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    Newbie at wiring up speakers, paranoid about reading

    And yes, 4.8 to 5 ohms is just fine.
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    Newbie at wiring up speakers, paranoid about reading

    Are your probe leads plugged into the multi meter at both the COM and ohm setting port? I.e., not set up to read voltage? I have a Fluke meter that doesn’t require me to select the expected resistance level, but I’d think you’d want to be on the “200 ohms” setting.
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    New Cab Day

    I have run the 80s Carvin 4x12 slant cab for a long time and it routinely “beats out” (which is totally subjective) other modern, boutiquey, all Baltic birch cabs. Congrats on the 1960B!
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    Incoming: The LAST Landry LS30

    I got a (used) LS100G3 earlier this year and it’s unbelievably good. Bill is awesome. I also have a story similar to yours back when Mike Soldano was retiring. He had one last HR50+ transformer and an HR100+ chassis. So I have a Mike-built 50 in a 100 chassis with DC heaters and some other...
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    How many Ohms is 5 Speakers

    this is the correct question to ask.
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    @j_el_jee , thanks. Great work and great ideas. Question: regarding your idea to remove the plywood strips with an oscillating tool: Do you think my baffle is screwed into those strips? In other words, I was thinking that I cannot remove them because they hold in the baffle. Thoughts?
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    @j_el_jee , can you explain a little more the steps you took to convert your Mesa metal-grill cab to a cloth-grill cab? Here’s my front-loaded Carvin 4x12 slant. I believe the strips of plywood covered with felt strips are permanently installed. How would/could you convert this to grill cloth?
  8. Carvin 4x12 Cabinet

    Carvin 4x12 Cabinet

    Pics of cabinet construction
  9. 4845BC6F-4EC7-4C9D-95E9-8FB0EBDFEB74.jpeg


    Grill mount
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    Is this cab ok for this amp?

    That cab with that head will be fine. Go rock out! If your head has an impedance selector on the back (and if you are only using it with that single 212 cab), select 8 ohms. If it does not have an impedance selector, don’t worry about it, as 8 ohms is fine.
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    Soldano SLO-100 vs Wizard MC-II

    Maybe he meant independent bright controls for each channel? I don’t know.
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    Take the baffle out by first unscrewing it, then pulling it rearwards and then up (out the back). Then it’ll look like this. Pull the staples.
  13. 0F7A89FD-B9CF-4DD7-983C-3778B65F2200.jpeg


    Skid plate fill-in
  14. 8EF39698-CDF8-4801-AB85-A9F7C480373C.jpeg


    Skid plate indents.
  15. F59A9FC1-6D49-4776-867D-27BE00ADA299.jpeg


    Doweling the skid plate rivet holes
  16. 3D240EA3-94C8-453F-A118-0C9DBB6F497E.jpeg


    Baffle cloth
  17. 0B5B9C0E-6DE6-4C90-B5F7-B6A2A7D6A12B.jpeg


    Baffle removal
  18. Marshall 1960TV

    Marshall 1960TV

    Restoration of a 1960TV
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    What brand of 4 x 12 cabinet?
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    Soldano SLO-100 vs Wizard MC-II

    Geez that’s a great comparison. Beautifully recorded, sir.
  21. Purple Splawn 2x12

    Purple Splawn 2x12

  22. BE1E2462-A6BF-4249-BCF6-EFDCEA4BAD04.jpeg


    Purple Splawn Cabinet
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    Sold PRICE DROP: Fuchs ODS 50 LAST CALL!

    Great price for the Landry. I picked up a LS100G3 earlier this year (used), and Bill Landry makes an AWESOME amp. Someone will love that thing!
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    effect loop send/return and power amp in/preamp out, differences?

    It is the amp designer’s choice whether to have a series effects loop or a parallel effects loop. Some (more modern) amps have the ability for you, the user, to switch between parallel and series. The power section of an amplifier is probably designed independently of whether the loop will be...
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    Mike McCready using Fender Tonemasters?

    One thing I noticed at the San Diego show was a mic’ing technique/placement for both Stone & Mike. 2 mics on each cabinet, which is not uncommon. However, one mic appeared to be a Sennheiser MD-421 with its body aligned with the grill cloth. In other words, the mic was NOT pointed at the...
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