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  1. TheBuffalo

    Does anyone here love Gibson like me?

    I do. I think Gibson has been making consistently good guitars for as long as ive been alive (about 30 years) If you want the gibson sound then there are really no other options. They are distinctive. I dont mess with the 8 thousand dollar collectors items or whatever though.
  2. TheBuffalo

    Is Marshall going to release anything new ever?

    Thats all i would need. The DSL40CR is my favorite new design marshall
  3. TheBuffalo

    The main differences between a Tele and a Strat

    Bridge pickup Tremolo system That's the two biggest differences. And that's the reason I put teles above strats. Strats have cooler middle and neck positions. But bridge is where I'm at 90% of the time and telecaster is so much thicker and just better than a strat bridge. Tremolo on the...
  4. TheBuffalo

    (When) Clapton was God

    Alot of it is political. There are alot of people who hate Clapton personally
  5. TheBuffalo

    Is PRS going to release the greatest Tele ever?

    No one here mentioned the Vela? I feel like that's already PRS version of the Tele. And way cooler than this thing I haven't played one though. I have a bad experience with prs as most I've played have been very dead and boring sounding. But they were all 90s early 2000s models. Would love to...
  6. TheBuffalo

    Fender Tone Master Amps: they are OK if you play certain ways, but not otherwise.

    I disagree though because it's present in the xd series and they have tube power amps I think this is a specific fender thing that can just be turned down
  7. TheBuffalo

    Fender Tone Master Amps: they are OK if you play certain ways, but not otherwise.

    Fender modeling has always had just a tad too much compression. It's the same on my vibro champ xd and on the mustangs. They do sound good. But it's frustrating when you want to remove that compression and there's just no way to do it. I'm a big fan of the tonemasters and I think this is...
  8. TheBuffalo

    favorite small gigging head for country chciken picking and classic rock

    Ive never heard of them. But the concept sounds like a great idea.
  9. TheBuffalo

    Fender American Classic (The New American Vintage Series) - Turned Out To Be A Troll

    I dont like headstock truss rod adjustment for a couple of reasons 1. I have had 2 fender guitar with stripped headstock access nuts. This is far less likely to happen with the heel adjustment phillips screw. and if it did happen, it would be much easier to fix 2. Truss rod at the heel makes...
  10. TheBuffalo

    Country players! Share your CLEAN tone secrets

    Im also using a bicomp for country. I havent found the right way to use the juicer side or both at the same time. Pretty much only using the comprosser live. But maybe one day ill figure it out.
  11. TheBuffalo

    FS Retro-Sonic Analog Delay: EQD Hoof

    Free shipping if you buy it here Retro-Sonic Analog Delay- No Box, in good condition, dual lock on back $200 PP/Sh EQD Hoof- With box, in great condition, dual lock on the back $140 PP/Sh...
  12. TheBuffalo

    Under 40, what amp type do you mostly play? (POLL)

    Im 30 Used to use tube amps only. Now its tonemaster twin for live and tube amps at home/recording
  13. TheBuffalo

    Boutique 'buckers worth the bucks?

    Ive had many high end Humbucker pickups. Almost all PAF style. I prefer Seymour Duncans over any of them.
  14. TheBuffalo

    Preferences On Builders

    Howard Era Catalinbread. Ive had so many of them and love them all. Particularly the Topanga and Pareidolia
  15. TheBuffalo

    Best insanely cheap pedals?

    The ELady really is special. I bought a couple boutique flangers looking for what i liked in the mistress realm. Only for the cheap little e-lady to be the one for me
  16. TheBuffalo

    Fender Telecaster's. Why did the original, mass produced, affordable Tele become so expensive?

    There were custom ones back then too. I wonder how much more a custom color was
  17. TheBuffalo

    Fender to cut back daily tube amp production about 50%.......This Week.......

    I really want a Vox Tonemaster style AC30. No. not a VR. I want lightweight with an attenuator, no other modeling, and an excellent cabsim di out.
  18. TheBuffalo

    Gibson's guitar stock plummets

    I mean. Who's to say they won't go back up? I think it's a stupid idea yes. But that does not mean that the price will stay down forever.
  19. TheBuffalo

    Tonemaster or 1978 Super Reverb?

    If youre going to gig. Tonemaster no doubt about it. If for home use and fun the 78 might be a good choice. Ive never played a late 70s Super though
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