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  1. TheBuffalo

    FS Retro-Sonic Analog Delay: EQD Hoof

    Free shipping if you buy it here Retro-Sonic Analog Delay- No Box, in good condition, dual lock on back $200 PP/Sh EQD Hoof- With box, in great condition, dual lock on the back $140 PP/Sh...
  2. TheBuffalo

    Sold Fralin Stock Telecaster Bridge Pickup $95 or trade for another Tele Bridge PUP

    Comes with Fralin box and intact leads. Overwound 2% Willing to trade for another Tele Bridge pickup, Just looking for something a little hotter more 50s style. Especially interested in Seymour Duncan Tele pickups as ive never tried one. Also interested in Fender pickups, Fralin Blues special...
  3. TheBuffalo

    Revisiting my AC15 2x12 setup after honeymoon phase

    I bought an extension cab for my ac15 awhile back. When i first plugged it in i loved it, bigger more full sound. The combo has a blue and the extension cab has a wgs g12c i had on hand. Ive moved since then, and thought id AB the different cab configurations again. Honestly, it sounds better...
  4. TheBuffalo

    WTB Big Box Scarab Deluxe (or other big box basic audio fuzz)

    Looking for the big box versions only
  5. TheBuffalo

    New danelectro pedals vs old ones? (besides the construction)

    Obviously the construction is better on the new ones. So put that aside. Which are the better circuits? I haven't tried any of the new ones, but I like the old ones. Of course this is gear page so old is always better! But let's see
  6. TheBuffalo

    Sold Peppermint fuzz, Prince of tone, dynomyroto, echorec, neutrino ghost echo,polytune,

    Snapchat-1655725473 by TheBuffalo posted Mar 5, 2020 at 10:06 PM Ghost echo- SOLD Peppermint fuzz- SOLD PoT- SOLD Echorec- SOLD Neutrino- SOLD Dynomyroto- SOLD Polytune- 75 not sure. Will check.
  7. TheBuffalo

    Motion recording pedals?

    Are there any pedals with motion record feature? I took a detour through synthesizer world for a little bit (twas a silly place, for me). This is becoming a common feature on synths. What motion recording is: you press record and turn knobs, and the synthesizer records the parameter changes...
  8. TheBuffalo

    extension cabs with 112 combos. Worth it?

    Ive been eyeballing the North Coast AC15 extension cabs for awhile. Ive been thinking that adding one to my ac15c1 would give me more depth, low end, and headroom. As well, it would open me up to the wonderful world of amp heads for the first time. (never owned a guitar cab). Am i right? Is it...
  9. TheBuffalo

    Sold H9 core- $285 Firm pp/shipped CONUS

    H9 core for sale. Comes with box and power supply (forgot to include in picture but its there i promise!) Price is all inclusive to your door H9
  10. TheBuffalo

    Has anyone tried a wgs g12c in a vox ac15 (or similar)

    Ive seen the ac15c1g12c (shoo) editions going around. The marketing appeals to me "Put a little deep south in your british guitar tones" That SOUNDS great. But ive never tried an American style speaker in a vox, ive never even heard of anyone trying it. So im curious about others thoughts...
  11. TheBuffalo

    Catalinbread Galileo is a really interesting overdrive

    What is up with this thing? It kind of reminds me of the fuzz factory, in that you have to mess with not only the knobs on the pedal but the guitar volume and tone alot more than most other pedals. For me, its like theres a few REALLY sweet spots.. And some really bad ones. Those good spots...
  12. TheBuffalo

    Sold Basic Audio Zippy Fuzz

    Both sold. Keeping prices up for reference The depths does not come with box. $120 Basic Audio Zippy does. $130 4UYEj5F by TheBuffalo posted Mar 3, 2018 at 3:46 PM Screenshot_20181029-224816_Reverb by TheBuffalo posted Oct 29, 2018 at 10:48 PM
  13. TheBuffalo

    Sold Blackout Musket Fuzz ($130 sh/pp)

    In perfectly fine condish, just a little sticky residue on the back. waive the shipping for my gearpagers.
  14. TheBuffalo

    Sold Boss SL-20 Slicer $145 pp/shipped

    on reverb. Prices for a purchase here are 10 dollars off so Naga- $120 pp/shp Sold SL-20- $145 pp/shp Sold Bender- $95 pp/shp Sold
  15. TheBuffalo

    Offset Tremolo Experts, a little help?

