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  1. MogwaiBoy

    How to trigger a keyboard part without a keyboard player

    Precisely why I said "if the drummer needs to play over it" being a problem - because timing. Better to have the drummer launch the sample and play over it to a click (headphones), using something like... The rest of the band don't need the click - they follow the drummer. Drummers who are...
  2. MogwaiBoy

    How to trigger a keyboard part without a keyboard player

    2 issues.... 1) If your drummer needs to play over it, you're going to run into serious problems. 2) Synths (and drum machines) can often sound like arse through guitar amps
  3. MogwaiBoy

    In praise of the Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne

    Oh hell yes! That would be a great tagteam for stereo. Run "clean"ish, the AC will breakup more and EL84's give you that chime and bite with the ED bringing fullness and authority. There would be almost like a wet/dry thing naturally occurring. Very complementary sonics I would imagine. Like a...
  4. MogwaiBoy

    In praise of the Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne

    Agreed, the ED has that clean percussive, full-bodied 4x6L6 "thump" in the clean channel that reminds me of a Twin Reverb. Absolutely stunning amount of headroom. I guess it could be dialed more Bassman-esque, and there must be some shared heritage in the circuit there somewhere but overall I...
  5. MogwaiBoy

    So I just bought 63 guitar pedals...

    Just mousewheeled 7 effing pages and what is my reward? A flipping Steinberg... 63 pedals, One Photo. Go.
  6. MogwaiBoy

    First gig with Fender Tonemaster Twin

    Are the Tonemasters solid state or digital, or both? If they were side-by-side, could a Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb go as loud as a Deluxe Reverb Reissue? 20 watts solid state and 20 watts tube are completely different - I'm guessing the TM Deluxe Reverb is more like 100+ watts solid state? Sorry...
  7. MogwaiBoy

    Which Boss SD-1 should I keep?

    2017 is hardly vintage, so I'd just flick that one. Do a direct side-by-side comparison on sound differences first though. They will be subtle. Got a 40th Anniversary SD-1 for my birthday late last year and it's great. I had an SD-1 about 15 years ago that had the bypass bleed problem. You...
  8. MogwaiBoy

    Is an eq pedal the swiss army knife of pedals?

    EQ's can correct the misgivings of other pedals too, for example mid-humps can be tamed, dark "blankets" can be lifted and whistling resonant spikes can be notched out. EQ's shape the tone and when you're chasing a sound in your head, easy tone-shaping is hugely useful tool.
  9. MogwaiBoy

    Thoughts on the new ESP LTD Alan Ashby AA-1?

    I don't listen to this guy's band but his new signature guitar ticks a lot of boxes for me. I think it's been released but they seem to be in short supply, as is the case with many things right now. Anyone got their hands on one yet - or planning to...
  10. MogwaiBoy

    The New Hotness of high-gain amps for modern metal??

    In many ways it feels like the Dual Rec is still a gold standard for metal - maybe 5150 too. But the "modern equivalent" in terms of ubiquitousness would probably be Axe FX, honestly...
  11. MogwaiBoy

    expensive American guitars not using Indian rosewood anymore?

    Yeah I don't mind the streaking of the natural wood grain - but dyed to kind of cover it up, seems fake.
  12. MogwaiBoy

    Have you ever turned your amp up full?

    15 watts, come on. Crank it, wimp. Loud 100 watt into 4x12 will scare the pants off you no doubt :D
  13. MogwaiBoy

    Please help: my pedal board is messing with my tone even when turned off

    The newer TC Polytune's have a built-in buffer, but I agree with other posts that you probably want to completely true-bypass (in a loop) some of those pedals (the old MXR's) when not in use.
  14. MogwaiBoy

    What is hands down the best tone decision you’ve made in your life?

    Probably going for a USA-made Telecaster after years of not being completely satisfied with Mexican and Japanese Tele's. The jump in sound and quality was immediate and huge. Best decision I made with gear and a good investment too since it's only appreciated in value from what I paid for it...
  15. MogwaiBoy

    The most emo song ever

    That Hoover record is one of my all-time favourites! From around that era is also Threadbare - Feeling Older Faster... <3 I would say those are... "post-hardcore" though, not so much emo - which I would attribute more to, say, Embrace, Mineral or Sunny Day Real Estate.
  16. MogwaiBoy

    Band finding it hard to stay in time with keyboard backing track, how to solve?

    Is this you imagining or is the drummer really against it? It's taken me years but our drummer has fully come around on clicktracks now, and honestly if you use "backing tracks" it's the only way to do it cleanly. If the keyboard backing track follows the click, and the drummer follows the...
  17. MogwaiBoy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Circa Survive - Juturna
  18. MogwaiBoy

    To keep my Quad Cortex or not...

    I thought the amp plugins were already in the Quad - I thought that was the whole damn point of it?! Shows what little I know. All I can say is, they (plugins) better be coming to the hardware unit because it's so pricey. Otherwise yes, sell and buy a real Tone King - that's an amp for life.
  19. MogwaiBoy

    New j. Rockett I.Q. Compressor

    It does discuss it and the answer is yes! Turn the Mix knob down and you should get no compression. What I want to know is... - What is the milliamp requirement for these pedals? - Is the EQ pre or post-compressor? Because Premier Guitar said pre, the second post in this thread says pre...
  20. MogwaiBoy

    Changing pickups on an American Professional II Telecaster Deluxe?

    That's the guy I bought mine from! Luthier has had my guitar for over a month now - has a huge backlog. So I still have nothing to report yet. Some others who have gone ahead with this may be able to comment first.
  21. MogwaiBoy

    AC15: Help me identify tube prob, please??

    Glassy high rustling type sound? Sounds like a microphonic tube to me
  22. MogwaiBoy

    Push/Push pot recommendations
  23. MogwaiBoy

    Boutique High gain distortion pedal battle, do you have a preference?

    I didn't like the Bogner Uber either. I really wanted to like it because it fit my pedalboard perfectly, but, although it didn't seem overly compressed, it still wasn't dynamic and it just sounded so... congested. It's like they were thinking "we gotta cut all the bass to make it TIGHT, and we...
  24. MogwaiBoy

    Why the hate for sunburst but love for Olympic White?

    Both are great. Sunburst can do no wrong. On TDPRI pale green ("Surf Green") and turquoise/teal ("Miami Blue") seem overwhelmingly in favour.
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