Guffman?
  19. wraub

    Show us your favourite pickguard swaps (Explorer content)

    I'd leave that exactly as it is. :)
  20. wraub

    Strat: Physically Incapable Of Hitting The Volume Knob

    The switch is more often in my way, tbh.
  21. wraub

    Show us your favourite pickguard swaps (Explorer content)

    Mine was a dark brown woodgrain Strat, fairly typical. You can just type (brown Strat) or "dark wood Strat" into a search engine and find many similar examples, which is where I got this pic- Nothing wrong with that, but it is pretty common. One pickguard swap later, here's mine- Love it or...
  22. wraub

    Do you like the Grateful Dead?

    Yet another artist I've been told I should like, but despite several attempts I just don't. It's a pretty long list, though.
  23. wraub

    In Praise of Hardtail Strats

    Here's a not great one. It's got some scars but it still goes. The original pickup is back in it now.
  24. wraub

    How Many Stratocasters Do You Own?

    Four. But, I'm trying to sell one.
  25. wraub

    Anyone build one of the DIY snare drums from Drum Supply?

    Agreed, snare bed. It's a good thing. The diy snare drum kits are more expensive than any of my snare drums were. I can see the appeal, and I admit I'd like to put one together, but on my budget I'd rather play drums.
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