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    Piezo pickup question

    I'm looking for ways to mute all the strings with the exception of the E and A string. I'm wondering how easy this would be with a Piezo style pickup. I've seen some piezo pickups have individual cables going to each saddle. Maybe i could de-solder the strings i don't want to hear. I also...
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    Les Paul high fret access

    I need access to the 17th fret especially on the EAD strings. How easy is that on a normal Les Paul? Is it easier on a Les Paul Modern?
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    Lightest weight Les Paul

    I'm looking for a Les Paul but would like something as light weight as possible. I have an SG that I love, but also want a Les Paul. I'd like to keep it under 3.5kg if possible. Are there any models i should keep an eye out for? I'd be buying used, so running the racks isn't really an option...
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    Faulty/Silent Pickup

    The bridge pickup on my Gibson SG isn't making a sound. The neck pickup is fine. I played a show last weekend so maybe something got bumped. Is there anything in particular i should look for? I don't know much about guitar repair.
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    Anyone rocking Mooer Radar for live performances?

    I'm thinking of picking a Mooer Radar for live use. I have an AMT preamp pedal that can run straight to the PA, but even with the AMT cab sim, it sounds a bit fizzy in the top end. I think the features on the Radar would help me tame the fizz, but wanted to check what the consensus was on this...
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    Boss gt1000 core still lacking

    I've been looking at the Boss gt1000 core but it still lacks some functions i desire. The Boss oc-5 has a lowest note setting, but the gt1000 doesn't have it. I thought the gt1000 was supposed to be top of the line for Boss, so it should have the top of the line functions, but it doesn't...
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    Chinese companies who are related

    I saw someone post that Mooer and Flamma were related in some way. I think they might have mentioned a third company too. Then I saw someone post that Hotone and Valeton are related. Can anyone confirm this and let me know which companies are related?
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    Best micro IR pedal

    What's the best micro (Mooer size) IR loader pedal that can run straight to the mixing desk?
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    Boosting a high gain amp into fuzzy goodness

    I play in a stoner rock band and use an AMT C2 preamp pedal to get a high gain tone. I know most people use tube screamer pedals to boost the amp and get that mid boost, but i'm looking for a pedal that can add a bit of fuzziness. Is there anything you guys can recommend?
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    Sounds good in my interface sounds bad through the PA

    I have an AMT O2 preamp pedal. It has an out that has a cabsim and an out to run into an amp's fx return. I run both of these outs at the same time. The cabsim out sounds great through my home interface into my computer. But when i run it into the mixing desk and through the PA, it sounds...
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    Why do IR loaders have space to upload two cabs?

    I use garageband and currently use the plugin LAConvolver to upload York Audio IRs. The LAConv, just like every other IR loader I've tried, allows you to upload two cabs. Why is this? Do two cabs sound better than one? Is it to allow more sounds? I just wanted to know. Cheers.
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    Why are these companies so hard to contact?

    I have a couple of pretty specific questions for Boss, but their site doesn't give me an easy way to contact them. Instead they have a knowledge base. Do they have a message board or does anyone know how to contact them directly. Seems crazy (maybe lazy is more accurate) that they expect you...
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    Ignite Nadir - not recognizing York Audio IR files

    Hi, I'm using garageband and have just downloaded some York Audio IRs. I'm trying to open them in GB witwh Nadir, but Nadir is not recognizing the York Audio IRs. In GB I go to plugins, select STL Tones > Ignite Nadir > click 'load' but the York Audio IRs are blanked out. I can't select them...
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    What's causing this muffled sound?

    I use an AMT O2 pedal as an amp simulator. I run it very dirty but use some pedals to get even dirtier and to tone shape. What I've recently noticed is that some of my cheaper pedals seem to fart out when I turn up their gain. Example - I have an EQD Hoof and a Valeton Lazaro. Both are muff...
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    Which affordable modelers can go to PA and amp fx return?

    I'm looking for a small, affordable modeler that can have one output running to the PA with amp and cab sim, and the other output running to the fx return with the cab sim turned off. I'm also looking for a modeler with scenes/snapshots. Which modeler would you recommend?
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    Using a modeler to change vocal fx pedal presets

    I have a Boss VE-5 pedal. I use an external footswitch to change the patches during songs e.g. verse -> chorus. Is there a modeler that would allow me to change the VE-5 patches as well as changing patches on the modeler? E.g. modeler changes the guitar patch and vocal patch at the same time...
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    Which multi effects have no lag when changing patches?

    I haven't used a multi effect for a long long time due to the small silence when changing patches. I notice there have been massive improvements in multi effects, so which products have zero lag when switching patches? I'm particularly interested in amp modelling and jumping between amps.
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    Modeler for live use to amp and PA

    I'm considering getting into modeling. I'd like something i can use live, so would like to be able to run into the fx return of an amp and run straight to the PA at the same time. So ideally i'd be able to turn off the cab sim for the amp (but not for the PA). I'd like to keep it as small...
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    Need feedback on a song I recorded

    Hi, A couple of months ago, I posted a song here and got some good feedback. I was hoping some of you could have a listen to this song and let me know if you hear any obvious mistakes, flat singing, etc. I really appreciated it previously and was hoping some of you could do it again. Thank...
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    Replacing a neck

    When you replace the neck on a guitar (in this case a Fender), does the replacement neck have to have the same radius as the neck it replaced?
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    SG neck hairline crack

    SG neck hairline crack. Is this a neck break or a crack in the finish?
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    Epiphone - thoroughly impressed

    The practice room we go to got an Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer recently, so i spent a couple of minutes playing it. I was really impressed with it. The neck was comfortable, the frets were well finished, the pickups sounded good, the grover tuners seemed good. The only downside was that it...
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    Paranoid about my new song

    Hi, I wrote and recorded a new song recently. While I was playing it for a friend, they mentioned something they thought was wrong about it. However, to me the song sounds fine. I was hoping that some of you could listen to the song and see if you can hear anything wrong with it. If you say...
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    Epiphone 1959 Les Paul vs Gibson Custom Shop R8 Blind Tone Shootout

    I love a good tone comparison. Can you tell which is which? All that stuff. I know the CS R8 will feel better in my hands and will probably hold its value better, but I don't have enough money to buy a CS Les Paul, so I'm hoping the Epiphone can get close. Anyway, here's the video. I didn't...
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    Boss OC-5 owners, how is it now the hype has died down?

    I saw all the adverts on youtube but remained unconvinced. Still seemed not quite as good as EHX octave pedals like the Pog, Pitchfork, and Bass9. But the lowest mode looked very impressive. Unfortunately, none of the adverts on youtube cranked out grunge style power chords with the lowest...
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