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  1. mambosun92

    Attention all Tele players!

    With the Tele, I currently play rock,pop, blues, heavy metal , really versatile guitar but I prefer my semi hollow and archtop for Jazz.
  2. mambosun92

    best noiseless tele bridge for slightly beefier and hotter than stock tone?

    I don't know if this could help: The luthier where I bought my Tele (52 reissue) recommended and installed SD antiquity (bridge & neck) and the tones are great. He wrapped and glued a copper tape around each PU rim to break the hum and they always have been dead silent.
  3. mambosun92

    Why so many pedals

    Funny to see so much bad feeling about using effetc pedals. Your needs will obviously vary a lot according to songs and style you have to play. While for a blues or Jazz piece I'm mostly relying on my vintage Twin Reverb original sound, I need effects to cover a wide range of pop / rock musics...
  4. mambosun92

    Why so many pedals

    Well in a gig, I would use one or a combination of several pedals according to the piece which requires them. I have 8 different effect stomp boxes that have very specific use: overdrive, distortion, heavy metal, phaser, delay, reverb, harmoniser, wah and volume...

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