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    BYRDLAND obsessed


    Electrifying a 1935´s Gibson L-50

    Like so? If it were mine, I'd leave it and go get a Godin 5th Avenue to cut on. Those were fairly common, but they don't make em any more and haven't for a while. I'm not a big fan of modding old pieces that have survived this long in original condition.

    A new Gibson model.....

    Swing and a miss

    Big neck?

    1"-1 1/8"!

    Show Me Your Rarebird/Odd Rarely Seen Guitars

    How about a figured walnut telecaster with maple bunding and a firebird neck pickup? Or an SE with a nifty green paint job?

    Snakehead Tele

    The snakehead headstock looks great. I love it! Wonder why Leo switched it?

    Whats The best way to clean nitro finished guitars

    Pond water has more mojo.

    NGD: I found the one at last!

    That's a beauty! Congrats.

    Eastwood Guitars.. are they any good ?

    You are correct; the new ones are much higher quality guitars than the originals. They are also fairly generic apart from the shape and don't sound or feel anything like the original. On one hand, you're getting a capable guitar for a good price that does have a distinctive appearance, so...
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    Eastwood Guitars.. are they any good ?

    They look like the old models, but underneath, it's just another cheap import. They look the part better than they act it.
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    How do I get a wasps/hornets nest out of my guitar?

    Uh oh. That's a rare endangered species of wasp you got there. You're gonna have to take it to the EPA and let them deal with it.
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    "The Loar" guitars

    I've seen a ton of Loar NGD threads on the jazz guitar forum. Lots of owners there. Generally positive things to say all around. If they have a weakness, it's in the finish work. More than a few guys have returned theirs for another because of finish blemishes; often on the top under the neck...
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    Let's talk about Firebird pickups

    You can special order those with a plain cover as a shop floor custom from any Duncan dealer at no extra charge.
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    Let's talk about Firebird pickups

    I use a Duncan firebird pickup and, like you, have some single coils. It can be tough to go back and forth because a humbucker is never going to have those same qualities. It's a different animal. Now, the Duncan IS nice and bright and open or whatever FOR A HUMBUCKER. But it ain't a single and...
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    Got Walnut?

    Thanks. You are correct; it is awesome. :D
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    Got Walnut?

  17. SPROING!

    Help me finish this guitar build! I need some cosmetic suggestions!

    Cream rings, chrome everywhere else. Tone is in the chrome, ya know.
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    Got Walnut?

    Show it off! I have one complete. American black walnut body and neck. Indian rosewood fretboard. Fender OV bridge pickup and Duncan SM3 firebird neck. This one is made from the same wood. All hollow carved thinline with Honduran rosewood board and 24.5" scale. Looks like ill be...
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    I Admit It, I'm a Tele Convert...

    What's not to love?
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    Gibson Les Paul Junior Private Reserve Double Cut

    Yeah, that's definitely not a stock bridge.
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    Black walnut

    Have your boards cut thicker than you need to allow for shrinkage and possible warping but there's no beating old wood. Thanks. A lot of work but I never could find one I liked so I made this one. Next up, my hollow body made from the same walnut. Should be done in a month or...
  22. SPROING!

    Mini Humbuckers vs Normal

    I had an Epi with a neck mini. Pretty bland until I put in a Duncan SM3 firebird mini. Huge improvement. That pickup has become one of my favorites. When clean, very clear and chimey without the big midrange. With drive, however, it does the humbucker wall of sound just great. Very versatile...

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