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    100W amp and a single V30?

    While I have a feeling I know the answer, can a single V30 speaker survive being driven with a 100W SLP at moderate volumes? (Louder than bedroom volume, less volume than gig) :huh Thanks in advance, Dan
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    The Axe-FX is the Dallas Cowboys of guitar gear

    Because Dallas is the team that no one "likes". You either love them or hate them. (I hate them, lol) In the end, your opinion only matters to the group that shares your cause at that moment. Axe is awesome... But so is a Epi Valve jr in the right hands. All about the fun!
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    Eating during a gig - anyone?

    I LOVE this entire post!
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    Bought a POD500, need a bag/case.

    I bought the Boss Gt-10 bag. Fits great, well made and nice pockets!
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    Why Can't I Intonate my guitar!

    I agree on the DR strings (although my experience is limited)... In the past year, I have had three sets with a weird "D" String...They sound nice but it's been back to D'Addario for me ever since with zero problems
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    Who has the absolute worst fans?

    For fans you would not want to cross, I hear ZZ Top draws a crowd that you should be on your best behavior around. I have a friend that swears the J. Geils Band had the craziest fans around!
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    My New Fano!

    Nice! This is what I think my mind has been trying to say whenever I see these Fano guitars. Nicely put!
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    Amp runs for 30 seconds, then slowly dies

    I had a v2 preamp tube that died for both sides that did the same thing
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    DT-50 Speaker Cab Question

    I would wait for someone to weigh-in that REALLY knows this stuff, but I think an 8-ohm cab and an 8-ohm internal speaker would both be plugged-into the two 4-ohm jacks For reference to anyone answering this post, DT50 amp has two 4-ohm outs, two 8-ohm outs (where the internal is by default...
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    Pod HD series update countdown.

    I think this might be the next 10+ page thread!
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    What is the most recognizable riff ever?

    Lol, was reading the thread and about to post the same thing! Absolutely right!
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    Back-Up Power Tubes (and my ignorance of Tube Amps!)

    Ok, that is a great question, lol! I have no idea how to answer that... I have a Fryette Memphis and a Splawn Street Rod. I was aiming this question at the Fryette. I know the Splawn Power Tubes have a number on them. When I bought it, Scott Splawn said if you reference the number they...
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    Back-Up Power Tubes (and my ignorance of Tube Amps!)

    Hello This Summer I plan on gigging my tube amp after using SS amps/modelers forever. For playing-out, I want to make sure I have spare preamp and power tubes. I thought that amps needed to be biased when the power tubes are changed. How will I do that with spare tubes? Will anything...
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    I just graduated and I got 5 white CS Strats!

    I think the funniest part of this whole thread is Jerrod's post in each one, lol!!! :p Awesome!
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    I just graduated and I got 5 white CS Strats!

    I SO want to explain why this thread is so funny to those who don't get it but somehow that feels like it would cheapen this thread!
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    My/Our first Fender

    This ad in the WTS section keeps is like Groundhog Day ;-)
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    Famous 11 gauge users?

    Paul Gilbert
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    Guitar Duel - you pick the winner

    Awesome, I book-marked it! Reading this thread made me hungry for more and now you tell me there is a WHOLE FORUM full of it!?!.. It honestly feels like watching a trainwreck in slow-motion!!!:p I love it!
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    Orange TH30 or Fryette Memphis 30

    FWIW, I just picked-up a Memphis and it is awesome. I am very pleased with just how versatile it is...There is a boost that can be turned on/off from the foot-switch or from the combo itself. (I am not sure it a "boost" in the conventional sense as I think it adds another gain stage.)...
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    Best amp for Plexi. Hotrodded Plexi and jcm 800

    +1 for Splawn. Quickrod or Streetrod will get you there
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    Passive Set-Up/ Axe-Fx Patches

    I posted this o the Axe-Fx forum...It isn't getting any play so I was hoping to ask here...Please let me know if this violates any rules. I have a few questions regarding a passive set-up and building a patch from scratch...I would appreciate any help/comments... Maybe just to get this out...
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    Hello from WI

    Hello from Appleton! Welcome to TGP.

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