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  1. Bobo Fret

    Kikagaku Moyo throwing in the towel :(

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with these guys, but they've been one of my favorites for awhile now. Sadly, it looks like they're calling it quits after the upcoming album/tour. I snagged some Atlanta tix. Not exactly around the corner, but I've never seen them and this is the last...
  2. Bobo Fret

    Measuring standing waves - dad's studio treatment masquerading as a 6th-grade science project ;)

    Thanks (and apologies) in advance guys and gals cuz this is a dry-ass read: So my 11-year-old was tasked with coming up with ideas for a science fair, and we have some ideas, but his teacher is nudging him towards something math/physics-related. I thought it might be interesting (and practical...
  3. Bobo Fret

    UA Apollo Work OK off a Thunderbolt/USB hub?

    I was thinking of picking up a UA Apollo Twin to use with my laptop, which has Thunderbolt 3 capability. My question is, if I wanted to use the Twin with my desktop PC with USB only, would the UA work OK if I had a powered Thunderbolt 3 hub connecting the two devices? I presume that's pretty...
  4. Bobo Fret

    FS Ron Thorn Artisan Master #102

    Ron Thorn Artisan Master #102 - $5,100 Shipped/Paypalled CONUS I am the original owner of this sexy beast. As you would imagine, it sounds great, and plays even better. The neck is soooo comfy - it's Ron's "medium C" with rolled fretboard edges. It comes with the original G&G "gator skin"...
  5. Bobo Fret

    Would this work as an alternative for nut riser for slide?

    I was wondering what y'all thought of using a slotted TUSQ nut blank that I would leave rather tall and set it behind the installed nut on an acoustic guitar as an alternative to those metal nut risers. Would this work? Would it stay put? Angled headstock matter? Too great a break angle?
  6. Bobo Fret

    Safe to run Friedman BE-100 with only 2 output tubes? it safe to run a Friedman BE-100 with only 2 output tubes? If so, which tubes to remove? Donkey smell.
  7. Bobo Fret

    Why do I need a Performance License to put a cover song on Bandcamp?

    So...why do I need a Performance License to put a cover song on Bandcamp? Doesn't make a lot sense to me on the face of it. They told me that I would need a mechanical and performance license for posting covers songs. I've got the mechanical (and synchronization) license, but I'm not really...
  8. Bobo Fret

    Sold Lollar Imperial Humbucker Set - Aged Covers/50mm Spacing

    GONE BABY GONE... Lollar Imperial Humbuckers - $300 shipped/Paypalled --Came out of a Fano guitar - I presume they were custom wound as the resistance is a tad different than what's posted on Jason's website currently. They read 8.22 and 8.48 neck and bridge respectively. --Aged covers --50mm...
  9. Bobo Fret

    Sold Highwood Guitars Contoured Strat Saddles - Aged

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Highwood Guitars Contoured Strat Saddles
  10. Bobo Fret

    2017 Les Paul Bridge Studs - what are they made of?

    2017 Les Paul Bridge Studs - what are they made of? Thinking about getting a Faber locking bridge for my 2017 Classic T and wondering if I should also consider replacing the studs. Thanks in advance.
  11. Bobo Fret

    Fernandes Sustainer Help

    Thanks in advance for your input. So I have a cheap-o Fernandes sustainer guitar with three pickups. I decided to upgrade the pickups because the stock ones were pretty crap and I had replacements on hand. I swapped out the bridge bucker and middle sing coil with a Bareknuckle Blackhawk and...
  12. Bobo Fret

    Sold Sustainiac Stealth Pro for 6-String

    Sustainiac Stealth Pro 6-string - SOLD SOLD SOLD No issues functionally whatsoever. I just didn't use it much, so I'm going to re-purpose that guitar for other mad experiments. Cosmetically, note that there is some glue that is visible on the top of the pickup. For those that are unfamiliar...
  13. Bobo Fret

    Am I Buff Enuough?

    As much as I hate to ask a buffer question... I have been using a JHS Little Black Buffer (which I managed to crop out of the picture) first in line after my wah. Been working great until I expanded my board by 5 pedals. Poof...high end gone. And not really a long signal chain as far as I'm...
  14. Bobo Fret

    Can I use a drill press as a router for this?

    So I have a guitar (alder body) that I'm installing a Sustainiac in, but the sustainer driver/pickup sits too proud in the pickup cavity. I'd like to route it out a bit to compensate. I really have no need to own a router, but I have a drill press. I don't even need extreme accuracy regarding...
  15. Bobo Fret

    BEST Cable for DIY 8-Channel DB25 Snake?

    This will be for two separate DIY 8-channel D-Sub DB25 snake. 8-in / 8-out analog XLR patchbay in my studio desk. PC, display, monitors (shielded) are all arms length away. --I'm not necessarily looking for something that has all the wires bound together, like the typical Mogami snake...
  16. Bobo Fret

    What amp is this? Pretty neat-o looking rig!

    Can't find any info on this. I just thought the aesthetic was cool. Looks like something from behind the iron curtain. Anyone?
  17. Bobo Fret

    Sequencers: Analog vs. Digital/Software

    Is there a difference? I'm having trouble figuring out what an analog sequencer brings to the party anymore. Synths sure, but sequencers?
  18. Bobo Fret

    Speaker for high gain/extended range AND vintage sound

    Looking for a speaker for 1x12 cab just for house duty to share between a plexi head and a high gain head. Trying to conserve space up in here. Something that won't sound ridiculously out of place with either amp. I would like a nice tight bottom end though, as I don't have anything that'll...
  19. Bobo Fret

    Short scale dread with cutaway - anyone making them?

    Anyone know of any brands that do a short scale dread with a cutaway? Thanks in advance
  20. Bobo Fret

    12-String Wraparound Bridge? Does it exist?

    Title says it all. Just curious if there is such an animal.
  21. Bobo Fret

    Any Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound Users?

    I'm considering using the Wall of Sound Plug-in for home recording. I think the other Torpedo products may be overkill for my needs. I have multiple amp heads and a Tube Amp Doctor Silencer - it's an attenuator with both a line level out and a separate speaker emulator output. Sounds great...
  22. Bobo Fret

    Boost pedal AFTER amp head BEFORE load box?

    For late night recording I'm using a Tube Amp Doctor Silencer, which is an attenuator with a speaker sim output (in addition to the direct output). So: Guitar --> 45-watt amp --> TAD Silencer --> Mic Pre --> Converters --> DAW The signal comes in very low. The same was true with the Palmer...
  23. Bobo Fret

    Need a string tree with a Floyd and staggered tuners

    I'm putting together a parts guitar with a Floyd and a sustainiac for sh*ts and giggles. It occurred to me that for a strat style headstock, I could probably forego the string tree behind the locking nut if I used staggered tuners. True statement? I would think that should keep the strings...
  24. Bobo Fret

    How to get rights for movie audio snippets used in my song?

    How do I get the rights to use audio snippets from a movie in one of my songs? Do I even need to? I want to post a couple of my songs with audio samples from movies to MySpace / Reverbnation. Songs that I wrote and recorded at home, by myself. None of it published. Do I seriously need to...
  25. Bobo Fret

    Staggered Trem Claw?

    For the life of me I can't remember where I saw this thing, but it's a trem claw where the individual spring claws are staggered in length getting incrementally longer from first to last. What would be the purpose of this configuration? There's also the Van Rosa Stay Tuned Trem Stabilizing...
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