    Ive finally found the guitar for me. A classic player hh jag. Ive owned alot of more expensive guitars but this one just does it for me. I think this is the only guitar ive ever owned that i didnt change the pups in Ive got one problem though. The tremolo is pretty rough. It has a spot where it...
  16. TheBuffalo

    Naga viper alternatives?

    Having trouble finding a used naga viper for a price that im willing to pay. Wondering if theres anything else that can do what it can do? Ive had one before and loved it. I love the ability to change the range and heat specifically so a traditional treble boost wont do. What else is there? Is...
  17. TheBuffalo

    Looking for rock bands with synth bass

    Any good examples of rock bands who forego bass guitar in favor of a synthesizer? Im only aware of the Dandy Warhols, who used an ms20 and honestly alot of the times you wouldnt even know it unless you could see them playing. But im actually looking for some bands who took a more synthy...
  18. TheBuffalo

    Building a room for a studio, for the ameteur artist

    It wont be long until im able to finally have my own place. Im not rich and its going to be a very modest home on a modest budget. So i dont have a ton of money to do all the things necessary for a pro level studio. But i will have an extra room upstairs that can be used exclusively for...
  19. TheBuffalo

    Whats the best option for 70s 80s Marshall sound on the cheap?

    Im doing an 80s synthy project where i want an occasional cheesy hair rock solo. This is all recording so i dont need a ton of power. Whats my best option Marshall core? Boss gt1? What else?
  20. TheBuffalo

    Single coils a bad idea for all in the box recording?

    I've found in the past that when recording amps, if you had the right mic, and you positioned it in the right spot, single coil hum is just not a big issue. But now I am going to buy a guitar specifically for plugging straight into the audio interface and using plug ins in my DAW. The sound...
  21. TheBuffalo

    Basic Portable Moog Sub Phatty sound setup

    Im looking into getting a subphatty, its more than i should spend, but anything else and i know i will feel like i compromised. I already have a simple DI/laptop setup. But i want something to be able to play live at home and with friends thats simple and portable, and cheap. Should i go...
  22. TheBuffalo

    Sold Tone king falcon $1000 [final price drop]

    *!!!! Will ship now. + $80 shipped CONUS $1000 PayPal fees included. Pretty much brand new, just a bedroom amp, and a great one at that. Sounds great loud or quiet. Meet in San Antonio, no shipping. IMG_0065 by TheBuffalo posted Mar 9, 2017 at 8:11 PM
  23. TheBuffalo

    Sold Les Paul traditional plaintop (rewind pickups, cream tone plastics)

    $1600 local pickup in San Antonio or shipped and paypald +$30 for shipping Has rewind early 58 True Kalamazoo pickups. Cream tone plastics and bridge/tailpiece, rs components throughout in 50s style wiring. Non weight relieved, almost 10 lbs Comes with original pink lined Gibson hard case...
  24. TheBuffalo

    Sold Basic audio scarab deluxe- $155 pp/shipped

    Scarab deluxe- In good condition with original box. Free shipping. Has Velcro on back. $155
  25. TheBuffalo

    Sold naga viper($20 to Harris fund) & ehx 360 looper

    Selling almost all my pedals my power supply and my pedalboard here. Everything has original box, except the levitation (for now) I'm looking for it, I know it's in my house somewhere. . I do have a hoof fuzz box I can send it in, I have no intention to ever sell the hoof so I won't miss it if...
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